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Run away with me

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Aww! Thankyou thankyou thankyou for all your lovely reviews! You're all so lovely and you inspire me to continue with this and try to make it good for you guys to read! Lotsa Love! " He smiled returning to his clearly engrossing PSP game. I dared myself by looking at Gerard. " Sure." He said, a smile pulling at the corner of his small pale lips.
" Aww you guys suck." Ray complained playing the Dvd all the same though.
We were all watching the movie in silence with the occasional " take that" or " fuck yeah" from Mikey when i heard a snuffling sort of noise. I looked right at Gerard. Wait.... he's crying? " Gee. You okay?" I asked him crawling across to him because seeing his tears was making my heart ache. He desperately wiped his beautiful green eyes and looked straight at me. " I'm sorry Frankie." He laughed. " It's just such a sad movie!" God i loved him calling me Frankie! And how sweet is he?!?!?! I chuckled lightly at his cuteness and put my arms out to him. I couldn't resist it anymore. I wanted to give his adorable self a hug! He shuffled closer to me and snuggled into my chest, as his tears began to stop. A few odd glances from Mikey and Ray but who cares? I could stay like this forever. He could run away with me, anytime he wanted.

[*I hope this was okay! I feel like it kinda fail whaled! Thankyou for your time reading this though! Lots of love for you wonderful people! :) x
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