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Explanation please

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Bob and Frank fess up to there little hidden secrets. And Delilah has a talk with Gerard.

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I feel like this is coming to an end but then I realize I can make this go a lot further. Hope you like this chapter and read my other fic too. Anyways, enjoy! xoxoxox

Gerard's POV
"Well guys, which of you is going first?" I asked standing next to Delilah who had a crooked smirk plastered across her face.
"Frank would like to go first!" Bob said slowly inching away from Frank.
"Good, I'm glad you volunteered for him Bob," Ray said through slit eyes.
I looked down to Frank who was wide eyed and seemed to be shaking a bit too much. I looked at Mikey and he was snickering at him.
"Guys, it's not really a mystery of what's going with Frank. I mean seriously? I thought you guys were smart!" Mikey said laughing. We all turn to him taking our focus off Frank to look at Mikey who was smiling.
"All right then Mr. Genius, what's going on?" Delilah asked shoving him playfully.
Mikey took in a deep sigh with a small grin upon his face. He moved over to Frank who was still seated on the ground and joined him. "Ok, Frank is clearly in love with your friend Jamia, Delilah. I mean I saw how he looked at her! Just the way Gerard looks at Delilah is the way Frank kept looking at Jamia, I can't believe you guys didn't see that!" Mikey said laughing.
He compared how I look at Delilah how Frank was looking at Jamia. I could feel my cheeks get warm and I look over to Delilah who is smiling but I can clearly see her normally pale face is a rosy pink. She was strangely light skinned for having two Mexican parents. But the skin color let her eyes look all the better, and when she blushed it was beautiful. I was so caught up in looking at her I didn't realize Frank had stood up.
"Mikey! That is not true!" Frank said trying to defend himself.
Ray laughed as did Mikey and Bob, but Bob stopped once Frank glared at him for making him go first.
"Mikey just said you were looking at Jamia how Gerard looks at Delilah, which clearly means you love her!" Ray said moving his arms around a bit.
"Hey! Can we stop using Delilah and myself as examples?!" I ask getting embarrassed once again.
"Sorry Gee, but y'know you guys are the closet example we have at the moment," Mikey said apologetically.
I was about to say something again but Delilah had moved over and grabbed my hand in her's.
"Let them, there is no shame in the truth," she whispered into my ear giving me the chills. If there had been no one around, if we were back in the bedroom, if...
She kissed me on the cheek and turned her attention back to little Frankie who was trying to stand brave and tall, which truly was difficult for him to do. "Look, Frank, if you like Jamia that's fine. She's a great person," Delilah said still holding onto my hand which was making it difficult to concentrate. Just having her around was a distraction.
I decided to try at least. "Frank, do you like her? I mean we KNOW it but we'd still like a confession," I say trying to concentrate on the situation we were dealing with.
"Just tell them Frank," Bob said but he soon regretted it.
"Hey! Shut up Bob, you aren't off the hook yet!" Ray says turning to him as he quivered more into the corner.
Frank sighed and ran his hand through his hair that seemed to be getting longer every second. "Fine, fine. I like Jamia. Happy?" he asked shrugging. Delilah let go of my hand and grabbed Frank into a bear hug.
"Awww wittle Frankie is in love! And with my Jamia! How adorable!" she said making his cheeks grow red again.
"Yes, yes very adorable. But now, it's your turn," I say turning to Bob. This time even Frank gets into it once Delilah lets him go.
"Yeah, Bob! We would like to know where you've been going these past few days," Frank said who was trying to get the attention off of himself.
Bob tried to look away but Ray grabbed him up.
"Time to fess up Bryar," Ray said giving him a devilish grin.
Ray's POV
I held Bob by his jacket and looked him the eye. I wasn't going to stop until I found out what he was up to.
"Ray, buddy, I uhh I haven't been going anywhere, just uhh you know checking out the town," Bob said with a nervous laugh.
"Ha! Delilah showed me around in an hour, there isn't much to see, nice try Bob," Mikey said before taking another sip of his coffee.
Bob's face went more pale than it already was and he was beginning to shake. I still hadn't let him go but I had loosened my grip.
