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Chapter 25

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Victory is mine!

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A low snarl erupted from the darkness ahead of us. I squinted my eyes to see what it could be but just as I was, Gerard decided to turn swiftly and place me on the ground. I gave him a weird look, which he also decided to ignore.

"Go stand with Casadee," He ordered. I gave him an incredulous look.
"Excuse me, Mr. Way, but I have faced enough peril to be quite capable of defending myself. Some of it even came from you and I did quite fine." I mentioned swiftly.

"I let you get away from me at the mansion, I could have forced you into a vampire. I also almost drained your ass in that alley. Now go stand with Casadee." He commanded again. I shook my head. Gerard made a frustrated noise and another snarl roared out of the dark.

"Look Gerard , whatever the hell is right there, I can handle it. Besides, I doubt Casadee is the best protection. She'll probably take Bob and bolt." I said logically. Gerard glanced at the dark and back at me. He let out a sigh. I grinned. Victory is miiinnnneeeee.

"Fine but if you get hurt then-" Gerard was cut off by a creature jumping out of the dark and tackling him. He battled with it for a moment before the two seperated and became visible. The creature was a man, or more precisely, a vampire. The vampire snarled angrily and leapt out at Gerard again, who in turn ducked and dove under the vampire's leap.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here, Way? Taking over my mansion in Vegas not enough for you?" The vampire seethed. Gerard gave him a confused look but then shrugged it off. I blinked. The build of the body. The shortness of the man. The cut of the hair. Jersey. Oh fuck. Gerard pulled out a stake and ran at the vampire I had realized to be Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz The Third.

"GERARDSTOPITSPETEYOUAREGONNASTAKE!!!!" I screamed out and then took in a large breath. Gerard stopped running and both he and Pete gave me a weird look.

"Who's the crazy chick?" Pete asked. Gerard shook his head at my antics. I ignored their actions and sprinted over to the both of them. I stopped as I got close to Pete and Gerard tensed.

"It's okay Gerard. It's Pete." I reassured and walked up to Pete. He gave me an odd look and I smiled.

"Pete, it's me, Lily Giordono. You know, hunter friend of yours. Girl who nearly decapitated Patrick when she was still learning the ropes." I said waiting for his response. He gave me a crazy look.

"Ummm who the hell is Pete? My name is Ricardo...." He trailed off. I made an 'O' shape with my mouth and then looked to Gerard who's eyes were big as plates.

"Right...I'll just. Umm...yeah. I'll let you get back to battling to the death..." I said and then began to inch away. Ricardo didn't seem to like this idea and grabbed my arm really, really, really, REALLY tightly. I winced slightly from the pain and that was all a certain stickman needed. I felt a small yank and opened my eyes again. Ricardo's arm hung quietly in the air with no shoulder attached to it. I gasped as the grip released and fell off of me. Then I looked over in the direction some skid marks went. There in the side of one of the apartments was a Ricardo shaped hole.

"HOLY BEJESUS!!" I shouted and took a step back. I walked into something hard and big. I turned around and there was a red-eyed Gerard Way. His face told me it all, it was contorted into a look of anger and he had bits of cement in his hair.

"I really like your shoes," I said quoting a story I'd read online and gave him a cheesy grin. Gerard obviously didn't see the humor in my joke and picked me up bridal style again.
"C'mon Casadee!" He shouted back as he continued his way to the building. I looked up at him and shrunk in his arms as the expression his face held was one of murder. We all walked in silence until we made it to the door of the main building and Gerard knocked lightly.
"I doubt they are going to here you if you knock so-" Casadee began but just then a scruffy looking man with a bad haircut answered the door.

"JOE!" I screeched with glee. Joseph Trohman looked from me to Gerard to Casadee and Bob before promptly shutting the door in our faces. I blinked. Then loud banging could be heard inside and someone shouting the name Pete loudly.Gerard, probably still irritated from my little adventure earlier, decided it would be best if he just went ahead and kicked the door down. It landed on top of a dizzy looking Mikey. What the hell?

"The hell are you doing here, Mikes?" Gerard questioned looking perplexed. I wore the same confused expression as Mikey climbed out from under the door.

"Well I was getting the door but you seem to have taken care of that for me, Gerard." Mikey answered as he stood back up. Gerard rolled his eyes.

"No, I mean how did you get here? When did you get here?" He asked. Mikey sighed loudly and ushered us all in.
"You think that your girlfriend is the only one who knows Pete? Brenda called him and explained the whole situation. I drove us down here in my pimp mobile yesterday and we arrived a few hours ago." Mikey explained. Then he waved us towards a set of stairs through the entry way.
"Everybody is upstairs. Though, Pete doesn't trust any of us for shit. Not that I can blame him. We did kind of murder tons of hunters under his responsibility." Mikey said guiltily while ascending the stairs. We all followed him up and he opened a door at the top. Gerard carried me inside and we were greeted by the sound of cheers and streamers going off.
"We need new friends," I said dryly. Gerard nodded in agreement. Mikey grinned and stepped away from us. Next, Casadee entered the room and everything went dead silent. She didn't seem to notice as she carried Bob over to a walk-in kitchen and placed him on an island counter. I noticed Alisha, sitting on an old brown sofa between Kat and Lea, keeping her eyes locked on them the whole way.

"Not good..." I whispered worriedly. Then, as though things could get any worse, Peter Wentz, the real Peter Wentz, entered the silent room from a hallway to the right of the sofa and narrowed his eyes at Gerard.

"No, see, now that's not good." Gerard whispered back.


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