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Everybody scream

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Three guys. All like the same girl. Who will she pick?

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" Adios ma!" I scream as I leave the house for school. I put on my helmet and got on my motorcycle. I made sure my black leather jacket was closed and then I was off. 
I guess you could say it was my first day of school and I was not excited at all. That is until I pulled up into the parking lot. He was leaning a against a black mustang '97. His black hair just under his shoulders. Leather jacket, misfit shirt, black skinny jeans, and sun glasses. Whoa. I threw my bag over my shoulder and began to walk towards the doors to the school and I passed by him. 
He whistled at me as I passed by. I turned to face him smirked and then flipped him off. No one whistles at me. I continued through the doors and into the hall ways of my new hell. 
I pulled out my schedual and my lock and found my locker. I opened it and then threw everything I didn't need in. 
I pushed a strand of my black hair with magenta high lights behind my ear. I continued towards my first class and found a seat in the back. I sat there and took out my notebook and started to draw. I was lost in my own little my world, that is until someone tapped my shoulder and spoke.  
" You new?" some guy with short brown hair spoke to me. 
" You guessed it. " I replied with a smirk. 
" So where you from. " 
" Mexico , but my dad got a job here so yeah. "
" Well you speak English pretty well. " 
" thanks I did go to a bilingual school so they taught both languages. "
" Wow ... So what's your name?" 
" Valeria Lopez, but here in America it's Valerie "
" Oh cool, Brendon Urie."
" Nice too meet you. " we talked through class and I had not noticed until the bell rang. Brendon walked me to my next class but we took too long that I was late.  I opened th door to th class and was greeted by eyes all on me. Great. 
" why hello there and you must be...-"
"Valerie" I stated my name. 
" Well your late and I do not tollorate tardies so you will be givin a detention. " He spoke to me with a stric voice. I didn't like him at all. 
" Whatever." I said with a smirk. 
" What did you just say?" 
" W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r." I said slowly enough for him to understand. He looked at me with wid eyes. I smiled like a child. 
" You march down to the principals office right now!" I smiled and got closer to him. 
" what happens if I don't ?"
" You get suspended. "
" Is that a threat or a promise." I said before leaving. I made my way to the officebsat down and explained why had happen. I was in the waiting room for the rest of the day and to my surprise I sat down next to the guy who had whistled at me this morning. 
" Hot and a bad ass. Just my type. " 
" Too bad your not my type. " I smirked and at that moment the bell had rung. I smiled and left leaving him with his mouth wide open. 
I entered the lunch area and sat down next to Brendon. 
" Hows it going. "
" Great considering the fact that I got a detention today. "
" Nice. "
" and also this guy kept hitting on me in the waiting room. "
His eyes widen. 
" Whats his name?" hebaske curious. 
" I don't know but he wa wearing a leather jacket a misfit shirt-"
" Black skinny jeans and long black hair down to his ears?"
" Yup. "
" Oh... That's Gerard way. All the girls haave a crush on him. But he only dates the hot ones. "
" well apperntly he said I'm his type. "
" Forget him. " 
" don't worry I was planing on it. "
After school I made my way to my ride home right when I was about to get on I heard someone shout my name. I turned to see and talk guy with crazy black hair all over the place. He came over his breathing was pretty heavy. 
" Your Valarie right?"
" The and only. "
" Well I just had to tell you that have some nerve to be able to talk that way to Mr. Nelson. "
" Mr. Nelson?"
" The math teacher." he had a German accent. 
" Oh. Yeah I guess he doesn't really make me shy or anything. "
" Wow anyways Bill Kaulitz. " He reached for my hand. 
" Valerie Lopez. " I shook his hand. I like him. 
" Well anyways see you around. "
" See ya. " I got on my motorcycle and drove off. What an exciting day.         
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