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Chapter 26

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He may not even need that one date...

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Lily's POV

Pete was in Gerard's face before I could blink. He loomed over me (cause Gerard just couldn't let me walk), and stared growled in Gerard's face. I took in a sharp breath. Pete's gaze flickered to my face for just a second before returning to Gerard's.

"How dare you fucking even try to do this. I want you to put Lily down now, take your damned coven, and then GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!" He hissed out at the top of his lungs. I winced and then looked up at Gerard. He was totally un phased.

"Can I trust that you will take good care of Lily if I leave her here, under your care." Gerard asked calmly. Pete gave him a dark look brought his face right up to Gerard's. Their noses were nearly touching before Pete spoke.

"That depends, can I expect a crazy, stupid, and murdering punk to break in and try to touch her?" Pete shot back at Gerard in a low tone.
"Hey, Joe isn't a murderer." I grinned and I saw Joe look in from the hall entrance. Pete glared at me.

"Oh come on, Pete! For God sakes! Gerard saved both Lily AND Bob from a Beckett filled future! You owe Gerard and his coven the right to at least stay here." Kat suddenly chimed in. Everyone turned to stare at her.

"Oh don't look at me like that. All of you damn well know that Gerard has earned at the very least that one right. Besides, do you honestly think it's him you should be worried about? It's more likely that Lily would break out than Gerard would break in." Kat mused aloud. Everyone laughed lightly but Pete. He just looked from me to Gerard, and back to me.
"Fine, you have the privilege of staying here. However, be warned Way. The moment you or anyone of your coven do anything suspicious, I will stake ALL of you." Pete warned in a threatening tone. Then, before we could register what had happened, he exited the room and raced down the hall at vampire speed.

"Umm...yay?" I said, breaking the silence.

"Yay indeed," Frank agreed from his spot on a loveseat, which I noticed he was sharing with Kat. I took this brief moment of break to look around at everyone. A girl who I assumed was Sarah was side glancing at Mikey who was sitting in a chair next to her side of the couch. Lea was whispering something to Ray who was leaning over the couch to hear her. Brandy and Brenda were sitting pretzel style on the floor. Alisha's eyes were still locked on Casadee and Bob in the walk-in kitchen.

"So what have all of you been up to?" I questioned from my spot STILL in Gerard's arms.
"We would regale you with our excellent tales of brilliant adventures from our road trip here in Mikey's car, which involve thrilling sing-a-longs and games of I-spy, but I think we'll wait until you and Gerard have settled in." Brandy said and I grinned at her.

"Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. One question though, where can we find free rooms?" I asked while still smiling.

"Oh! Sorry." Brandy turned to Lea and started trying to get her attention. However, she was locked in what appeared to be a VERY entertaining conversation with Ray and didn't notice any of Brandy's ploys to get her attention. Ray's mouth twitched upwards and I could tell he knew that poor Brandy was trying very hard to get Lea's attention but he continued talking anyway.

"LEA!!" Brandy suddenly shrieked at an octave higher than anything I’ve heard from her. Lea whipped around.

"What?!" She exclaimed and gave Brandy an irritated expression.

"I've been trying to get your attention for like ten minutes straight! Could you please stop raping Ray with your eyes for five seconds and go show Gerard and Lily where the rooms are?!" Brandy all but shouted back. Lea's cheeks got very red but she didn't say anything, she just stood up and waved us down a hall to the right of the sofa. Completely opposite direction of the one Pete had gone down. Thank God.

"Was she really trying to get my attention for ten minutes straight?" Lea asked as we, well Gerard and her, walked down the hall.

"Ehhh, it wasn't ten minutes but yeah. She pretty much did everything but the chicken dance to get you to tear your eyes off of Fro man." I gave her an eyebrow wiggle for good measure. She went ten shades darker and I gasped. Gereard jumped at my sudden movement and struggled to hold onto me for a second.

"YOU ARE SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!" I screeched. Lea put her hands over her ears.
"LEA AND RAY SITTIN' IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-" Right then however, I was rudely cut off by a man who suddenly stepped out of a door right in front of Lea. She took a step back and just barely avoided being clonked on the head. It took me moment but then I realized that the man who stepped out happens to be my favorite Nerd In Chief.

"Jesus! What's dying in here?!" Patrick Stump asked looking pissed confused.
"Oh, it's Lily. I should have guessed." He stated before walking all the way out of the room he was in. I gasped loudly again. Gerard was prepared this time and just gripped me tightly as I had my second mini freak out.

