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Greg Sanders was a normal person who wanted to find happiness but lately it wasnt happening until Greg meets someone who needs his help but will it be a sucess?

Category: CSI - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Characters: Catherine Willows,Gil Grissom,Greg Sanders,Nick Stokes,Sara Sidle,Warrick Brown - Published: 2011-06-10 - Updated: 2011-06-10 - 370 words

Greg Sanders was a lab rat working for the LVPD and the other CSI's had taunted him about why he hadnt got a girlfriend and Greg knew that soon he was gonna prove them wrong and find someone but Greg didnt know where to start looking and Greg felt like he wasnt gonna be lucky until one night Greg saw a very agressive attack just 30 meters away and Greg decided that he would try and stop it along with some bystanders who were also helping and they grabbed the guy and Greg helps the young girl up and leads her to safety..

Greg asks '' Are you ok?'' and the young girl looks up at Greg and admits '' Not really as that guy is an ex who just wont leave me the hell alone and i just dont know what the hell to do'', then Greg tells her '' I'm Greg Sanders'' and the young girl tells Greg '' I'm Alissa Cooper'' and the paramedics arrive on the scene to treat Alissa who asks Greg '' Please come with me?" and Greg nods and heads off with Alissa to the hospital and once the paramedics arrived with Alissa who was taken to be checked where it was discovered that Alissa had a miscarriage and the attack caused it and as it was only a few weeks and the doctors informed Alissa about it and Alissa was upset and asked '' Can you send Greg in here please?" and the doctors nodded and Greg who was waiting outside Alissa's room was told to go inside..

Alissa confesses to Greg '' The doctors told me that i'd lost the baby when i had no idea that i was even pregnant'' and Greg gives Alissa a gentle hug and tells her '' You know, when you meet the right person then eveything would be the way you want it to be'' and Alissa realises that Greg's right and tells Greg '' Yeah and maybe someone like you'' and Greg smiles at Alissa who asks '' Would you protect me from my ex Dante?" and Greg tells Alissa '' Of course i'll protect you for as long as you want me to''..
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