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Chapter 30

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Lily's POV

I entered the seemingly empty living room. Gerard had fallen asleep not too long ago and I had little time to waste. If he knows where I am just by my mark then, he could get like little email alerts in his brain that tell him if I've snuck off.

YOU'VE GOT MAIL: Lily has snuck out of the room to meet vengeance crazed vampire and discuss God knows what, without protection.

Oh yeah, you know that's totally how it goes too.
"Hey Lily. Whatcha up to?" A voice suddenly asked from my left. I froze in my spot thinking that Gerard had realized what was up, but then saw that it was onlyAlisha. She was eating some lucky charms in the kitchen.

"Not too much Alisha. You seem alot more cheery lately." I remarked with a smile. Alisha nodded happily.

"To put it vaguely, things are looking up for me personally. I'm so glad Casadee is gone for now and I just talked with Bob." A love struck grin spread across her face.
"You and him have been spending ALOT of time together lately. Anything going on that you'd like to tell me about? Or even if you wouldn't like to tell me, I wanna know." I walked over to the kitchen. Alisha shook her head but her face was a bright red. My eyes got wide.
"SHIZNIT! YOU TWO ARE IN LO-" I began to shout but Alisha threw a hand over my mouth.
"Shh!!" She just shushed me didn't she? I think she did. Not only that but she has her hand over my mouth. Hehehe...

"Ew! Dammit Lily, Gerard is making you crazy. Why the hell did you think it was necessary to lick mahh hand?" She made a face at me and removed her hand from my mouth. I grinned.
"Cause you wouldn't let go. Now then, I want all the details." I said beginning to go into girlie mode, but then I stopped and remembered what I was sneaking around for. Pete.
"Actually, I want the full details after I go take care of some things. I cannot believe you didn't tell me!" I exclaimed happily as I walked back towards the hall I was about to go down. As I turned, I saw the look on Alisha's face. It was one of pure joy. I sighed in contentment. Alisha had finally found someone as well. If the world does go into hell, at least at this rate, we'll all have loved.

I took my steps down the dark hall and made my way to Patrick's study. It was just a few doors down from Bobs room. I stopped briefly to listen at his door. A muffled voice could be heard.

"Right to be.....scared of one little idea...." The voice said from behind the door. I furrowed my eyebrows but tore my ear from the door. I briefly wondered who Bob could be talking to but shrugged it off and continued to Patrick's study. I mean hey, this is Bryar we're talking about here, he could be having a wonderful conversation with himself at the moment and it might be rude if I interrupt.

I opened the door and as I stepped inside the hinges of the door shrieked loudly. It slammed loudly behind me, cloaking me in darkness. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms in response to the creepy treatment I was getting.

"For godsakes Pete, quit with the dramatics. If you want to talk to me then cut the creeper act." I advised before proving my point by taking a few brave steps into the darkness. Suddenly, I felt someone breathing on the back of my neck.

"If that's what you'd prefer. Then fine, I'll cut right to the chase." The voice I knew to be Pete's whispered in my ear. Then, out of nowhere I went hurling forward, the wind knocked out of me. As I fell towards the ground, I knocked into a desk that just happened to be there right when I didn't need it to be, and rolled onto the desk with my face up. A stapler dug into my back as I laid on top of papers and books. Pete is so deader than he already is.
"What...the fuck?!" I demanded angrily and turned my head in the direction that I believed the retard to be in.

"I invited you here tonight to do more than just chat. I need to remind you of a point that you seem to have somehow forgotten." Pete's voice explained from the dark. I let out a small noise of annoyance and started to sit up. However, just as I was doing so, a certain asshole vampire decided it would be a fun idea to slam me back into the desk. A small pained scream escaped my lips as the stapler from earlier formed a sizeable bruise on my back.
"What point could you possibly be proving by beating the shit out of me?" I asked Pete angrily and attempted to get up again. This time though, when I bent upwards, Pete was there. He had crawled over me and had his knees on either side of my hips so that he wouldn't be resting on them. I blinked.

"Why did you climb on top of me, Pete?" I asked a bit of panic coming in. Pete leaned forward and pushed me back down towards the desk. I took in a shaking breath.
"Pete, what the hell do you think you're doing. Do I need to remind you of Lacie? Your girlfriend?" I questioned again, more panic than before coming through my words. Pete didn't answer, instead, he pinned my arms beneath his own.

"Like I said before, I'm going to prove a point you forgot," he reminded. I watched him warily.

"What point?" I whispered quietly. Pete smiled grimly.
"The one that I, and Bob both told you many times before. Vampires can never be trusted. I would have thought this scene here would have been enough to remind you, after all, I have almost sucessfully recreated the night Gerard and you had in my mansion in Jersey. Too bad this isn't an art room." Pete laughed bitterly and leaned his head in by my neck.

