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I like secrets, cause they keep me in line

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Hello there the wonderful people you are! You look beautiful today! :)

Gerards POV
" Gerard Arthur Way!" My mother screamed blue murder.
" Um...coming!" I called down to her, she hadn't found out had she? Not that she'd mind but i didn't want anybody to know yet, especially not her. She'd go straight to Bett and that would be a disaster!
When i reached the living room however, the scene was rather different. In the living room sobbing was the woman i used to think the world of. The person i used to laugh at the stars with. Miss Eliza Anne Cutz.
" She's pregnant Gerard!" Mom screamed at me seeing my horrified expression at that whore in my house. How dare she come back?
" Get out!" I scream at her. " Get the fuck out of my life and stay out! You hear me, Bitch?!" And she bolted straight for the door.
" Gerard! She is carrying your child! I don't care whether you are together or not! That is my grandchild and you will treat their mother with respect!" Mom was fuming, i was surprised that steam wasn't radiating from her, her face was a fire truck, red and flashing with alarm.
" She is nothing to me! And that baby is not mine!" I yell, hoping she will believe me. The worst part is i know that baby is mine and i hate the mother. And Frank will hate me when he finds out. It all happened on that one occasion....

We were sitting on the couch. Tonight it was Eliza's cousins birthday party. Drunken teenagers everywhere, girls running around in tiny bikinis, people hooking up and going upstairs returning looking disheveled. Not my scene at all. I felt uncomfortable, under dressed, lonely although i had my girlfriend by my side. I wished it was Frank. I wish he was here now. I'd definitely be having a much better time. " You want a drink?" Eliza asked and i nodded.
" A Vodka, Straight." I said. I knew i should be trying to stop, being an alcoholic and all but with everything happening with Frankie and the ongoing pain of losing Elena i couldn't help myself. When she returned she had brought along some friends of hers. Rachel, Lucas and Rebecca, who liked to be called Becks. They were all smoking something that smelled vile. It was weed, i knew for sure. They stubbed out their joints on the fine oak coffee table and laid out a mass of white powder. Crack.
" Here you go Babe, You have first line." Eliza passed me a rolled up note and i snorted the substance. Couldn't resist it any longer. Suddenly, my body was buzzing, my head spinning slightly but i felt alive. Not lonely anymore. Look at all the people! Next thing i knew, Eliza was leading me upstairs to the bathroom and the rest is history. Until now.

End of Flashback

Great one Gerard. Now you're never going to have her out of your life. And she helped to degrade you in the most inhumane way possible.

Franks POV
I pad across the floor into the kitchen where my wonderful family are waiting for me so we can all eat breakfast together. I wish i could share my happiness with them. I have Gee and they have little Grace. But i guess it's just not possible for us to all be united and accepting right now, if that is ever possible. I also wish my mother and father were here. My mother because she was the most inspirational and indescribable person in the world and i know she would love Gerard and Grace and my father because he's the only one i have left. The only parent i will actually get to be with again, no matter how saddening or tragic that may be.

We were all smiles at breakfast before there was a harsh knock at the door. " I'll get it." I say.
I'm rather shocked to be met by Donna Way at our front door. At this time? And Gosh, she looks furious. He hasn't told her, has he? He said he wouldn't, we agreed.
My thought overdrive is abruptly ended when finally she speaks. " Hello Frank Dear, i hope you are doing well." She faintly smiles. " Is Bett available right now?" She looks behind me desperately.
" Sure, Donna. Come right in. We're just having breakfast."
She hurries inside, through to the kitchen where Bett throws her arms around her as she begins to shake. Why is she crying? Everything's ok isn't it?
My heart skips a beat. " Gerard." She forces out between shrilling cries. He's ok isn't he? He stopped the drink and drugs and cutting, he's doing fine. He must be okay- " Got Eliza pregnant." She finishes.
I feel sick.

Ooooh!" Baby is on the way for Mr Gee! :) Thankyou for reading!
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