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Out Of Place

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The members of the fanclub are nothing like Gerard expected.

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"Sorry I'm late!" I yelled, once I'd finally reached my destination and barged through the door.

An elderly lady looked up from her knitting for a brief moment, saying; "the own leader of this club is late dearie, don't you worry" before turning back to her work.

I blinked. "This is the Gerard Way Official Fanclub, right?"

Everyone looked up at me in sync. "Yeah" they all said; once again, in sync.

I blinked again. My eyes scanned the room, taking everyone in. There weren’t as many people as I had expected there to be – no I wasn't vain, I was just stating a fact! – but that wasn't what had stunned me. It was who the people were that had made me wonder if my eyes were working properly.

In addition to the elderly woman (who was currently humming cheerfully as she expertly worked on her knitting) there was a tall man with a long black coat and a top hat. He was the type of person you expected to see in a dark alleyway, hiding behind the dumpsters and waiting to claim his victims. I probably would have been scared for my life if not for the merry look on his pale face.

Sitting next to the elderly women was a small girl who looked to be about six or seven. She was dresses in a flowery pinafore with her dark hair pulled back into two pigtails; the picture of innocence if not for the dangerous gleam in her eyes and the knitting needles sticking out of her mouth.

"Oh sweetheart, how many times do I have to tell you – the knitting needles are not for eating they are for creating works of art!" the lady chided, gently tugging on the metal sticks in the small girls mouth. When they didn't budge she frowned and tugged harder. Still nothing.

"Oh this is just silly!" she grumbled as she continued to wrestle the knitting needles out of the girl’s mouth. The girl’s eyes gleamed and in one fluid movement she had spat the needles out onto the women's face. They 'thunked' onto her forehead. She made a noise of surprise and staggered back, dropping her knitting.

"Oh no!" she wailed, when the little girl seized her work and allowed it to take the place of where the knitting needles had previously been in her mouth. "No, no, bad Lisa! BAD!"

"Oooh, cat fight!" giggled the man, holding a hand to his mouth.

"Uh…this is the Gerard Way Fanclub right?" I asked, repeating my earlier question. The elderly lady paused her struggle with the child and turned to face me.

"Oh dear, do you have hearing problems sweetie? My Archibald had the same problem – whenever I told him to sit he thought I'd said…oh my, I probably shouldn't say" she lifted a hand to her mouth and let out an embarrassed giggle.

I nodded my head, slightly freaked out. Apparently not everyone had the same reaction as me.

"Oh my god, you like, a riot!" laughed a voice from the other side of the room. I turned around to see a woman, probably around my age, rolling around on the floor in gales of laughter. She was probably the only one who really looked like she fit in here; the blonde, cheerleader type with a skimpy outfit, high healed shoes and too much makeup.

When she didn't stop laughing for almost three minutes I began to grow concerned.

"Um…are you alright?" I asked.

"Oh my god; yes" she said, her laughter stopping abruptly.

I opened my mouth to speak but she cut me off.

"Oh wow, its like, our leader!"

I heard the door creak as it opened. So the leader of the club was here? I wondered how she would look like; a clone of this women perhaps? Or maybe a hundred times worse…I'd never met someone who'd created a fanclub. In movies and books and comics they'd always been portrayed as crazy/obsessed beings with major problems.

That thought scared me. A lot.

"Someone needs to fix that damn door" muttered a voice from behind me. I turned around and braced myself.
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