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The secrets out

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Great. I thought, I bet he thinks I’m dumb now . STUPID IDIOT! I ruined my chance with him, my chance? What was I saying , I barely know him , and he was probably straight as a board.
“come on Frankie!” he called me from the sink at the side of the room.
“yea sorry” I called back.
he handed me a damp cloth to wipe the paint off .
“what were you painting?” he asked me leaning against the sink.
“Ummm… well we were asked to paint our faveroutie things” if they asked me that today I would of painted him… “so I think I painted my guitar-“
“you play guitar?” he cut me off.
“yeah , her name is pansy, shes sort of my therapy”
“therapy? What for” he sounded concerned. – shit
“Ughhhhh…anything really” I lied …. This made me think about the arse-hole I call my dad…
the way he abuses me because I’m gay , because he can, because mums not here to take the punches for me anymore … thinking about mum brought tears to my eyes. She used to stand up for me no matter how scared she got…
“Ummm… Frankie?” Gee woke me up from my daydream
“yeah? Woah! Sorry I zoned out” I quickly answered
“you sure your alright dude?” the concerned face again – god he was gorgeous
“yeah, is there any more paint?” I asked
“yeah, one sec” he took the cloth from me , and started wiping the paint out of my hair…
I stared into his eyes, the were so perfect making his face look even prettier
I didn’t notice but he was staring back at me…
“hey do you wanna meet the rest of the guys at lunch?” I asked him, trying to distract myself .
“yeah, sounds good” he smiled “I think its all gone now”
“thanks dude, hey wheres your next class?” I asked him grabbing a towel and drying my hair off.
“geography in 12b,” he said staring around the room “what about you?”
“same but in 12a, I’ll walk you again ,yeah?”
“sounds good, then we have lunch after right?”
“yup, if you meet me outside your class ill show ya to the guys”
The bell rang and we walked to our next class…

Gee’s POV
I thought about Frank for most of the next hour. I thought about why I drew him in art.
I thought about his beautiful face… then it hit me . Frank was probably straight. My heart sank at the thought of him with a girl. the hour seemed to go on forever , because I was sitting near the back I slept for the remaining half hour…. Dreaming of me and frank
“I love you Gee” Frank whispered in my ear…
“I love you too Frankie” I said kissing him gently on the lips
he smiled in to the kiss only pulling away to breathe.
we sat like that for a while he was sitting on my lap with his arms wrapped tightly around my waist
mine around his tiny shoulders…
he rested his head agaist my chest and I felt his heart beating agaist mine. I wanted to stay like this forever … but then I woke up
the bell rung waking me from my perfect little world.
“stupid bell” I mumbled to myself, still half asleep.
when I left the class room frank was already there with another kid who was in my home room I couldn’t help staring at his afro. it was huge!
“Hey Gee” he smiled at me “this is Ray”
“hey im Gerard” I said holding out my hand for him to shake
“Nuh-uh, im a hugger” he smiled and grabbed me hard round the middle, I hugged him back a bit. Still shocked by his afro..
“come on guys we need to meet Bob and EmS”
Frank walked us along the hall and out the front door out to a big tree where a big blonde guy was sitting with a tiny little blue-haired girl
“hey Em!” ray shouted out and rugby tackled her while she was still sitting on the floor before kissing her cheek.
“hey Frankie boy” Bob said to Frank “who’s that?” he indicated to me .
“Guys this is Gerard” Frank said and smiled wildly
“hey Gee” Bob gave me friendly smile while Em on the other hand …
“OH MY GOSH HES SO ADORABLE!” this made everyone laugh even me a bit.
“I’m Emily , but I hate that name so my friends call me Em”
“awesome” I smiled at her.
“this is where you say about yourself”
“oh, well what do you want to know”
“I KNOW! Lets play the game where we go around in a circle asking Gerard questions” she beamed happily at me.
“okay then” I agreed
“what bands do you like?” Ems
“Ummm… AvengedSevenfold , Three Days Grace , Misfits, you know stuff like that”
“who was your first kiss?” this was Bob
“I haven’t had mine yet” I said looking at my feet…
“high five fellow kissing virgin” Frank said laughing and high fiveing me.
“Girls or guys” this was Ray. Stupid Ray….
“Ughhh….guys” I said trying to hide my nervousness
“Hey franks gay as well” Em said but quickly covered her mouth with her hands.
I looked at Frankie but he was already looking at me …
there was an akward scilence for about 2 minutes until Ray broke it:
“hey you guys would make a cute couple”
“yeah!!!” Em agreed sliding her arm around Rays waist
“you think?” frank laughed.
I was still in shock that frank was actually gay…
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