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chapter 4

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Surprise for you all
Notes for TTH: Hello all, yes I said i wouldn't post here anymore, but I simply got so many emails and reviews I was quite baffled and decided to thank you all with posting Chapter 4 here.
So my tx to you all.
Author: Corwin Verner (Hawklan)
Beta: Althalus (many tx to him)
Summary: The reading of Sirius Black's will and it's aftermath.
Disclaimer: The Potter-verse belongs to Ms. Rowling, all other persons you might recognize to their creators. All you don´t possibly belong to me. This is written only to get the bunny out of my head and not to make any profit. So if you sue me the only thing I can give you is my negative bank account, but that you can have even without suing me.

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Warning: This story contains some DD bashing, so if you don't like stories in which that happens, don't read on and it is also AU and will not follow canon too much.

Chapter 4

The next morning in the Office of Head Auror Ms. Bones

Janet, the secretary of Ms. Bones, knocked on the door of her bosses' office and without waiting for a reply quickly entered the room. "Ms.Bones. As you wished, HE is here and agreed to meet with you. Shall I send him in?" she asked with a quivering tone in her voice.

"Yes, thank you Janet. Send him in please and then block all disturbances until my meeting with him is over."

Janet nodded, closed the door again and then went back to her desk where a man (at least she thought it was a man) in a dark hooded robe, which did not let her see his face, stood waiting.

"Ms. Bones is ready and awaits you." She said to the man. Who just nodded in her direction and then entered the room to meet with the Head Auror.

After he entered the room Janet sat down and pulled a small bottle out of her desk. Shivering she poured some of it in a glass and thought.

`If this man wasn't scary I'm no witch at all'.


Meanwhile in the next room

The man closed the door behind him and while he got closer to the desk of Ms. Bones he waved his hand in a circle like motion around the room. After a small blue glow appeared for a moment around all the walls, windows and doors he spoke in a raspy voice, "Greetings Head Auror, you have requested my presence?"

"Yes, Mr. Hatten I did." She answered and then continued, "Actually I have two requests of you. Recently I was at the reading of Mr. Blacks last will and from his solicitor I have gotten access to some very disturbing information, while we can handle most off it there are some things which are too delicate to handle by my Aurors and will need the
gentle touch of the Unspeakables, for my first request please read this folder and then tell me if you will handle it or not." She took a small folder from her desk and handed it to the still standing Mr. Hatten.

After he took the folder he opened it and quickly read the content of it. After finishing he looked up and said to Ms. Bones. "I'm ashamed that we didn't notice this long before and took the necessary steps,but you can be assured that we will handle this matter as quickly as possible." He gave the folder back to the Auror and then asked, "What is your second request Madam?"

"Not really a request, it is more a favor I have to ask of you. You are familiar with Mr. Harry Potter?" Ms. Bones answered him.

"Not really, I never met him but I worked with his grandfather before he died. So what is it you want as a favor?" the Unspeakable said.

After a few moments Ms. Bones looked up to him as if to look into his eyes and spoke, "You worked with Harry's grandfather? Interesting, I never knew that, but back to the favor I have to ask. If the new guardian of Mr. Potter agrees I would like to give him the best training possible because until now nobody really ever prepared the young man in the slightest way for what awaits him and that has to change in my opinion. Because of that I would like to ask you for your
best man to help train Mr. Potter in the best way possible."

Considering her words for a moment he answered, "I think I have to agree with you. The lack of training he got at Hogwarts is nearly a crime. I think I will train him personally, I still owe his family a debt and I think that will be a start to pay it back. Send me an owl if his guardian agrees and I will talk with them."

He nodded in her direction and then turned around. Before he left the room he waved his hand again and the glowing light reappeared for a moment. "Farewell Ms. Bones." With those words he left the room.


A day later in the house of the Verner family

After Ms. Verner let Ron into the house he quickly burst into the study room where Harry and Hermione should be if he understood the woman correctly. He looked around for a bit in the big, library like, room until he saw big amounts of books which were all lying on and around a table and several chairs at the far end of the corner with a smile he quickly went to the table and was surprised by the picture which was presented to him. He saw Hermione and Harry lying with their heads on a book while being sound asleep and both were snoring a bit.

With a smile Ron hid behind a bookshelf, drew his wand and mumbled a few words he had learned from the twins a while ago.

For a few seconds nothing happened but then a bodiless voice which sounded exactly like Professor Snape bellowed "Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger…….what do you think you are doing?"

Within moments both heads rose abruptly, first with an expression on their face just as a deer caught in the headlight of a car and then with confusion after they could not see the Professor anywhere. Both looked at the other and spoke at the same time. "What was that?"

After both had looked around some more they suddenly heard someone starting to laugh behind the bookshelf near them. Both rose from their chairs and went to the bookshelf. After Hermione finally saw who was laughing she yelled, "RONALD WEASLEY are you completely out of your mind? How can you do something like that?"

Ron who was still laughing answered, "Oh man you should have seen your faces, quite hilarious I think I have to thank my brothers for that spell. By the way, Ms. Verner told me to inform you that breakfast is ready, and if you ask me we do not want to let it go to waste. I could use a bite or two."

