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Chappie 2

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The team work the case

Category: CSI - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Catherine Willows,Gil Grissom,Greg Sanders,Nick Stokes,Sara Sidle,Warrick Brown - Published: 2011-06-23 - Updated: 2011-06-23 - 221 words

Grissom's team work the case and Grissom notices that Greg's not his usual self and Grissom asks Greg '' You okay Greg?" and Greg admits to Grissom '' The victim, Alissa is alive cause i saved her life that night and i'm starting to fall for her'' and Grissom warns Greg " dont get too close" and Greg admits " too late on that one huh?" then Greg walks out of the breakroom to go outside where Greg finds Alissa and Greg walks over to Alissa and asks " you ok?" and Alissa tells Greg " sort of and i wanted to see you"..

Greg smiles at Alissa who tells Greg " i'm falling for you" and Greg admits to Alissa " so am i " and Greg then tells Alissa " we keep this between us for now" and Alissa agrees to keep their feelings for each other a secret until the case was over and Greg sneaks a quick hug with Alissa a few meters from the LVPD..

Alissa tells Greg " i hope we can keep this hidden for as long as we can" and Greg admits " yeah me too and i only wanna be with you" then Greg snares a kiss with Alissa who responds to Greg's gentle kiss and then Alissa heads off and Greg heads back to lab happy with things..

What happens next?
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