Realization set in on me but it was a bit late. Pete leaned his mouth all the way in and rested his fangs on my neck. I took in a sharp, terrified breath and winced in waiting for his fangs to dig into my neck. However, nothing happened. Pete just stayed like that, with his fangs resting on my neck. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, he pulled his head away and looked down at my face in the dark.

"Did you think I was going to take a bite to drink?" He asked with humor touching his words. I blinked.

"You mean you aren't going to bite me?" I questioned.
"Nope, you are completely safe," he assured. I let out a sigh of relief. Not a half second later, Pete was also off of me and a lamp in the room came on.

"You understand what I was trying to get through to you by doing that though, right?" He asked, watching me carefully. I nodded wearily.

"You were trying to tell me that I can't trust Gerard." I yawned back. Pete rolled his eyes at my nonchalance.

"Yes, because you do realize that unlike me, Gerard, just a month ago DID in fact bite you. You cannot tell me that you honestly trust him." Pete said and placed his hands on the desk I was still sitting on.

"Contrary to your words, I can happily say that I DO trust Gerard. He loves me Pete, he gave up having human blood to be with me. I don't think that he'd purposely do anything to harm me." I argued back and slid off the desk.

"You know what's funny, I was actually really worried about coming and talking with you tonight. You've been extra moody. I'd really like it if my friends could see the Pete I know. The one who isn't a jackass." Pete made an annoyed face and I laughed.

"That Pete can't afford to come back at the moment. Leave a message and he'll be sure to get back to you as soon as you dump the murderer." Pete retorted in a slightly bitter tone. I sighed and walked towards the door.

"Fine, here's my message. Gerard has changed. Accept it. I miss you, the old Pete. I'd like for you to come back, but don't expect Gerard to go anywhere. I don't know if I love him completely or not, but I do know that he loves me and I can trust him with anything." I whispered quietly before opening the door. Just as I was about to leave Pete suddenly spoke up.

"Then why are you sneaking around in order to come here? Face it, you don't completely trust him. Some part of you knows and still fears what he really is. You don't really trust him, you have to wait until he sleeps in order to leave your room. You don't tell him what your up to and to be honest, I bet every time he kisses you, you pray he doesn't start trying to kiss your neck." I swallowed hard and looked at Pete.

"I don't love him yet, and maybe you're right, maybe I am still holding back a little, but if I give him the chance to prove himself then he will." I said defiantly and slammed the door behind me as I left.

I walked back down the hall and into the living room. I sighed and decided that I wouldn't go back to Gerard and I's room. I plopped myself down on the couch and turned on the television. The news was on and the reporters were talking about some hero dude. I tuned out their words and just stared at the screen, that is, until a man in a Dandy suit came on. Mike. I turned the volume up, loud.

"So Mr. Carden, your friend tried to rescue the man who fell and also rushed this man to the hospital?" A reporter with fake bleach blond hair questioned Mike Carden.
"Yes, my good friend, Billiam Weckett, rescued the guy after he jumped to his death." Mike explained. The reporter jumped onto this concept quick.

"How did the man fall? Do you know his name?" She asked quickly. Suddenly, Mike's eyes shifted to the camera and he seemed to be staring through the lense and right at me.
"Oh yes, he's a close friend of Billiam and I's. His name is Bob, and he tried and suceeded in jumping off the balcony of an apartment complex." My eyes bulged and I crawled off the couch to get closer to the screen.

"Luckily, Billiam saw our friend when he jumped, and acted fast. He sadly passed away before Billiam could get proper medical attention to him. Billiam is devastated but he's doing everything he can to explain to the local authorities what happened. We just hope that his friends and family will be capable of coping with the loss of him." Mike paused after this and slowly brought his eyes back to the reporter. She thanked him and then the camera shifted to just her face.

"There you have it Jeff, this is just one more example of how suicide rates have been climbing here in Chicago. Now people say city officials aren't doing enough to...." I tuned the rest of her words out and sat in silence. My jaw hung open and my gaze was on the screen. They displayed pictures of none other than Brent, mangled and bloody. Beckett had taken the one person who could find a way out of this mess. He had also taken the one person that Alisha loved and loved her. He had taken a friend. He had taken one of our family.


Hey all, hope you’re happy with the chapter! :) As I said in a previous chapter I’m going on vacation today and won’t come back until Wednesday night. I ran into a problem, mom and dad will not let me bring my laptop with me because I’m going to be with family. :/ I know it sucks but as soon as I get back I’ll update. Now like I also said that I’m going to camp next Saturday and I’ll be there for a week. And sadly I will not have internet connection which means no new chapters for a whole week. :/ I know it really sucks, but I’ll be thinking of ideas while I’m there.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and I’ll see you guys Wednesday!! Much love form Texas!

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