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chapter 5

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Chapter Five
Note: This chapter is not beta read, so don't hang me for errors just point them out to me and I fix them.

Chapter 5

Cleveland in front of the entrance to a small mansion

Two strange looking men appeared with a small plop out of nowhere and crashed down onto the ground. One was tall but leanly built and the other one was quite big or better actually huge. Both wore clothes that were already out of date years ago.

While pulling an umbrella out from under him the huge one asked, “Uh, what happened Remus?”

The one called Remus started to answer, but was interrupted by the voice of a girl who came out of the trees that were around them. “Stop there, trespassers, you are surrounded and several crossbows are aimed at you. Make one threatening move and my squad will fire. What are you and that troll doing here?”

“Troll?” Hagrid roared. “I am no troll young miss. I am Rebeus Hagrid, the Keeper of Grounds of Hogwarts and this is my friend Professor Lupin.” He continued in a quieter voice than his roar.

“That really tells me nothing big guy and that still leaves the answer to why you tried to enter our premises without asking first.” The young voice said.

Remus, who had stood up very slowly answered, “Sorry Miss, the American Ministry failed to inform us that the grounds here are warded against Apparition. If we had known, we would have appeared a distance away and would have announced ourselves, instead of trying to appear before the front door and knock and to answer your question, we are here to talk with a Mr. Harris. We came from England to talk about his inheritance.”

“Oh you are those wizards from tweedland? Yes, the Scoobies are waiting for you. Please follow us.” Eight young girls appeared out of the trees. All of whom were armed with crossbows, swords and several other weapons.

“Scoobies?” Remus asked.

The young voice, which belonged to a black haired girl that Remus would say was around six- or seventeen, answered. “Yes, the Scoobies are the inner circle of the Council.”

“The Council?” this time Hagrid asked in a confused voice.

“Yes, the Council of Watchers.” The young lady answered again.

Shocked, Remus asked, “It is still there? I thought its headquarters blew up several years ago and most of the watchers were killed in that explosion or were killed by demons and don’t tell me you are all potentials? “

“Yes, it was blown up and a lot of watchers were killed. But the Scoobies rebuild the council and now it is much better than before and no, we’re not all potentials.” The girl answered him.

Remus let out the air he had held in at hearing that.

“We are Slayers.” The girl continued.

“WHAT? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.” Remus shouted in total surprise.

“No it is not, but now, follow us. You can ask the Scoobies about all that. We still have to finish our patrol.” The girl said and went into the direction of the mansion.

While following the girls Hagrid asked Remus in a silent tone (at least silent for him). “Slayer? I always thought the Slayer was a myth.”

Remus answered him “Yes and no, the council always was a secretive bunch, but the Slayer is real. I worked for the council on several occasions as an advisor in magical things.”

After that answer they had already reached the house and the girl knocked on the big door.


The group leader and the two men entered the house after the door was opened. They entered the house and the men saw several young girls lingering around in the living room. Suddenly those girls jumped from whatever they did and pointed several weapons in the direction of Hagrid. One asked in a surprised tone, “A troll?”

Hagrid started to grumble a bit, but the girl who led them here yelled, “Stand down. They are visitors and the big guy is no troll. At least he says he isn’t.” she added smirking.

After the slayers in the room had stood down and snickered about the grumbling Hagrid the young girl spoke again, “By the way I forgot to introduce myself. I am Indra, one of the Slayers living here. If you would take a seat,” she pointed to a big couch, “I will go and try to find Mr. Giles for you.”

Remus looked up and asked, “Giles, as in Rupert Giles?”

Indra who was already turning around to leave the room stopped and answered, “Yes, do you know him?”

“Yes, I do. It looks like my boss forgot to tell me about him.” With a smirk Remus continued, “Please tell Rupert that Mooney is waiting for him and it is never a good idea to let a Marauder wait for too long, you never know what ideas a Marauder gets when he gets bored.”

Indra nodded and then left the room.


A few minutes later, Giles entered the room and it took him a few seconds to locate the two guests. After he looked around again he finally saw them besieged by a couple of slayers which bombarded the two men with one question after the other without giving them a chance to even answer one of the questions they were asked.

Smiling Giles said in a loud tone, so that he could overcome the noise level, “Remus, don’t corrupt our girls! We have more than enough to do with them, without them becoming marauders in training.”

Remus turned around, “Rupert, good to see you, you old snake. Could you please free us from your girls? Please?”

Smirking Giles said, “Girls leave them be. I have to talk to those two gentleman, but you can have them later.”

