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Chapter 27

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So muffins those are good

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"I find this to be very ironic. Not only are they lying engrossed in each other's arms but her hand is on a stake and his mouth is by her neck." A voice whispered. Frank. I kept my eyes shut and realized what he meant, I could feel Gerard's arms wrapped around me, my hands enclosed around what had to be my stake, and Gerard's mouth buried into my neck. We had fallen asleep not too long after settling in. After all that had happened we were so exhausted that we lied on the bed, stared at the ceiling, and unintentionally fell asleep.
"I dunno, I think it's kind of cute. Besides, we can't really make comments..." Another voice mumbled, most likely Brandy.

"And here she went on heckling me about Ray!" I heard Lea add on. Then, I felt Gerard grin into my neck, a silent notification that he too was up.
"Maybe Gerard finally won her over?" Kat questioned.

"I think we should take pictures for blackmail." Mikey suggested with an excited tone.
"Michael James Way, you have five seconds to run out of this room before I castrate you," I warned and kept my eyes shut. There was a pause before I heard the sounds of someone sprinting away and slower but quick footsteps following behind. My eyes fluttered open.
"Okay, so why are you all in my room?" I demanded. Everyone was congregated by our bed except for Pete's crew, Bob, Casadee, Kat and Mikey.

"Well technically it's you AND Gerard's room. So that means that both us guys and your girlie friends can come in." Frank said from his place next to Brandy. I rolled my eyes and I heard Gerard chuckle lightly.

"Frank, I just woke up, you shouldn't try using techinicalities and mind games on me when this early. Actually, you shouldn't try those reguardless, might end tragically for you." I warned and Frank raised an eyebrow. I could so take him.

"So what'd you want from me Frankie?" Gerard asked shifted his arm so that it was slung over my hip and his hand was resting on my stomach.

"I was going to tell you that you should probably go get some of this drink that Patrick made, it's like a replacement for human blood. You also haven't had that in awhile either, and you're right next to the most likely candidate for to go after when you get too hungry..." Frank hinted quietly. I felt Gerard tense up briefly but he relaxed just as quickly.

"I'll go get some in a minute, I think Lily can hold me off until then." Gerard shrugged and Frank nodded. He exited the room, Brandy following close behind. Then, Ray and Lea also left. As soon as they were gone, Gerard sat untangled his arms from around me and sat up. He slid off the bed over to the desk, it had drawers beneath it.

"Ah, sweet clothes," Gerard announced gleefully. I giggled and sat up too. Then I glanced over at him, he had no shirt on and was digging through the drawers for one to put on.
"Ew, put a shirt on Mr. Vampire, might scar me for life." I made a face of mock disgust.
"Wait, so having a trailer almost crush you, having your best friend almost chopped into little pieces, and being stuck alone with Beckett won't scar you for life, but seeing me without a shirt on will?" He raised an eyebrow. I shrugged.

"I'm a complicated woman." Gerard shook his head and laughed. I smiled and slid off the bed, then I headed over to the drawers for myself.

"So it takes six people to come and tell you to have a blood replacement?" I commented, trying to think of a reason that all of our friends might have had for invading our space as I dug through a different drawer. Gerard laughed again.

"Maybe they thought I'd eaten you up." He joked and dropped his drawer and began on another one.

"Psh, that's highly unlikely," I retorted.

"Really now?" He questioned as he pulled out a shirt with the batman symbol on it.
"Yep, cause you if you were to attempt such a thing, Pete would dust your ass faster than...well we'll just go with really fast." I said and then blushed bright red. You see folks, Gerard decided it would be a good idea right then to change into the batman shirt. I swallowed and looked away, trying to hide the red on my face.
"Are you okay, Lily?" Gerard asked me and I could guess that he was throwing me a concerned look.

"I-I'm fine!" I squeaked and pulled out a random shirt from the drawer, then I sprinted out of the room and down the hall. I ran quickly down the hall, heading for the safety of a bathroom. However, not moments later I heard Ryan shouting behind me.

"HEY! Wait! Lily!" He yelled and not seconds later was in front of me. Damn vampire powers.
"Geez Lily. What hell was that about? Now look, you're all red from running. Why'd you do that?" He asked looking at me weirdly. I noticed he didn't finish putting the shirt on. I sucked in a breath. Thank God for the ignorance of men.