"Patrick! Where have you been?! I haven't seen you nerding it up in forever!" I yelled excitedly. Patrick covered his ears and yawned.

"It's only been a month Lily, and I'm not a nerd..." He trailed off slightly annoyed before he started walking the opposite direction down the hall.

"Good to see you again though!" He shouted back. I smiled happily to myself. Lea, I noticed, was also smiling but somehow I get the feeling her reasons were Ray related. We then continued our stroll down the hall. Quickly enough though, Lea stopped walking and pulled open a door.

"Here you go. We're trying to keep everyone in the same area so you two are going to have to share a room, and I'm sure you two hormone crazy fools are absolutely devastated by that news but you're just going to have to build a bridge and hop over it." She said sarcastically. I blinked.

"It's get over it." I corrected her lightly.
"Your mom got over it." She shrugged back.
"My mom got over what?" I asked with a confused look.
"Over having you for a kid!" She squealed. I slapped my forehead and noted that someone is spending waaayy too much time with Alisha.

"That's what she said," Gerard suddenly piped up. Lea and I both stared at him. He looked back at us awkwardly.

"I felt left out..." He trailed off while looking away. Lea and I broke into hysterics in that moment.

"Gerard, stick to your day job." Lea suggested.
"Night job," I corrected her again.

"Blowjob." Somebody behind Gerard and I suddenly said. We all turned and Frank was holding back a giggle fit.

"What do you want Iero?" I asked giving him an irritated glance. Frank feigned a hurt expression.
"Just thought I'd pop in and say hi," He quoted himself.

"I don't like it when you pop in. The last time you did that my best friends were you." I said feeling mixed up.

"What can I say, I never say what I mean but I mean what I say." He laughed. Gerard raised an eyebrow.

"And what exactly are you saying you mean?" He questioned. Frank suddenly ran over and picked Lea up by the waist and slung her over his shoulder.

"That Ray gets antsy when his loverrrr isn't there for the sake of his pantsy!" Frank sang as he started dashing back the way we came down the hall.

"NOT COOL FRANK!!" I heard Lea yell as they disappeared.

" it just me or are you guys making my friends even crazier than they already were?" I wondered. Gerard shrugged and then carried me into the room. It was a pretty standard room, a television, a pullout bed/couch, a real bed, a desk, a lamp sitting on that desk, a window, and bookcase, an empty bookcase but a bookcase no less.

"Pete must simply tell me who designs his rooms!" I exclaimed. Gerard laughed and carried me over to the bed. He set me down on it and then took a seat on the bed for himself. We stayed like that for awhile. Just sitting there in silence, letting everything finally catch up to us. I sighed and Gerard glanced at me.

"I want to ask you for a request," Gerard said quietly. I gave him a quizzical look.
" I want you to give me a chance to show you everything else that I am besides some hungry vampire." He sighed and looked at me. His hazel eyes captured my own (as said by my Dad) Chocolate ones.

"I know you're not just a hungry vampire. You've already proven that to me." I reassured. He shook his head.

"No, I've only shown you that I'm some joking romantic. There is so much more to both of us that we need to learn about each other. A file in your room isn't going to tell you enough about me and plots to understand what makes you tick isn't giving me enough." He explained. I looked down at my hands. He's really concerned about this...

"I love you, and I know some part of you likes me back, it's not all of you yet but I'm hoping that if we could learn more about each other, then maybe, maybe you could like me back. I want you to give me the chance to really be your boyfriend, it's one thing for me to tell Casadee that I am, but it's another thing for you to let my words be true." Gerard said while looking at me straight in the eyes. My breath caught in my throat. I didn't know how to react. Half of me was saying to stand up and shout "YES!!" but another half was telling me that it was wrong on every possible level. Gerard seemed to understand just by watching my eyes.

"I see, well how about a compromise?" He asked with a coy grin.
"You're good at coming up with those." I smiled at him.

"Indeed I am, how about you let me spend some time with you so we can get to know each other and also allow for me to take you on one date. No strings attached. Just one date." Gerard proposed with a smile. I smiled and sighed with mock defeat. Gerard looked at my eyes and grinned. Then he leaned down and kissed my nose.

"It's settled then." He breathed and at this close I could inhale his delicious scent. He may not even need that one date...


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