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Valerie gets an invitation to a party...

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Slam! I shut the door as I enter the new house. I dropped my bag in the entrance of my living room and then headed over to the kitchen.
" Valerie we are going to eat soon stay away from the kitchen."
" Ugh. Mom I'm hungry!" damn it. I wobbled over to the living room to find my brother playing xbox and my two year old sister playing with her little penguin. I groan to myself and then ran upstairs to my room. I sit down and start to draw again. I began to draw a dragon with a sword into his heart. I had only began to outline it when my phone rang. I groaned again and walked over to my bed where it was vibrating.
New Message I clicked view and then my phone poped up a little window that had the message in it.
[hey valerie its brendon can u hang out today? i thought about it for a minute and then screamed.
" Ma!!! can I hang out with a friend?" i had my head poking out of my door.
" I dont know ask you dad." I called my dad since he was still at work.
" Papi..... who is the best dad in the whole world?" I asked with my sweet voice. I always sed it when I wanted something.
" What do you want?"
" Can I go hang out with a friend?" i asked politely.
" Where will you be going"
" um.... her house she lives around the corner her name is ana." I lied to my dad about brendon cause if he found out it was a guy he wouldnt let me hang out with him.
" Sure just be back by seven."
" Okay, thanks dad. Love you.. bye." I hung up and looked at the clock it was five two hours not that bad. I quickly responded to brendon saying to meet me by the park in five. I ran downstairs and grabbed my helmet and bag and left.
Once i arrived I found Brendon on the swing.
" Hello there." I said getting his attention.
" Hey." I walked over and sat on the swing next to him.
" So what we gonna do?" I asked.
" Lets go walk around I wanna tell you about this party that is happening on my block."
" Okay we will walk."
" Okay so anyways there going to be this party at my neighbors house and basicly anyone can go as long as you bring beer. So I was wondering if you wanted to come..... I mean as friends you know. Its this friday night." I thought about it for a second i had already gotten drunk before so nothing to worry about.
" Sure!" I replied to him. The rest of the time we just walked around the little town we lived in and the back to my motorcycle.
" So I guess this is the end of hanging out with my new friend." I said smiling. Brendon smiled and srugged.
" But lets just hope it wont be the last." I Smirked as he said that.
" Oh trust me it won't." I got back home jsut in time for dinner and ate like a pig. Then i began to think of excuses for friday night.
Thanks for reading! This chapter is dedicated to the only person who actually reviewed and liked my story.... midnightblackparade
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