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Chapter 10

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The stalker reveals who she is and why she wants to kill Gerard.

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"Bob!" I yelled in his face "Be quiet!"
But he couldn't hear me. I couldn't hear myself either. Frank had just mumbled revenge, Ray had shouted it but Ray's cries were basically whispers compared to Bob's screams.
Mikey looked at me, totally worried. I looked back at him and knew it was worthless. I grabbed his hand and pulled him off the bus. "What is it?" He asked me "Do you know how to help Ray and Bob?"
"No," I told him "But I know how to save you."
"What do you mean?"
"She's not going to stop. She's been through Frank, Ray and now Bob. I don't want her to get to you."
"She won't!" Mikey insisted "Please Gerard, come on!"
"Mikey!" I snapped "I know what I'm doing, okay?"
But I didn't, I really didn't...
I wandered off, not knowing how to get this stalker to just appear out of nowhere. So I just sat down and waited. And evantually she showed up.
"What are you doing?" She asked me, raising an eye-brow.
"I'm giving up," I told her sulkily "But before I come with you, do you want to explain what I did that was so bad?"
Her face softened for a second before turning it back to its usual emotionless expression. "Fine," She said calmly "You're already sitting down."

"And I was like 'woooooow' and I killed like so many plants..." Gerard said happily, but clearly drunk.
Frank laughed "Come on, let's go..."
"In a second," Gerard hiccuped "I wanna, I wanna, I wanna just sit here for a second."
"Reckon you can make it back to the bus okay?" Frank asked, concerned that Gerard wouldn't make it back.
"Sure, sure..." Gerard told him happily. Frank still stood there so Gerard sighed "I'm not even that drunk. Just go..."
Frank sighed and the person who had been filming Gerard's talk of plants both wandered off together. Gerard sat on the side walk, singing a random song to himself.
Suddenly out of nowhere a small girl ran over to him "Oh my god, are you Gerard Way?" She asked, excitedly jumping up and down "Can I please have your autograph?"
"Sure, whatever..." Gerard mumbled, accepting the small girls piece of paper and jotting down his name.
"I think you're just awesome," The girl told him "My name's Abbie by the way."
"Nice name."
"Oh my god, you really think so? Thank you! When I grow up I want to be a singer just like you! You're like my hero, my inspiration."
"No problem! Do you think I can make it Gerard? Do you think I could be famous and awesome like you?"
Gerard looked at the small girl and just wished she'd leave her alone. So he decided to make her go away. "No, I don't. I think you're too preppy and annoying to be famous."
"You... You really think that?"
"I also think you're ugly. And nobody in their right mind would sign you to a record label. I bet you can't even sing."
"M-My Mom says I can..."
"Well your Mom lied Sweetie!" Gerard told her cruely "Now would you piss off and leave me alone?"
Abbie blinked at him for a second before running off, head in her hands, crying her eyes out.

I stared at her "Did I... Did I really do that?"
The girl nodded "Yeah."
"Okay, that makes me an asshole, but what's that got to do with anything?"
For the first time, the creepy stalker looked rather lost "I was so young Gerard. I looked up to you."
My eyes widened "That... That was you?"
She nodded "I was about ten when it happened. I wanted you to believe in me. Even if it was just a pack of lies. Even if you didn't think I had a good voice. I know I was being pathetic because you'd never heard my singing voice." She closed her eyes and swallowed. She re-opened them and there were tears in her eyes "And now I'll never get to sing again."
"Why not?" I asked her "You could stop this whole crazy thing and go back to being normal."
Abbie shook her head "No. I can't. You see when I took my life, I was given an offer. I could come back and get my revenge. It'd make me immortal, I'd age until I was twenty-five and then I'd just stop. I could live forever, I could become famous, I could do whatever I wanted. I'd have a lifetime to change my mind about things."
"But isn't there any other way to get your revenge?" I asked. And then the obvious hit me "Wait. What I said... That made you commmit suicide?"
"Yes!" She yelled "I want you to know what I felt like! But I also wanted you to know how my parents felt when they found my dead body. You found that out when Frank died. You're lucky I didn't try going for any of your family members."
"Frank was like family." I told her firmly "Fine. You can take my life."
She pulled a knife out of her pocket "I want you to know I took a lot of time considering whether I should kill you. But the way you just went on living your life, as if I'd never even existed... It made me so angry."
"I hate to say this," I whispered "But I was drunk. I don't remember a thing. I wouldn't even remember the whole plants thing if he hadn't got it on tape."
"Well I remember." She told me "And I'll never forget."
She produced a knife from her pocket "This will only hurt a little..."
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