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The Bartender

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Frank walks in on something horrid.

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Chapter Six: The Bartender

They moved quickly to the next state over for a new show. Yet that whole "Gerard is on his period' joke had spread and proved largely annoying at the very least. Mikey had cornered Gerard about what had happened. "I'm not even mad." Mikey had sulked his shoulders in defeat, "I just wanna know whats going on. You're scaring me Gee."

Yet even then, Gerard would not budge. He had muttered that he was fine and walked off. In truth, he really was feeling a lot better. He wasn't quite sure why. It was perhaps the fact that the bartender for tonight's venue had checked him out quite a bit when he had gone to check out the venue himself. Plus, he was really, really cute. He had a muscular build, pretty green eyes and raven hair that was slightly shoulder length.

His wounds even felt better to the point of being unnoticeable. Indeed, Gerard felt as though this new day brought a new hope that he would be able to ignore his little mishap with Paul.

So at sound check that night, Gerard approached the suave looking bartender for a drink. Of course, he wasn't really interested in drinking at all. He patted down his bright red hair, put his hand on his hip, and swaggered sexily up to the man. He could already see that the bartender was suppressing a smirk at his approach.

He reached the bar and said in the cutest voice he could "Sour whiskey please?". Of course it instead came out incredibly awkward. Gerard had never been good at being sexy or cute when he was actually trying to be. Offstage, he was a terrible flirt and perhaps even more awkward than his brother was infamous for.

"Sure babe." the bartender nodded, waiting a while before he turned around to get it. "I love that hair of yours by the way. It's a very sexy color."

Gerard felt something in his stomach flutter. There was something about getting compliments lately that he just loved. Deep down, he knew he just wanted that attention again. Ray, Frank, or Mikey sure as hell weren't going to give him any.

"Why thank you." Gerard purred as the man handed him his sour whiskey. "You're so sweet. What's your name?"

"Jason." The bartender flashed a toothy smile. "And I'm gonna need to see some ID."
Gerard looked up at him confused.

Jason chuckled, "Well you don't look a day over 18!"

Gerard smiled, silently noting what a stupid pick up line he thought that was. Yet, he also thought it was a little cute. And if this guy was going to be obvious about it, so was he.

"You know I'm as flexible as the age I look too..." Gerard said before taking what he hoped was a seductive looking sip of his drink.

"Mmm..." Jason came closer, placing on hand on the hand Gerard had on the table. "Well we'll just see about that won't we?"

Gerard giggled, almost snorted a little. He could already feel an erection growing. Tonight was going to be fun. The wounds were no big deal, he'd just cover them up with something somehow. He looked off to the left and oddly saw a bit of Frank staring at them before it scampered away.


A couple of hours after the show found Frank power walking down the hallways of the hotel they had checked into. Of course they couldn't find Gerard AGAIN. Put bluntly, Frank was growing tired of this whole thing. Yet what were they going to do? Keep Gerard on a leash?

He went to Gerard's room and stood outside the white door, wondering if he should come in. Mikey had given him Gerard's other key, with approval at the idea of checking in on him.

Poor Mikey, Frank thought. He knew Mikey had been rather crushed lately about his brothers current condition. Mikey had been so happy and proud of his brother when he got his life together. But now it seemed like things were starting to fall apart again for Gerard. And he felt like Frank felt, helpless to do anything about it.

Frank sighed and inserted the key in. He waited for the little green light to indicate its unlocking and he turned the knob.

The first thing Frank heard was a rather girly shriek. Then, he jumped back in surprise as he witnessed Gerard being hurled into the dresser, landing on it with a sickening sound.

It took him a moment to understand what was happening. Well, he didn't really but it was as much as he could understand at the current moment. The bartender from earlier was in Gerard's room. They seemed to be arguing about something Frank hadn't been paying attention to, and the argument was getting very violent indeed. Gerard already had many cuts and bruises on his face.

Frank tried to jump into action as fast as possible. They didn't seem to even notice he was there as the bartender practically chased Gee around the room while Gerard cowered in pain and fear. He grabbed a the nearest wooden chair and lifted it. He practically ran at the bartender, and attempted to hit him with it.

The bartender went down, but he wasn't out. He merely got up again, his attention now on Frank. He dealt him a punch that Frank ducked. One benefit of him being short and this man was rather tall. Frank dived at the man and they pretty much wrestled with each other for a little while. Frank brought in a good shot at his nose which caused it to gush blood. Frank smirked, but just as his confidence grew, it was dashed. His luck ran out and the man was able to grab at his throat, squeezing and choking him. He tried to kick at the man to release him but it was no use.

"GET OFF OF HIM!" Frank heard Gerard scream, and Gerard jumped on the man's back in a desperate attempt to stop him.

Now aside from being choked, Frank was now looking at Gerard wide eyed, shaking his head and trying to tell him to run for it. Gerard was always terrible at fights and usually proved more of a liability than an asset.

However this one time in particular, Frank was proven wrong. Just as he felt like he was really starting to lose oxygen, the pair of hands gripping at his throat released him. Frank gasped and looked at what at had interfered.

Gerard had stabbed the guy in the shoulder with a pair of scissors finally knocking him down. Gerard was dragging the bleeding man to the nearest table and asked Frank to throw him the pair of handcuffs that were on the counter near the sink.

Frank by all means did not want to know why these handcuffs were even there. He threw them to Gerard and Gee cuffed him to the table. Gerard stood up straight, looking at Frank fearfully. He was breathing heavily. Frank stared at Gerard wide eyed. Both of them too shocked to speak.

Seconds later, Gerard fainted.


Next chapter: Frank takes care of Gee, Mikey really is pissed this time.
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