"So Bob, where have you been?" Gerard asked as he sat down on the couch with Delilah.
Bob looked at us and his he shut his eyes. He clearly didn't want to tell us, it was like he was ashamed. Then he whispered into my ear something.
"Ray, I want to tell you but Delilah can't know," Bob whispered to me.
I desperately wanted to know but I was curious to why my little Delilah couldn't know. "Why not?" I asked him out loud. All he did was shake his head. "Fine," I replied before looking at Gerard and Delilah who were lying down on the couch together. I needed them out so I could I could find out what Bob was hiding.
"Gerard, Delilah... um can you guys go to the bedroom for like five minutes? Please?" I asked in the kindest voice I could.
Mikey turned to me with a worried face. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY CAN DO IN FIVE MINUTES?!" he screamed with a shocked face.
Frank started laughing and shockingly, so did Gerard.
"Mikey! Shut up! I just... Bob doesn't want them to know just yet so PLEASE go to the room guys?" I ask again and Delilah just gets up and stares at me. Then she looks at Mikey and speaks.
"Mikey, love, it takes more than five minutes," she said pulling on Gerard's arm making all of us laugh, except Mikey of course.
"I DON'T WANT THAT IMAGE IN MY MIND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" Mikey yelled as they were shutting the bedroom door.
Mikey sat down annoyed and Frank followed him over to the couch. I finally released Bob from my grip and I wave my hand a bit to let him know he must confess.
Bob's POV
I didn't want to tell them. And I doubted that she would want me to tell them, especially since she hadn't told her best friends. I had no choice though. I sighed and looked at all of them knowing eventually they'd find out.
"Well, c'mon Bob! I fessed up! Now it's your turn," Frank told me because of my hesitance.
"Fine if you guys really want to know I've been out with... Miranda," I say turning away ashamed I had given in.
"Wait... Delilah's best friend Miranda??" Mikey said finally snapping out of the horrid thought of what his brother could be doing to Delilah at that very moment.
I sighed and tried to look away. "Yes, Delilah's friend, Miranda," I replied looking up to see Frank's mouth open and Ray just with bugled eyes.
"What have you been doing with her?" Ray asked me a bit hesitant, probably fearing my answer.
"Yeah Bob, what have you been doing with a 14-year-old girl?" Frank said nudging my arm.
I pushed him away and looked down again. "Just, hanging out guys. God. Just going to the movies, hanging out at the park at...night," I say kind of regretting the night part.
"WHOA WHAT?!" Ray says to me getting a little freaked out now. I knew it was going to turn out like this.
"Listen! Can you let me explain before you all start yelling and freaking out?!" I ask losing a bit of my patience that already was normally slim.
They all turned to one another and then turned to me. "Fine," they all replied together.
I took another deep breath and prepared myself for whatever was ahead.
Delilah's POV
I was wondering why Gerard and I couldn't know what Bob had been up to, but when they said I could have a bit of alone time with Gerard, well I didn't protest.
"So my little Delilah, what must we do for awhile now that you've traumatized Mikey?" Gerard asked already kissing my neck softly. I wanted more but I decided it was time I told him more about my past.
"Well Gee, as much as I would love for this to continue, I think you should know more about me," I replied moving his lips away from my neck though I desperately wanted them still. He looked at me happily as if he'd waited the past 5 months to hear that.
"I'd love that Delilah. I really would," he replied holding my hand.
I couldn't decide where to start so I took in a deep breath and just started to speak.
"When I was 7 my parents were trying to have another child, I was so excited to have a baby brother or sister but after a year of waiting and trying my parents had no luck. That's when fighting started. Constant fighting all day every day and I didn't have a lot of friends, I actually had none but I escaped to a world of my own with music. I was 8 at this time and just listened to a lot of Fall Out Boy. About a year and a half later my parents divorced and I was left with my mom while my dad went and remarried and started the family he always wanted. I never see him anymore, he hardly talks to me and it sucks. It's not any better with my mom who has a lot of money from my grandpa who left her it ALL once he died. My grandma had died already and he had no other kids so my mom was the obvious choice. The money never ends now because she invested and ever since I was 10 she has been leaving me at home alone or with a neighbor. She only left me with a neighbor twice, the rest of the time when she went on these month long trips I was alone. So I developed I guess abandonment issues and I was lonely, depressed even. One night I heard a car rush into our driveway and it was my mom, drunk. I tried to help her to the room but she swatted me away and knocked me down," I paused for a moment to take a deep breath in. I hadn't noticed but I was crying, and Gerard seemed as if he was about to. He wiped my the tear off my cheek and kissed me.
