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Feelings are said, the truth is told and a secret out. Next chapter. Enjoy :)

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It took Leila a few minuets to calm down as she had burst into tears and took another few to explain the injuries and the truth about Ryan, how Lucy had ditched her because of her music and how she had suffered loneliness for years. Frank and Mikey appeared upset and angry about it but Gerard was beside himself. “who’s been doing it?!” he said loudly, pacing up and down the steps “ I told you” said Leila, quietly and her voice still shook a bit from crying “ Ryan, His crew, Lucy, Nearly everyone. Gerard suddenly spun round and smashed his right fist into the concrete wall. Leila jumped about a foot in the air “I swear “he said, gritting his teeth “the next time I see that bastard Ryan, I’m going to skin him alive. And Lucy? I’m going to beat her till her blood runs out of her eyes!” Leila grimaced and backed off slightly from Gerard “you don’t need to go that far Gee” said Mikey “you just see me try” replied Gerard, rubbing his knuckle which he had thrust into the wall.

The bell rang in the distance, signalling the next lesson. They all had double PE, but Frank and Mikey stood up. “Where are you two going?” asked Leila “we’re wondering round the school” said Mikey “gonna have a look at this place” “you mean dump” corrected Leila. Mikey smiled and Frank and he headed up the steps and out of sight. Gerard sat down next to Leila and threw his head back, looking at the blue sky. “Does it hurt?” asked Leila, looking at his knuckle which was red “No” said Gerard, but secretly, he was screaming in pain inside his head. But, he didn’t want to show his feeling to Leila “can I ask you something Lee?” Yeah sure Gerard” replied Leila, scooting a little closer to him “What do you think about Frank and Mikey?” Leila was taken aback by the question “ Just want to see if you are ok with them as we seem to be the only people who get on with you” Leila considered her answer for a moment “ I think Mikey is nice and Frank is really funny” Gerard smiled and nodded “ and you are really awesome” she added. Gerard blushed shyly “thank you” he said shocked “so are you” The two looked each other in the eye for a few seconds before Gerard said “so, you like AC-DC?”

They had been lucky that no teacher was looking out the windows. The two boys had ducked under the window they had passed before, dashed past the humanities block and coming to a stop on the second floor, sitting on a large windowsill, surrounded by lockers “Man, this place is huge!” said Frank, setting his bag on the floor “yeah” said Mikey, coping Frank “you’ve been here longer and you still aren’t sure where the hell to go” Frank shrunk a little “sorry” he said “its ok dude” replied Mikey. Silence enveloped them for a minuet “Do you like Leila?” asked Mikey. Frank nearly fell off the sill, as it had been quiet, he was off in his own world until Mikey brought him back down “Lee?” he said “she is cool!” “I agree with you” said Mikey “she’s kind, smart and likes our kind of music”. Frank smiled “we should jam with her sometime!” he said, getting excited “if she plays anything” Mikey nodded and sat up “Frank I need to tell you something” Frank inclined his head in Mikey’s direction. Mikey whispered into Frank’s ear, just in case anyone came up the stairs “you think that?” said Frank. Mikey nodded. “Even though you have only known her a few hours?” Mikey nodded again “Fair enough”. Frank looked at his watch “ come on lets get back to the others” “ Frank” Mikey said, sounding like a frightened child “ don’t say anything please” Frank smiled and tilted his head “ of course Mikes”. They began to walk down the stairs to find Gerard and Leila “was Gee being serious when he said he would do that stuff to Ryan and Lucy” Mikey gave him a look which read, Trust me I know my brother, he would do that. Frank shuddered and he wondered down the steps to the English block, the words Mikey had told him still fresh in his minds.
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