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Wait.... what?

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Gee realise his feelings for Frank

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Gerard’s POV

“Everyone this is Gerard Way, he will be starting with us today” the teacher told the class
I heard a few sniggers form the back off the room
“Any questions for him?” the teacher asked
a boy at the back put his hand up
“Alex” she called on the boy
“Umm.. yeah , why do you dress all stupid emo like frank” ‘Alex’ asked
I saw the small boy at the front hide his face in his hand , I presumed him to be frank
“Alex that is not ness-“the teacher started but I cut her off.
“I dress this way cause I like it , and I happen to think Frank looks awesome”
Frank looked up at me so I gave him a small smile.
“you can sit down now Gerard” the teacher said to me
seeing as the was only two empty seats in the class , one next to Alex and one next to Frank.
I decided to sit next to Frank …
“Ohhhhh look the two gay boys are sitting together” someone shouted from the back off the room
I ignored it and turned my attention to Frank.
he was staring at a homework sheet and looked like he was really concentrating on it.
he was wearing red eye-liner around his stunning green-brown eyes, his pink lips were in a straight line through concentration and he had It percied on one side . he did look beautiful. Wait what?
I just decribed anther boy as beautiful? But im straight right?
he must of noticed I was staring at him as he looked up. Shit.
“Ummm… hey” he said nervously
“hi” I said smiling at him. “do you know where room 32a is?”
“Ummm yeah it’s my next class” he had such a cute voice
“art right?”
“yeah, I could walk with you if you want”
“I’d like that, I’m Gerard by the way”
Then the bell rang starting the first class…..

“So Frankie, I can call you that right?” he asked me
“yeah, if you like” I relpied
“I noticed you have tattoos”
“yeah,had them while now”
“why do your hands says ‘HALLOWEEN’?”
“its my birthday”
“awesome! You get to go trick your treating on your birthday!” he laughed the most angelic laugh , it made me melt where I was standing, I had to laugh too.
“hey, heres our class” I said still half laughing

Gerards POV
“hello dear” an old woman said to me “you must be Gerard, I heard you were starting today, I’m the art teacher , here you can go and sit anywhere theres space dear, the rest of the class are finishing projects right now so you can just draw for the lesson if you like” she smiled so I went and sat down on the table opposite Frankie, he smiled as he saw me walking over.

I took out some pencils and a piece of paper and began to draw: a face , hair , eyes , lips , lip ring
it really started to look like someone , once the outline was done I got out coloured pencils and started to colour it in ,black hair , pink lips and green and brown for the eyes ….
“Frankie…” I whispered to myself, realising what I drew.
I drew a nearly photo-perfect drawing of Frankie
“that’s really good Gerard, it looks just like him ,honey “ the teacher cooed over my shoulder
“thanks” I said still confused at what I drew..
I looked over at the real Frankie , he was painting on a huge piece of paper , he went to move his fringe out of his eyes but ended up getting blue paint in his hair , which made me laugh at bit.
“what you smiling at ?” he smiled back.
“you” I smirked at him.
“you got paint in your hair”
“oh” he put his hand up to his hair , getting even more paint in it. I laughed again
“come here I’ll help you wash it out”….
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