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I laughed as Gerard flirted with Ray to create a show for the fans. I lent over his shoulder and into the mic I say “Get away from my man Way!” Mikey laughs at the comment and start a bass line, it turns into a fast solo and Ray joins in, then bulletproof heart starts randomly so me and Ray stand back to back.

After that I kneel to face the crowd, he squats so he could put his chin on my head, until his solo started then he got up and jumped up and down, I laughed and started jumping too.

After the show me, Ray, and Gerard were in the kitchen. I lent against the counter, Gerard was jumping up and down like a child, when he stopped he took a sip of water “Wow Frankie! When we were dating you never spent a whole concert in front of me before!” He said, “Well…Ray’s sexier.” I say, Gerard traps me against the counter and presses his lips against mine. Ray just tackled him, Ray suddenly laid on top of Gerard, Gerard stopped laughing and looked at Ray, Ray lent down and kissed him.

I just watched, when it stopped (5 minutes later :~)) Ray spoke to me still staring at Gerard, “Why are you still against the counter, I giggled “Because Toro, show’s only now starting.” I said and unscrewed the cap of my coke as Ray kissed Gerard again.

Gerard whimpered as Ray pulled back. Ray looked at me as I walked over and palmed Gerard through his jeans, he threw his head back in pure pleasure, I stepped back, “Now, I want a show!” I said, Ray stood up and came to me, he lightly pecked my lips and it said ‘I love you, are you sure?’ I kissed him back and when he pulled back, he went back to Gee and rubbed there hips together, as this happened I ran my palm over my growing bulge.

Mikey walked in and stopped, he mumbled something about his brother being a whore and lightly kissed me; he shrugged, got his coke zero and went back to his bunk. I just stood there before running to get some myself.

As I sipped my coke zero I watched Ray grind into Gerard, I watched Gerard make whorish sounds he only made when some one asked, I did ask for a show. Gerard flipped them over, he looked at me for permission, then he reached for Ray’s belt. I nodded and he blew me a kiss, he quickly unbuckled Ray’s belt and pulled down Ray’s pants. Ray lifted his hips so they went down all the way.

Ray slowly unbuttoned Gerard’s shirt while I palmed myself through my jeans. When I moaned out they both detached themselves and slowly, and sexily, crawled on all fours until they were right in front of me. Gerard sucked on my crotch through the jeans as Ray swung his legs so he was behind Gerard, his legs on either side of Gerard’s. Ray pressed his erection against Gerard’s bare ass, he reach over and painfully slow undid my belt. Gerard leaned into Ray as I yanked my pant’s down. Ray ripped my boxers off.

Gerard took me as far as he could, Ray licked the rest of my cock while rubbing on my balls. “Goddammit!” I yell as Ray sucked on my balls quickly. He pulled back and stood behind me, Gerard’s mouth was still on my cock, I grabbed his head and fastly pushed down quickly, he started bobbing quicker than ever and I let out a squeal. Mikey came into view, stole my coke zero, grabbed the pack and walked out mumbling something about his brother…but it wasn’t that he was a whore…

Gerard pulled back and jumped into my arms, wrapping his legs around me. He took one hand and pushed me inside of him. Ray pushed into the back of me and started thrusting, I yelled out in pain, but it quickly turned into pleasure. Gerard was moving himself when Mike walked past us, He cursed Mikey for taking his coke zero, walked away. Ray continued slamming into him until I came onto Gerard, who screamed out Pete’s name, and Ray came lastly.

We collapsed, Ray pulled me close. I giggled “what?” I smiled “Ray, we just had a three way in the kitchen!” We all giggled until Gerard stood up and put pants on “Where you going?” Ray asked. “I’m going to call Wentz!”

Short! Lol! I did this by myself!
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