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chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Hagrid stared at Xander for a moment, “You don’t know who Harry Potter is?”

“No I don’t, should I?” Xander asked. “As I said before I only learned that I am a Wizard after we killed the mayor and after my road trip, where I got trained by a friend of my grandfather, I only had seldom contact to the wizarding world. Wizards tend to avoid towns where a hellmouth resides most of the time so the nearest community near Sunnydale was in LA and Cleveland also has no community.”

After that Hagrid and Remus told them the story of Harry’s life and what happened so far.

Several hours later they were finished and looked at a very angry Xander and Giles also looked like he wants to go into “Rippermode” as Xander called it ones.

“Ohh, I think I have to come to England only for the reason that Harry won’t be under the thump of that old bastard any longer and I think I will have a few words with him and your so called Minister of Magic.”

Giles just nodded and added to that, “I think I am suddenly very homesick and will join you Xander if you don’t mind.”

“No, I would like that and I think you can keep me from torching those bastards. We will leave in the morning, please excuse me for now, because I have to get ready for the evening.” Xander stood up and nodded to his two visitors. “I think you can stay here if you want, but if you decided to leave today please inform your Ms. Verner that I will arrive sometime tomorrow to speak with her and I would be grateful if you could arrange a meeting with Harry before that so that I can get to know him a bit and ask him if he wants me as a guardian at all.”

“We will leave soon and arrange both meetings. I think Harry will like it to meet you and to be asked of his opinion, that hasn’t happened to often in his live. Now I wish you a successful evening with that young lady,” Remus answered him with a small smile.

“Thank you,” said Xander and then turned to Giles. “Giles could you do me a favor while I am going out with Faith? Please talk with Willow and Buffy about all that and please ask Willow to prepare a few things to open an operation center in wherever I will live in England.”

Then Xander nodded to the three men and left the room. He quickly went upstairs to his rooms and after entering he groaned out loud. “Oh no….” and got the answer “Ohh yes Xander. We have a few questions,” said Willow who waited together with Buffy and Dawn in his room.

“Please you three, I know you have questions, but I am in a hurry and we will talk later in the time being Giles will answer your questions as far as he can.” Xander said in a pleading tone.

“No, Mr. Wizardwhonevertoldus we talk now,” Buffy said.

“Ok If you really want to, but as I said before I am in a hurry so…” he stopped talking and started to collect a few things for a shower and then to undress.
“Ahhhh what are you doing?” Buffy cried and but her hands with her slayer reflex before Dawns eyes.

“Hmm getting undressed so I can take the shower I need before my date?”

“Date? What Date?” all three asked.

“Ok your three if that is your questions for now,” said Xander with a smirk “I’m going out with Faith and will ask her to marry me.” Using the speechless silence Xander vanished into his bathroom and starts his shower while he heard a few moments later a “WHHHATTTT???” out of his room.

Grinning to himself he enjoys his shower and after 15 minutes he leaves the shower, dressed and went back into his room where the three girls still waited for him. “You are still here?” he asked in an innocent tone, “ohh and I think I forgot to mention that I will leave to England with Giles tomorrow.”

After a shocked moment he heard a “Whattt???” again.

Smirking he starts to leave his room.

“Where do you think you are going Xander? We are not finished,” said Willow.

“Sorry you three, but I really am in a hurry because letting Faith wait is never a good idea. Go to Giles he will tell you what he knows,” Xander smirked and left the room.


After closing the door he quickly pulled his wand and cast a disillusioned charm on himself and the pressed himself flat to wall and not a second too early.
As he predicted the door to his room was opened so fast that it hinges will need a fix and Buffy and Co stormed out while calling “Xander, stop there right now.”

Not seeing Xander in the floor Buffy stopped so suddenly, Willow and Dawn ran into her. Fighting with her balance for a moment she said, “Damn, where did he go?”

“No clue. I think we should go to Giles to get more answers,” Willow answered while looking directly at the spot where Xander stood stock-still. With a smile she took Buffy and Dawn and pulled them in the direction of Giles office.


After the three women left Xander took a deep breath and thought a ‘Thank you, Willow.’ Then he quickly went to Faith’s room and knocked at the door.
“Come in,” he heard Faith say through the door.

So he opened the door and went in, just a couple of steps into the room he stood stock-still again, because he saw a vision of beauty before him.
Faith stood there with her beautiful long hair in a short black dress most women would kill for to be able to wear something like that, breathless he heard Faith say.

“Didn’t I say come in? Don’t just open a door and then don’t come in,” she said a bit annoyed.

Looking a bit confused Xander answered, “Faith you look awesome.”

“Xander?” Faith asked while looking around.

Suddenly Xander remembered and with an “Upps,” he canceled the charm.

Pulling a reflexive strike Faith said a bit angry, “Don’t do something like that Xander. I could have killed you.”

“Sorry Faith, I just forgot to cancel the spell after I escaped the Summers Squad of Interrogation,” Xander smiled and then asked, “Are you ready Mylady?”

“Mylady?” Faith asked smiling, “Are we going British already? But yes I am ready.”

“Good,” Xander said and without any difficulties they left the building, it always paid off to bribe a few SIT’s to help him distract noisy people.


A long drive through the traffic of Cleveland, in a nice limo Xander rented for the occasion, they arrived at the restaurant. After the driver opened their door and they both left the car Faith said, “Xander, what are you doing? I thought we go to a small little restaurant and not a five star establishment like this one, this is too expensive.”

“Faith, you know the Council pays well and I saved for this occasion for a while. So please just enjoy it and later we can go dancing if you want,” he answered her.

Smirking Faith said to that, “I will Xan, I will, but dancing? You?”

“Hey, I took lessons you know.” Xander grumbled a bit.

Still smiling they entered the restaurant and after a short introduction were quickly taken to their table.


After a first glass of champagne and an appetizer Xander took carefully a deep breath stood up and then knelt before a surprised Faith. “Faith, you know my future took a different path today than we all thought and I don’t really know what will await me in England, you already agreed to come with us and I am happy about that, but in the last couple of months I realized that you are more than a good friend to me and I would like to enter this new adventure with you as my wife besides me. So Faith Lehane will you marry me?” Xander said and held a small open ring case with a small ring in it to her.

Faith was speechless, she had fallen in love with Xander shortly after the fall of Sunnydale and after she ditched Robin, but never had the nerve to act on it because of their not so stellar history in the Dale. She was quite happy about the friendship they had built in the last and a half year since he became her watcher, but she never expected that. Smiling to herself she thought, ‘The time in jail had made me soft.’

Seeing many emotions flash through her eyes, Xander still waited for her to answer. It took her a moment and then finally she took a breath to answer him, but before she could say anything they heard a loud crack, a couple of masked men appeared in the restaurant and green light started to fly through the room.

End notes: Yes I know, I’m evil ending the chapter like that, but hey at least here is a new chapter. I hadn’t planned to write anything for a while because I just was not in the mood for it. So you can thank the nice review I got on Tenhawk’s ficsitedotcom today for finishing this partly written chapter. Before I go for now, this chapter wasn’t beta read by anyone so any errors are mine and if you find them it would be nice if you send me a mail so I can fix them.
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