"If you don't want to talk about it anymore," he said as our foreheads touched and our eyes were shut.
"No," I moved and opened my eyes, "I need to finish now." He just nodded and let me continue. "Once my mom pushed me down and went to her bedroom I went running to mine, locking the door. I was 12 then. For 2 years I had taken her bull shit and her irresponsible behavior and I had felt like a child raising myself so that night I broke down. I grabbed scissors and drove them into my thighs making the blood spew everywhere and mix with the tears falling. After that night I did it to myself all the time. I even tried to kill myself twice. Arienane stopped me the second time, music stopped me the first time. I had been in my room with 4 different pill bottles on the ground and a song came on. To this day I don't remember why that song stopped me but it did, it was Home by Three Days Grace and I just stopped myself from swallowing the pills in my mouth and surrounding me. I spit them out, turned up the music louder and went to bed crying. The next time I tried was already when I had become friends with Arienane. I was pissed at the world, especially my dad. I had just been informed that I was going to be a step-sister again and the only way I found out was through FUCKING FACEBOOK. A site I don't even like and his new wife was already 5 months pregnant. I felt like I was a piece of shit of nothingness so I went over to the canal, the one near these apartments, and I was going to jump. Suddenly I got a phone call. I don't know why I had my phone with me, I was going to take to my grave I guess but it was Arienane. She pleaded with me for a good 2 hours. Before I could say anymore I was at Robin's home. Robin and Miranda had came too and Robin's mom drove me there knowing my mom was gone again. I swore to myself after that day I'd stop the self harm. But I broke that promise when my mom told me I was going to Brawley high school. This was right before I met you. I cut into my wrist, first time I'd ever done it somewhere visible but once I met you guys I felt... loved and wanted and needed. I no longer needed to cut, I had you, Ray, Mikey, Frank, my girls. My mom may still be gone but I have you guys now," I say with a sigh realizing Gerard is crying and then he grabs my face and pushes his lips onto mine.
He softly moves away and looks me in my crying eyes. "Delilah, you are never alone as long as I'm with you, please, never forget that," he said wiping tears from my cheeks.
What I saw in Gerard was sadness and love. He truly loved me, and that, that made my life all the worth living. I nodded and replied, "Thank you Gerard, I love you."
He shook his head making me feel shocked but soon said, "No, thank you for being mine."
And with that he was back to kissing me softly and soon he was once again on top of me as we were New Year's Eve.
Bob's POV
"Now that you guys know we can't tell Delilah just yet, or Gerard. He'd tell her, got it?" I asked searching their faces for trust.
"Fine," was what they all replied. We sat in silence until Ray spoke up.
"She is really pretty," he said smiling at me.
Frank and Mikey nodded and soon all was back to normal. But we were missing two parts of our family puzzle.
"Hey, Mikey wanna go get Gerard and Delilah from the room?" Frank said as if he'd read my mind.
Mikey looked at him in disgust. "NOT FUNNY FRANK! I'm going to wait 'til them come out on their own!" he said hiding his face.
"Wait too long and you might become an uncle!" I said laughing, but I stopped as soon as Ray punched me. "Hey!" I yelled from the pain.
"She's 14 going on 15 you idiots! But... that was funny," he said trying to be stern but soon started laughing with Frank and I while Mikey just sat there disgusted by us.
"But Bob, when will you tell her?" Frank asked as soon as we stopped laughing.
Shit, I really hadn't planned it.

Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while I had my laptop taken away :S But I hope this chapter makes up for my time gone! Anyways, I hope you liked it and expect more soon! And check out my other fic soon if you haven't I might write a new ch for that one soon :3 anyways, R&R please! until next time xoxox
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