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10 - When Both Our Cars Collide

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Sorry the chapters are pretty short but they'll get longer soon...maybe...

10 - When Both Our Cars Collide

He could hear him.
He could hear the voice that begged for him to turn around, to stop whatever idiotic idea he had sent to motion, but they barely registered in his mind. The door slammed behind him with an echoing thud and he managed to make it into the care before the voice of reason spoke up.
Why was he doing this in the first place?
And then before he could give it a second thought he was sitting in the front seat of the car and turning the key in the ignition. He heard it sputter for a second and then the engine revved and he moved the gear into reverse.
The voice of his younger brother still carried over to him but he could only hear a distorted sound as the window muffled his voice and the ignition drowned it out. He placed his foot on the gas and started pulling out not bothering to glance at the review mirror. And then the yells became louder.
He glanced towards the open doorway of the house and saw Ray, Frank, and Bob all start rushing out, but they were looking towards the rear end of the car. Finally he glanced in the review mirror and slammed his foot on the brakes. The car jerked to a halt but he couldn't tear his eyes from the mirror.
Directly behind the car stood the younger Way.
His cheeks were streaked with tears. Pain and anger whirled in his eyes as he placed his hands on the bumper and stared though the rear window and met his brothers gaze in the mirror.
Gerard slammed his hands against the steering wheel and swore as he pulled the key from the ignition and quickly stepped out of the car.
"What are you doing Mikey?" he hissed as he turned to his brother.
Suddenly he stumled back as he felt a body push against him. He felt two arms wrap around him and glanced to see his brother pulling him tightly into a hug.
"I'm stopping you from doing something stupid," he said, his voice thick as he refused to let Gerard writhe out of his grip.
"I'm not a little kid anymore Mikey, stop,"Gerard said, trying to get away before they could see the tears that gathered in his eyes.
"Then be my brother!"
The older heard the words fly at him as Mikey released his grip on him and he fell back against the car.
"I am Mi.."
"No!' The younger cut him off. "No you aren't! I need you to be my brother! Not a stranger who runs away everytime his feelings begin to show!"
Gerard gaped at him, nothgin but shock running through his mind.
Was that really the way he was acting? What his brother right?
"I need you to stop running! You need to stay here because I need you! I don't want some random person standing here with me! I need my brother!"
Mikey's voice broke as he yelled and as his tears fell faster from his eyes he turned away from his brother and hastily wiped them away.
"Mikey," Gerard spoke softly and took a small step towards his brother before gently placing a hand on his shoulder. "I just don't think I can deal with this." He felt his tears start tumbling down his cheeks.
"That's why I need my brother." Mikey whispered. "I can't deal with this either. I need my brother to help me through it."
"I need my brother too."
Gerard's voice could barely be heard as Mikey turned back around and they embraced each other.
"I'm sorry."
They spoke in unision as they pulled each other tighter and let thier tears slowly twist and tumble down their cheeks.
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