Still fuming a bit Hermione said, "Typical you and food, I always am wondering that all the other students don't starve to death with the amount of food you inhale each meal."

Protesting Ron answered, "Hey I'm still growing and I need the food."

Snickering Harry interrupted the two, "Good to see you Ron, did your parents allow you to spent the rest of the summer with us?"

"Yes, father did after he overcame the shock of seeing what your godfather has left him and mum in their vault. Mum was still out of it when I left to come see you two."

"Really, what did they get?" asked Harry.

"I have no clue, father did tell me but I was a bit preoccupied myself. Sirius left me a Nimbus 2001 and a small amount of money so that I don't have to use second hand school stuff anymore." Ron said with a sad smile.

Hermione and Harry were both stunned for a moment then both said, "Wow."

"So let's go down, I'm starving." Ron insisted.

Laughing all three went down to get some breakfast.


After a rich breakfast they ate together with Ms. Verner or Kitty as she insisted they call her, an owl flew in through the open window after delivering several letters and the Daily Prophet it received a few owl treats and then it flew out again with several letters Ms.Verner gave to her.

Ms. Verner looked at the letters for a moment and then disregarded all of them, except one. "Oh Harry, here is the answer from your possible new guardian Mr. Harris."

"Really? What does he say?" Harry asked.

After Kitty quickly read the letter, she reread it aloud.


Dear Ms. Verner,

What can I say? Yes, I am quite a bit shocked, but not about getting a letter delivered by an owl (which was quite interesting by the way)but more about the fact that I had family in England I never knew about and now I shall receive an inheritance from them. Let us say I am quite curious about that, and about the things your assistants have
to tell me before we can meet. A friend of mine told me a few things about Mr. Black because he knew him at school, so I hope the things they will tell me are not too bad. I will await your assistants,

Alexander Harris


A bit disappointed Harry spoke "No word about me?"

"Oh, that is my fault actually. Because he is a muggle I didn't write too much in my letter and wanted to send Mr. Hagrid and Mr. Lupin to him, to fully introduce him to our world. But it seems he has a friend who is a wizard, which is quite interesting. So he already knows something." Kitty answered him.

"You want to send Hagrid to him?" asked all three asked as one. "Oh dear, that will be quite an introduction into our world then. I wish I could see that." Harry finished snickering.

"Yes it will be, but I think they can handle it better than any stuffy wizard." Kitty said with an amused smile. "For now I will leave you three to do what you like, I still have a bit of work to do."

With those words she stood up, gave them a nod and then left the room.

After she was gone Ron talked a bit about how good the next Quidditch season would go with Harry having a Firebolt and him and Ginny a Nimbus 2001.

"Ginny got one too?" Harry interrupted him.

"Oh yes. Did I forget to mention that? Ups, sorry. She got the same as I, some money for school stuff and a Nimbus 2001." Ron answered with a big smile.

"That is great." Harry and Hermione said happy for both their friends.

"So you two, what are we doing today?" Ron asked.

"I fear for the worst, Ron. Ms. Verner told me yesterday evening that we have until 12 o'clock to do as we please but after lunch she will start teaching me things I have to learn. She also offered for both of you to join in because it will not hurt you two too know a few things more than Hogwarts will teach us all." Harry answered.

While Hermione looked happy to learn new things, as always, Ron looked horrified. "Learning? But we are in the holidays. We have to have fun and not learn things." Ron sputtered out.

"No we don't have to, but you know after we turn seventeen we will be legally adults and I have to take over the responsibilities of the Head of the House of Potter and until now I have no clue about that.

Because no one saw it fit to teach me what I need to know about that and Ms. Verner had offered to help me in that regard. So there is a lot of learning to do until my new guardian arrives and then we have to see. But for now I think we should explore Diagon Alley for a bit." Harry answered not too happy himself about all the learning he had to do.

Quickly all three finished the rest of their breakfast and then left the house. After they walked around for a bit in the Alley Hermione said, "Harry, Ron, did you see all the people around here who look a bit shocked while holding the Dailey Prophet in their hands? Maybe something happened."

Ron nodded "Yes, I saw them too." He quickly strode into a small shop and came back several minutes later with a shocked impression on his face and a Prophet in his hand. After he reached them, Harry took the paper and Hermione looked over his shoulder, both reading the Headline and the following article.




We had a shocking event to witness this morning. Our own reporter Ms. Skeeter had a meeting scheduled this morning with our dear Minister. She arrived quite punctual to the meeting and already found the Ministry in quite an uproar.

She saw many Aurors in the building and after several tries did she get a statement out of one of them. The auror told her that Minister Fudge was found dead this morning in his office by his secretary.

Apparently he had hung himself because he could not live with his guilt anymore, which was suggested by a suicide note the Aurors found at the scene. Sadly the content of that note was not given to our Ms. Skeeter because of the ongoing investigation.

While mourning for our dear Minister we will keep you, dear reader, informed as soon as we get new information.


Harry, Ron and Hermione only looked shocked at each other.

End Chapter 4
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