With faked terror in his voice Hagrid said smirking, “Rup you are evil.”

Leaving behind the throng of giggling girls, Giles lead the two wizards out of the room and into his study.
After they entered the room, Remus felt a few wards going up. With a raised eyebrow he looked to Giles, who answered. “A small necessity, to keep too curious girls from listening into what we have to talk about, most of them don’t need to know about the wizarding world.”

“I can only second that, as Slayers they have more than enough to do with demons and such things.” Remus agreed. “So what happened? Normally there is only one Slayer, how does it come there are dozens now?” he asked.

“I fear my friend that is a long story.” Before he could continue he was interrupted by the voice of Xander. “We were fighting the first evil and my friend Willow did a spell. Now all potentials are Slayers.”

“Or not that long.” Rupert sighed. Then he continued, “If I may introduce you. Xander, these gentlemen are Rebeus Hagrid and Remus Lupin, the two assistants of Ms. Verner. Remus, Rebeus this gentleman is Alexander Harris, our head watcher and the man you two wanted to see.”

Xander shook hands with the two wizards, “So I finally get to know why Giles made such a big mystery about him being a wizard, a hidden world of magic and so on?”

The three wizards were shocked for several moments. After a while Giles asked, “You know? How?”
“Giles, what kind of watcher would I be if I can’t dig out a few well hidden secrets? That is not important now. I guess you two wanted to tell me that my cousin was a wizard also and to tell me about your world?” Xander said.

Hagrid nodded “Yes, Mr. Harris. Those are two of the reasons why we are here, but there are also a few more. “

Xander nodded, “I thought so, but before you continue let us get Faith. She will want to hear that also.”
Giles looked confused and asked, “Faith? Why would she want to hear that?”

“Because she already knows all from my side of the story and because I want my future wife to know about all the things that are about me.” Xander answered.

Giles said to that. “XANDER! You can’t tell everyone about the wizarding world and…” there he stopped and then “wait…..what did you say? Future wife?”

“Yes I did.” He said, smirking, while he slipped out of the room.

Giles sat there for while and then smiled. “Finally, that was about damn time.”

Before any of the three could start a conversation, the door opened again and Xander entered again, this time with Faith at his side. “There we are, now your friends can continue.”

Giles raised his hand in a stopping motion, “One moment please, there is something I have to do first.” He stood up went to Faith and hugged her. “Congratulations Faith.”

“Uhh, did I win the lottery or what?” Faith asked confused.

Before Giles could say anything, Xander said. “Thanks Giles, I was going to ask her this evening.”
“Ask me what?” Faith said suspicious.

“I wanted to ask you if you will go out with me tonight. I found a nice restaurant we could visit.” Xander answered.

“But you already asked me that yesterday.” Faith said confused.

“I did? Oh man it looks like all the things are getting to me. So we have a nice dinner this evening.” Xander said smiling.

Hiding a smirk Giles sat down again and took over the introduction of Faith and the wizards. “So I think now we can continue?”

All nodded and Remus took the opportunity to start. “Mr. Harris, we were sent here to tell you about the wizarding world and to tell you that your cousin was a wizard. As we can see you already know about the first and guessed the second one, but there is more. You Mr. Harris are a wizard and..” here he was interrupted by the giggling of Faith and Xander.

“What?” asked Hagrid. “It’s true you are and…” Xander interrupted again “I know Mr. Hagrid. I am a wizard and my grandfather bound my powers when I was four, and then made me forget all about wizards and such things until my graduation.”

Giles was baffled, “But how and why did you never say anything?! And why are your powers still bound then?”

“First, they are not. Just masked and as I said until we blew up the Mayor and the school, I knew nothing about all those wizard things, but in the evening of that day the ghost of my grandfather came to me and told me about my heritage, the wizarding world and a lot more. He also unbound my power then. At least for a while, but that is a different story I will tell you later.”

Giles started to talk but Hagrid was a bit quicker, “Good then that point is clear also, but I think we have at
least one point you don’t know about yet. “ He said smirking.

“Yes?” Xander asked interested.

“As you know, Mr. Black has mentioned you as his heir in his last will. The details of all that will Ms. Verner tell you but if you accept you will be the new head of the House of Black. With all the rights and duties, and one of your duties would be to take the guardianship of Harry Potter.”

“Oh, that is indeed a surprise.” Xander said a bit shocked. Giles just nodded to that.

“So tell me something about this Harry. Who is he?”
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