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Chapter 28

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Miss Sassy Cassy

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We were sitting together. Everybody in the apartment was there, even Pete, and his girlfriend Lacie, Patrick’s girlfriend Mia, and a girl who I’ve never seen before who’s name was Jill. The living room was packed as we all had our seats. Our reason for being here, Bob. He owed all of us an explanation.

"What do you want to hear?" He asked from his spot in a chair. Gerard was the first to speak.
"I think first, we'd all like to know why you just got so angry at Casadee and kicked her out." Gerard answered calmly. Bob sighed and stared at his shoes.

"Casadee is...well...she's not like you guys. She's like the vampires you read about in books. She's hungry kind that goes after humans in the night. She tried to bite me." Bob explained in a quiet voice. Gerard nodded and looked around to see if anybody else had anything to say.

"Why did she try to bite you? Why is she so obsessed with you, Bob?" Pete questioned lowly from across the room by the hall. Bob raised his head and placed his eyes on me.

"Lily, you remember what I told you that first night I came to stay with you? When you told me that Gerard had bitten you?" Bob asked me. I winced as a memory briefly flashed in my mind. Gerard looked away from me, his eyes downcast at the floor in silent guilt.

"Yes, you told me about how the roles had flipped. That since Gerard bit me, he had a hold over me. You also said I was no longer the hunter and I had become the hunted." I said, trying to remember that conversation that seemed so long ago. Bob nodded grimly.

"Exactly. I also told you that one day, a vampire would want to see you struggle. That one day one would decide that you are such a vicious killing machine, that they want you for themselves. That's where Casadee comes in. I'm just the murder machine she wants. My mark isn't one of love like the one Gerard has on you, or the one Ray bestowed upon Lea." Bob's voice became even quieter than before, as though his next words were almost taboo.

"My mark is one of desire, one of hate so powerful that is presented in a form similar to love. Casadee doesn't love me, she loves what she thinks she can make me become. The problem with being a hunter is that if you are experienced enough and you get turned, you are so much more deadly than your average vampire." Bob revealed in a tone suggesting this was more than we realized. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What do you mean by that. There can't be that big of a difference from a hunter that's become a vampire and a normal vampire." I argued feeling a little worried.

"There is a big difference. Lily, if I asked your average human how to kill a vampire they'd tell me to stake them in the heart. If they had to put that into practice, they'd die. The difference is in that, if someone is strong enough to kill hundreds of vampires while they are human, then just think of how much damage they could do when they are a vampire." Bob proposed grimly. My face went blank. It couldn't be that bad could it? Suddenly, Patrick shrieked.

"That could be disastorous!" He blurted out. Bob nodded his head.
"I still fail to see how it could so terrible. So you were strong enough to kill vampires while you were human, couldn't you just train your average vampire to kill vampires? Wouldn't they be just as powerful?" Mikey questioned from the couch.

"No, no, no! Hunters share secrets and killing methods, they know where each other reside. When hunters are turned every hunter they have ever known is at high risk for being murdered. A vampire who has been a hunter knows how hunters fight, how they think. The entire network of hunters could be destroyed if an especially powerful hunter were turned!" Patrick sputtered in panic. All heads looked directly to Bob. The most well known and powerful hunter currently, from across all the lands, was right here.

"If you were turned Bob, would you really turn on us? Don't you have a choice?" I questioned. Bob sucked in a breath.

"That's the part I'm worried about. I've known people, good people, who have become vampires and it only took a matter of weeks before they became monsters that they would have at one point feared." Bob hinted darkly. Gerard, Ray, Mikey, and Frank's gazes all shifted away from Bob instantly.

"Oh this is not good. This means that it is entirely possible for one vampire to seek out hundreds of hunters by using one, such as Bob, who knows most of the entire chain of them." Kat whispered in horror.

"Then they could possibly turn all of them and every single one that is the opposite gender of the vampire siring them, would be bound to that vampire. Which means one vampire, could have an army of highly skilled and professional killing machines at his or her disposal." Alisha finished and sat down next to Bob. The room became silent. Our thoughts all contemplating the mass destruction that could follow this. It would be a quick and simple domino effect. How had nobody thought of this before? How had no one thought to think of a way to prevent this?

"How do you tie into all of this, Alisha?" Pete suddenly questioned. Everyone's eyes shifted to her face. Alisha glanced at Bob.

"Pete, you know that man you killed? The one who had kidnapped me when I was already turned ? Well he was Casadee's sire. He also happened to be her husband. He kidnapped me because he decided he wanted somebody new. Casadee blames me and ever since her obsession became Bob, who happens to be someone very close to me, she has had it out for me even more. She's going to try and rise to the top using him, and I look like the only wall in her way." Alisha explained tiredly. Frank sighed loudly and obnoxiously from the loveseat.

"Well that's alot of crap to take in for one day. I'm also going to guess that this means we have two psycho vampires to deal with now. Not only do we have Becks but we've got miss sassy Cassy. Sounds like fun times are headed our way. Here I thought things would get easier after we befriended you guys. Gerard, this is the last time you pick who we make allies with." Frank joked, trying to lighten the mood. He was met with a ridiculing silence.
"Fine be that way." He rolled his eyes.

"What are we going to do?" Gerard suddenly asked the question on everyone's mind. Pete took a step forward.

"We're going to stop her and Beckett. We will kill them both, before anyone gets turned." Pete answered confidantly. Everyone agreed quietly but the doubt in our minds was clear. All it would take would be turning the right people. We could protect Bob, but what about other powerful hunters. Anyone of them could likely produce the same disaster. Sarah spoke up from out of the blue.

"I think everyone should take some time to cool down and think about things. Nothing has happened yet so don't get overly panicked. We have to look at this from a calmer perspective which I think means, we should all go back to our rooms for a little while and chill until we can come back and look at this without having the urge to make friends with those guys that walk the streets wearing those "the end is near" signs." Sarah suggested. Everyone nodded in agreement and stood. Slowly, we all marched out and away from the living room. Hopefully, one of us would think of something to save the only thing protecting the human world from the hell that could rule it with a bite and a quick exchange of blood.


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