"No r-reason, just felt l-like running." I lied in my stutter..
"Liar. Quit trying to get around telling me stuff. You know I can always tell when you're lying. I can see it in your eyes." He said, giving me a look. I made a noise of frustration.
"You suck," I commented.

"That's what we vampires do best. Now what was with that 50 yard dash there?" He demanded intently. I rolled my eyes and then noticed a door to my right. I grabbed the handle, and very quickly, entered and locked the door. I had found the sanctuary of the bathroom.
"DON'T WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT IT! NOW GO PUT A SHIRT ON!" I shouted. I heard Gerard make an "OH!" noise. I smacked my forehead.

"YOU WERE BLUSHING!" He shouted to the heavens.
"Yeah let's be loud enough for every person this side of Chicago to hear..." I mumbled. I heard laughter on the other side of the door.

"Go change your shirt and leave me in peace, Way." I grumbled before getting to changing into the random shirt I'd picked out.

"Whatever you say, Lily." He chuckled and I listened for his footsteps as he walked off. I sighed, pulled my own shirt over my head and looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn't really looked at myself in an eternity. My reflection scared me. I looked worn out and tired. Young but old. I appeared to be a youthful individual but one who had gone through too much and was aged by experiences. I sighed and heard a light knock on the bathroom door.
"In a second, Gee." I said to the door and then grabbed the handle, glanced at myself one last time to capture the image in my brain, and exited the bathroom. Gerard wasn't there though, instead Peter Wentz stared down at me.

"We need to talk." He told me calmly. I stared into his brown eyes. They were darker than Gerard's and held a pained coldness in them.

"When do you propose we have this talk?" I questioned in the same calm tone. Pete took a step away from me.

"Tomorrow morning, while everyone sleeps. Meet me in Patrick's study. It's down the opposite hall from this one in the living room. Think you can get away from your leech of a lover?" He asked. I glared at him.

"I can do whatever I want and you're a leech too if I do recall." I remarked in quiet anger. Pete nodded and ignored my comments. Then, using his vampire ability, took off before another word could be spoken.

"He's awfully moody lately, I think somebody needs their midol." I said dryly. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I whipped around to see Gerard smiling.
"Who needs their midol?" He asked curiously.

"Ray forgot to take his so he's brooding more than usual." I grinned. Gerard laughed and we strolled down the hall to the living room. Everyone was sitting in there drinking this nasty red drink.

"Ew, is that like an obese man's blood?" I asked and grimaced at the drink. Mikey laughed loudly from his spot next to Sarah on the couch.

"No, it's that drink Patrick makes to keep Pete under control. Have some Gee." Mikey offered his glass. Gerard took it from him and then brought it to his lips. He took one sip and a look of disgust came over him.

"Ew. This stuff is nasty." He gagged. Patrick walked out of the kitchen and glared at him.
"Well it's the only thing we've got. You can't compromise results for taste. Now be sure you drink this at least once a day to keep you under control. If you skip, your bloodlust will be like that if you'd gone two days without blood. So too high for comfort." He warned and glanced at me. I rolled my eyes. Suddenly, a loud crash could be heard from the opposite hall that Gerard and I had entered. Then, a ticked and rather panicked, Bob Bryar dashed in at full speed. Casadee trailed behind him and just after her entered Alisha.
"I SAID LEAVE!" Bob shouted at Casadee and he pointed to the exit.

"But Bob, I'm just here to protect you and I was really only doing it for your best interest. You could die and then what would we do." Casadee argued back. Bob's face became a severe red and he looked ready to kill.

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I FIND A STAKE AND DUST YOU!" He yelled. Casadee narrowed her eyes, walked to the door, and then just as she was about to leave, she turned and shot Alisha look that meant murder.

"You stay away from Bob you little whore. He's mine and he's got the mark to prove it. Don't you dare ever try anything or I will find you and kill you." Casadee whispered darkly and then left, slamming the door as she did so. An ominous silence fell over the room.
"So muffins, those are good." Frank said with a smile.

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