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I won't. I just won't.

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Gerard has to learn all about this. He can't believe it.

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hello! I hope you like this. Just to let you know this will mainly be Gerard point of view and hardly anyone else has any pov's since he has to explain what's going and yeah you know. Hope you like! Please tell me what you like and be sure to read my other story and rate and review please! Enjoy! xoxoxox

Gerard's POV
No. It wasn't possible. As I sat their surrounded by the people who loved me dearly I just would not accept it. Dr. Marquez was going over my situation and I just blocked him out as he spoke about my type of cancer, the treatment and therapy for it, the stage I was in, possible reasons I'd gotten it, blah blah blah. None of that mattered, the bottom line was that I had cancer.
I didn't understand how though. My whole life I'd been perfectly healthy, hardly ever sick. Yeah, I had made some stupid mistakes when the band first started out but that stopped and it was long since. I never had any symptoms or aches up until just recently. I guess what people said about it were right.
Cancer was the silent killer. It would just creep up on you, and at the worst time possible. The band was in the high light of our career, there was no where to go but up from here. We'd just finished the Black Parade tour and were happily settling back into life. Then there was my relationship with Lynz, we wanted to start a family soon, I was determined that we would no matter what happened. This came out of no where at the worst time ever.
Dr. Marquez soon left with a wave and I snapped out of my mind. I looked around to my friends and family. They all looked so... lifeless. It broke my heart.
"Guys, um I think we should give the Ways some time alone," Frank said directing it towards Jamia, Bob, Ray, and Christa. They all nodded, forced a good bye smile upon their face and walked out the door going anywhere they could, as long as they weren't in my room.
That left Lynz, Mikey, Alicia, and my parents in the room surrounding my bed.
My mom and dad were on my right side, my mom still caressing my hand as my dad was trying to hold back tears. All my life they had supported me. When I wanted to become an artist they told me I could do it if I set my mind to it. When I wanted to start the band they pushed me to do so, they were my number one supporters behind Grandma Elena. They had just begun to settle with the fact that Mikey and I were soon to start families with our wives then this happens.
Mikey was next to my parents. My little brother, the one person who, before any one else, had looked up to me. He always came to me for help and always wanted my opinions on things. Not only that but I had been there for him all those late nights that he was struggling with depression and he'd been there for me when I needed someone to pull my head out of the toilet. He and I were attached to the hip, I loved him so much.
I looked at Alicia who was holding Lynz's hand sitting next to her. I loved Alicia dearly, I couldn't have asked for a better sister-in-law. She treated Mikey the way he deserved to be treated. She had become my sister. She was what Mikey desperately needed in his life and she was an amazing friend to Lynz.
My Lynz, my precious wife. After Eliza she had repaired my heart, she showed me the true meaning of love. She had made me the happiest man in the world and I wanted nothing less to be with her for the rest of my life. We wanted to start a family, to have children who would be given unending love day on and day on. But all that was torn away from us by one word. Cancer.
"Gerard, honey, you need to start treatment immediately," Lynz said first being brave enough to speak up.
I slowly shook my head trying to lift myself up in my bed making Lynz and Mikey have to help me. I didn't want that.
"Baby boy, you have to," my mom said giving me a stern look that didn't work very well because she was still crying a bit.
"Mom, Lynz, I can't. I want to start a family with Lynz and with all those chemicals in my body well that can't be good for reproduction," I say trying to speak up though my throat was aching. Just great, even if I did survive this my throat wouldn't.
"Gerard, we could always adopt, we'd still love them the same," Lynz said to me trying to change my mind. I shook my head which was a bad idea, I still had a bad head ache.
"No love, I want to have a child of our own, yes we can adopt but I want a child who is my blood, who came from me and you," I reply squeezing her hand with whatever strength I had.
"Dammit Gerard, can you for once in your life not be stubborn and just listen to us?" Alicia asked standing up almost yelling at me.
She knew me too well, and she was right. I was stubborn but I have valid reasons to be now. I wanted to ensure my future child was healthy.
"No, I can't. I'm sorry. What type did he say I have anyways?" I asked giving away the fact that I hadn't listened.
"What the hell Gerard?! You weren't even paying attention!?" Mikey almost yelled at me like his wife had.
He was hurt, he couldn't believe I didn't care enough, but I did care. Poor kid, this was too much on him. He and I were still recovering over the death of Grandma Elena, and Mikey had taken that harder. Plus, she too had died of cancer so for our whole family this was rough.
"I'm sorry Mikey, I just refuse to believe this is happening," I say with a shake in my voice. I was still too weak to speak loudly enough.
He looks at me, tears once again streaming down his face. "Gerard, this is your life why can't you just try and listen to us?" he said coming over to burying himself on the stomach area of my sheets.
"Mikey, don't cry babe," Alicia said walking to the other side and pulling him into her arms. He needed her.
"Can someone tell me what I have now?" I ask getting impatient.
Lynz looks at me and sighs. "It's a type of cancer that effects only specific organs Gee, so far it has only attacked your kidneys and that can be fixed. The doctor said it could have been in your system your whole life but for some reason, he suspects age and the hardcore touring, that it has become active," she said unevenly.
It attacked different organs one at a time. Nice fucking game you are playing aren't you God. I thought to myself
"I won't do chemo, there has to be another way," I say and I see my dad smile a bit because as much as he doesn't want to he has to, because there clearly were other Ways in the room. It even made me smile.
Lynz brushed the few strands of hair covering my eyes back. They were oily and stuck together and it reminded me of Warped Tour when we wouldn't bathe for weeks except for Frank who needed to be clean. That one memory almost brought me to tears knowing I might never be on another tour again if I didn't survive this.
"Well... there is another thing we could do," Mikey said as he turned to me. Once he said this our parents' heads hung and Alicia sighed.
"Mikey, you don't need to," Lynz said looking at him with praise and sadness.
He sighed and nodded. "Yes I do, he's my brother," he replied looking in my direction.
I was worried now to know what the other option was.
"Mikey, what is it?" I ask quieter than before.
He shuts his eyes, takes in a deep breath, and prepares himself, making me even more anxious.

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