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Chapter 24

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You plan on sleeping with me?

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Lily's POV

I rolled my eyes at her threat. I'd staked too many vampires by now and had one in love with me, seeing a fang is not going to do much more than remind of how dustable she has just become.

"We're Bob's friends." I answered in response to her questioning. Gerard gave me a slightly uncomfortable glance. He obviously did not like this situation.
"So, you're hunters?" She asked while flipping her brown hair with blonde highlights. I nodded slowly.

"Pretty much. Bob and I have known each other for years and Beckett brought us here together but now we're escaping. At least, that was the idea until you got here." I explained and took a breath. So many people to deal with.

"So who exactly is he?" She asked and pointed to Gerard. I glanced at Gerard.
"He's-" I began.

"Her boyfriend," Gerard said, promptly cutting me off. I gaped at him. He ignored my crazy expression but I could see a coy grin twitching at the corners of his mouth. Sneaky bastard.
"I see, well as long as you two aren't after Bob...I suppose it's all good. What was your escape plan?" Casadee responded looking much more cheery. Gerard took a step forward and looked down at Bob.

"The plan was to grab him and find the nearest window. You're welcome to tag along if you'd like but we have to be going now. A certain badly dressed vampire is going to figure out what the hell is going on in about a minute thirty seconds." Gerard suddenly turned to me and in one swift motion, pulled my legs out from under me and had me being carried bridal style.

"Is this necessary?" I glared at him. He gave me back a cheesy smile and nod. Cassadee picked up Bob and slung him over her shoulder.

"Alright, lets get outta here." She said and we all dashed to the single window in the room. Cassadee kicked the bars and glass on the window until they broke, then she leapt from it with an unconscious Bob in her care.

"Do you trust me?" Gerard suddenly asked and I looked up at him. I didn't hesitate.
"Of course, if you doubted in your ability to save me then you would have worked out another plan. I know you mister Way. You forget that I have an entire folder on you back at my warehouse." Gerard raised an eyebrow at me and then I realized what I'd just said. I went red. Gerard laughed and then leaped from the window. Just as we jumped out I could hear the faint noise of a door being burst open.

"I think Beckett just lost," I commented.
" He was late to the prize, and I'm a finders keepers kind of guy." Gerard winked at me. I swallowed and tried to find the right words to say back but everything in my throat went dry again. Only this time, I wasn't dehydrated.

We ran through Chicago, the Dandies trailing behind us all the way. Beckett was obviously not happy with our escape. Every turn lead to more Dandies and other vampires under his fist. They would appear from nowhere and we'd have to switch directions on a dime.

"How much longer do you think they'll keep this up?" I asked as we continued our run.
"Until daylight. If Beckett wants, into the daylight hours." Gerard shrugged but then swore loudly as we spotted some more Dandies up ahead. He flipped us around and tore off in the opposite direction. Casadee made a noise of frustration as she realized we were switching again.

"Is there anywhere we can go?!" She shouted angrily. I sighed and then slapped my forehead. Gerard gave me an odd look.

"I'm such an idiot! I know exactly where we can go!" I shouted in anger towards myself.
"Where might that be?" Gerard questioned and picked up his speed a little. Casadee got annoyed look as she picked her own up.

"Pete's place." I stated just loud enough for Gerard to hear. I awaited his outrage at the idea but instead he nodded.

"You know where it's at?" He asked me calmly. I tried to remember the address Pete had given me.
"8238 Burlington Street," I answered confidently. Gerard nodded and changed his direction again.

"Are you going to tell Casadee?" I asked. Gerard shook his head.
"Nahh, to be honest, she creeps mehhh out." He replied and continued on running. I laughed and looked back at her. I didn't want to not like her but I understood what Gerard meant. She seemed more savage than he or the others. Almost vicious and threatening in all of her mannerisms.

"Don't worry too much about her." He advised and I looked up at him.
"What makes you think that I'm worrying about her?" I questioned while raising an eyebrow at him.

"Because I know you miss Giordno. You forget that I spent my time organizing several plots to kill you and one to get you to be mine." He grinned.

"Oh and how have all of those gone?" I asked returning the grin. He slowed his pace to a stop as we approached some abandoned apartments and laughed.

"I am pleased to say that all of them have failed miserably, except for the last one. I think that one is going quite well." He responded happily. I laughed.

"What makes you say that? Maybe I'm only making you think that it's going well because I'm going to stake you while you sleep." I suggested and Gerard shook his head.

"You plan on sleeping with me?" He raised an eyebrow. My cheeks went a dangerous red.
"'s...grrawrrhmm...gehh," I stuttered out as I tried to remember how to speak the English language.

"That's what I thought. See, if you were just pretending then I don't think you'd be so red. Did anyone ever tell you, you're cute when you're embarrassed?" He asked and then kissed my nose. I bit my tongue and tried to think of a response but just as I was about to speak Casadee broke in.

"Not that this conversation isn't just my idea of FANTASTIC but could we please get a move on? The Dandies are going to catch up to us." She said and Gerard shook his head no.

"Actually, they won't come here. We've decided we'll crash at Pete's place. He lives here with his friends. The Dandies wouldn't dare come here, it's too much of a risk." Gerard said back casually and then turned back to the abandoned complex. It was just an empty apartment complex but it seemed so much greater and fierce in the dark. A black gate blocked the entrance and just beyond it loomed a road leading to the main building where the boys no doubt chose to stay. It was all castle style, probably based off the mansion Beckett owned.

Gerard took a giant leap and using his vampire ability he went straight over the gate. Casadee followed suit and we all walked straight towards the building. As we approached the looming place a low hiss came to our ears from the dark entrance to the building. Gerard's reaction was instant, I felt him tense up and become on high alert.


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