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4. The truth's now out

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Leila sat with the 3 boys and explained briefly about Ryan and his crew. It took her less then 5 minuets to tell them about Ryan picking on other people, that he was good in lesson and that he had only done this once or twice before. But, of course, they were downright lies. Ryan and his crew always had their bullying eyes on her, he was never good in lessons and he had done the bullying for 2 years. But, Leila didn’t want the boys to worry about her. She also spent a few more minuets talking about the school. But Gerard wasn’t worried about that. “It’s a relatively normal school” Leila concluded. The 3 boys looked at each other and then looked back, their faces showing concern “so, this Ryan annoys you a lot?” asked Mikey “no, only a little” she replied quickly. Gerard raised an eyebrow “you sure?” he said. Leila nodded vigorously.

The bell rang across the playground. Frank pulled out his timetable and gave a big sigh. “ double PE, its for all of our year” Mikey stood up “ ah shit” he said “ I hate PE” “ that makes two of us” chipped in Gerard “ how about we bunk lesson” They agreed “ but where do we go?” asked Frank “ There’s a little staircase by English block, nobody has gone there for ages and we can talk more about ourselves" said Leila, throwing her bag over her shoulder " come on quick! Or we'll get killed by Sprintal"

The sun was blazing over brightly overhead. Gerard, Frank and Mikey pulled their black blazers off themselves and slung them over their shoulders. Leila left her jumper on, making the excuse that she wasn’t warm at all “I’m lizard like” she said “I’m always cold” The boys chuckled and Gerard slapped her shoulder playfully, grinning at her. The English block came into view and Leila quietly lead them behind it, ducking under the windows, trying not to be seen. The staircase was indeed small and the stairs ended at a wooden door which looked as if it would fall apart. “It’s blocked” said Leila, walking to the bottom of the stairs and gave the door a small push. It didn’t budge and, with that in mind, sat down on the stone steps, backs against the walls. “I came here a few days ago” said Frank, telling Leila how he had ended up at the school “my parents said it would improve my education, it hasn’t” he sighed and smiled “I’m still rule breaking Frank Iero” They laughed, Leila the quietest. She was thinking. She wanted to tell the truth about the hell she was going through and how scared and frightened she was “...Then I broke his nose and got expelled” said Gerard. Leila had been in her thoughts for longer than she recognised. Then she made her mind up “Guys I need to tell you something” she said, cutting across Gerard. The boys looked at her inquisitively but still smiling. She sighed and, very slowly, pulled her jumper over her head. Gerard, Mikey and Frank gasped

Under the jumpers fabric, was the solid evidence that hell was upon her. Her arms were covered in bruises and cuts. The cuts from people scratching her arms to make it look as though she had cut herself and the bruises were down to Ryan and his gang mostly. Some were fading but were replaced with new ones. Gerard looked into Leila’s tear-filled eyes. “Leila” he said, using her full name and voice shaking slightly. “What have they done to you?”
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