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chapter 7

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Chapter Seven
Notes: Before I start let me say something. WOW, I turned on my PC the morning after posting the last chapter to check mails before going to work and there I found many mails about received reviews and I have to say thank you to all of you who left a review or just liked to read the story so far. I never thought it would be that well received and I also want to say a special thank you to Lucifiael and Tenhawk who also both left a review for my story. Why thank them specifically? That’s easy those two are the main reason I’m addicted to fanfiction gso check out their stories if you haven’t yet. Now I have babbled enough on with the story.

Chapter 7

The same evening in London, House of Ms. Verner

Remus and Hagrid arrived back early in England, while Hagrid returned straight to Hogwarts to care for his animals, Remus took a taxi from the international apparition point at Heathrow to the House of Ms. Verner. Using the driving time through London traffic to catch a nap, he arrived at the house later. It took him nearly an hour to tell Kitty what he had learned in Cleveland.

“Ohh boy, Remus, I think the wizarding world of Britain won’t know what hit them after Mr. Harris has taken his seat has the Head of the House of Black.” Kitty said trying to suppress some giggling but falling completely in that task. “Now, I have something’s to prepare before Mr. Harris arrival and also some helpful suggestion for him if I guess correctly what he will be trying to do here. You should go downstairs to the library and tell Harry all about what you learned in Cleveland. I think he will like to hear these things before his new guardian arrives.”

“He is in the library?” Remus asked astonished.

“Yes, he spends a lot of time in there to learn about all what he needs to know with the help of Hermione and Ron. Some distraction would do them all good.” Kitty answered.

“I think I can do that,” Remus said smiling. “See you later, Kit.”

Dodging a charm she threw at him he quickly left her office laughing.


A short moment later he reached the library and being cautious around a marauder or the son of one is always a wise thing to do he knocked at the door and then entered.

Entering he saw three faces looking up to him.

“Professor Lupin,” Hermione yelled.

“Remus,” Harry said in a cold tone and Ron just nodded to him.

“Hello you three, I think it’s time for a break. I just returned from America and have quite a tale to tell you about the man who may become your new guardian. If you are interested meet me in the living room where I can tell it while we have some tea.” Smiling Remus turned around and left the library, while hearing behind him the noises of books being shut and three teenagers rushing behind him.


Nearly an hour and several cups of tea later Remus had told them all what he had seen in Cleveland.

“The Slayer? Wow, I always thought that was a legend.” Hermione said.

Remus nodded and said, “Yes, that what most of the wizarding worlds believes or was made to believe.”

“Made to believe?” asked Harry.

“Yes, I think you will find a book with the title ‘The foolish Maggrot’, it is a tale about a wizard who tried to control a Slayer in Romanian times wish nearly destroyed the wizarding world of that time. It quite an interesting tale to read,” Remus answered Harry.

Before someone could say anything else, Hermione stormed out of the room.

“Uhh I think I know what our next reading stuff will be,” Ron snickered, “at least that will be something interesting.”

“What, you mean the Quidditch Weekly you hid in your book isn’t interesting enough?” Harry grinned.

“I have absolutely no Idea what you are talking about Mr. Potter,” Ron answered with a smirk.

“So Remus, when will my guardian to be arrive?” Harry asked.

“Tomorrow, he was surprised with this entire situation like you are and he already had very important plans for tonight or else he would have come directly, I guess. Because he wasn’t very happy about what we told him about what happened here in England,” said Remus while nipping on his tea.

“Important plans?” Harry asked curious after hearing what Remus had told them.

“Depending on who you ask, nothing world endy or so,” Remus answered with a chuckle, “he is just going to ask the Slayer to marry him.”
“Oh boy, which one? You told us there where dozens of them,” Harry asked.

“Technically there is only Faith the Slayer and then there are dozens of slayers.” Remus said and seeing the confused faces of Harry and Ron he explained with a smile, “you see Ms. Summers stopped being the Slayer as she drowned in a pool, as she died the Slayer spirit left her and went to the next girl. After Mr. Harris revived her with CPR, she still had all her abilities she had as the Slayer because the spirit changed her body as it entered her and as Ms. Rosenberg did her spell to activate all the other slayers they just had the spirit long enough to activate them, after that it returned to the current Slayer Faith.”

“Uhh okay,” Harry said, “thank you for telling me all this and I’m quite curios about meeting my new guardian, but now I have a lot to think about and I think Hermione waits in the Library for us. See you for dinner?”

Remus just nodded as Harry and Ron left.


A five star restaurant in downtown Cleveland

Not exactly knowing what the green light meant which was speeding on to her, Faith grabbed the vase on the table and one of the knives and threw the first one in the way of the green light and the second was throw quickly thereafter. The green light hit the vase which exploded into thousand little pieces and the knife hit the wizard into the wrist of his wand holding hand, so that he dropped the wand with a painful cry.

While this action, thankful to Faith’s slayer reflexes, only took a short moment she saw how Xander dropped to the floor to dodge another green light. Sadly two other customers were to surprised and were hit by the green light of the last two wizards, both instantly fell down to the floor with broken eyes.

Getting enraged about the careless murder of another young couple, which only wanted to enjoy a nice evening, Faith grabbed one off the other knives on the table and using her slayer speed she tried to get to one of the wizards which were starting to spread out to cover more ground.



Still on his knees waiting for Faith’s answer Xander heard and then saw four masked wizards appear in the middle of the restaurant who instantly pointed their wands on another young couple, Faith and him and all four yelled an ‘Avada Kedavra’. Trusting in Faith to take care of herself Xander let himself fall completely to the floor to avoid the spell which was speeding to him and then he tried to banish something, with his own wand, into the way of the other two spells to save the other couple, but sadly he wasn’t as fast as a slayer and he was a moment to slow to save those poor young people, but his, first on an Halloween gained and then trained, solider reflexes took over at the same time and with his other hand he pulled his gun and with two loud bellows he let two shots loose.


Faith heard the bellows off two shots, but meanwhile she nearly reached one of the wizards and had no time to look around, because said wizard just threw another spell at her, this time she saw sickly red light. She nearly dodged it, but it still hit her in the shoulder and hurt like hell. Pressing her teeth together she hit after the wizards wand arm, but because the wizard pulled his arm back a bit she hit his wand directly with the knife and because she used a lot of her slayer strength the wand snapped into two pieces and the following magical explosion threw her back a bit and suddenly the world turned black for her.


After firing his gun Xander jumped up and quickly saw that he hit one wizard directly between the eyes and the head firmly exploded, the second one he had hit in the right shoulder which suddenly had quite a nice hole in it and the wizard fell to the ground before he suddenly disappeared. In the time the wizard vanished he saw Faith being hit by a spell and how she sliced the wand of the wizard in half. The following explosion threw Faith and the wizard through half the restaurant. Crying a quick ‘Stupefy’ at the still remaining, but wand-less wizard, he ran to Faith which was lying still in the middle of a broken down table and because this all only took a few seconds the other guest were only now registering what has happened and panic broke out.

Not seeing a chance to get to Faith without hurting the now panic full and fleeing guests he apparated the short distance and reappeared directly besides her. Fearful he quickly knelt besides her and tried to feel her pulse.

Luckily it was still there, he let out a deep breath he had not realized he had held. He then quickly closed the bleeding wound with his wand and then revived her.

With a loud moan Faith came back to the land of the living, “Ohhh, I hope you have the number of the truck, Xander.”

Leaning down and giving her a relived kiss he answered grinning, “Damn, I knew I forgot something in the fight. Shame on me I fear the truck got away.”

He helped her up to her feet and then both looked around. They both saw a nearly trashed restaurant room. “Xander what the hell was that?” asked Faith while she was hurrying over to the couple which lay on the floor. She quickly looked over them and checked for their pulse, “Damn, those two are dead.”
“Yes, I feared that. They were hit by the killing curse and those four looked like those creeps Remus described. You know, of this terrorist group wish called themselves Death Munchers or something like that?” answered Xander while moving over to the two unconscious wizards.

He pulled his wand back out of its holder and stunned both of them again, naturally just to be sure and then grabbed two napkins. He quickly wrote “Code Alpha-Blue, Xander.” on both of them and then pointed his wand on each. “Portus,” he spoke and then threw one napkin on each of the wizards. Just a second later both disappeared, after that he conjured a small misty hyena which quickly speeds away.

“Xander?” Faith asked.

“I just send them back to Giles, he will ‘store’ them until we are back and I also called for some Aurors,” he answered.

“Aurors? That were the wizard policemen right?” Faith asked again.

“Yes, they will have to clean up this mess,” hearing sirens he continued, “and they will have to clear it with the normal authorities. I just hope they arrive before them,” he said while sitting down to wait.


But because we are talking about Xander here, they naturally did not arrive first. Only a few minutes later the finest of the CPD entered the restaurant carefully with weapons drawn and as they saw Xander with Faith in his arms sitting at a table waiting, the weapons were aimed at them and one of the officers called,

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