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Life is Just a Wasteland Anyway

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After a sand storm, the killjoys find a young girl in their care who appears to have a secret about BLI, and an unexpected connection to Fun Ghoul.

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the sun bore down on Fun Ghoul as he sat outside in the sand cleaning his gun.

"Man, this is such a waste."

Kobra Kid was leaning up against the dirty Trans Am. He chuckled and smirked "Why?"

Fun Ghoul slammed his gun on the ground in a fake tantrum. Dust shifted and filled the air making a small cloud form around the no grounded gun.

"Watch duty sucks man...How come Party never does this shit?"

He leaned up against the building and looked at Kobra from the ground. Kobra's red dusty jacket stood out in the dessert. His sunglasses caught the sunlight and blinded Fun Ghoul for a hot second making him blink rapidly.

"He does Ghoul...."

Fun Ghould sighed "yeah yeah yeah"

he waved his hand in the air dismissing Kobra. The wind blew slightly and dust was kicked up making both killjoys cover they're mouth.

"Come on...we need to get inside before the storm hits"

Ghoul stood up, grabbing Kobra's hand for assistance. He glanced at the horizon one last time before closing and locking the door for good to wait out the storm.

The door slammed shut and Fun Ghoul shook himself off like a dog to get the dust off him. He shook a little too hard and fell over on the floor. His hands went out to brace himself but it was too late. He hit the ground, landing on his butt making Kobra bust up laughing

"Your an idiot!"

Ghoul tried to glare at Kobra but he started laughing as well. They laughed until tears came to there eyes and finally calmed down.

"What are you two doing?"

They looked up to see a very tired red head rubbing his eyes trying to wake up. Fun Ghoul stood up and walked over to Party Poison

"Well look who's awake?"

Party slapped him upside the head as we walked passed him, making his way to the bar/kitchen area. Kobra and Ghoul watched him as he rummaged through the cabinets trying to find something to eat. His dirty white shirt rode up, exposing his stomach at he reached for something high up.


He shook a box of cereal looking at Kobra


Kobra lifted his hands in the air "I didn't eat it all! Don't look at me!"

They both shifted their gaze to a grinning Fun Ghoul. He mimicked Kobra Kid, lifting his hands in the air defensively "What!?!?!? I didn't know it was being saved for anybody!"

he paused and grinned again "not that if you told me it would have stopped me....but hey! what can I say? I was hungry!!!"

Party Poison sighed and shook his head before retreating back to the room he came from

"Why do I even bother Ghoul?"

Fun Ghoul shrugged "I don't know....By the way, Nice ass"

Kobra Kid slapped Fun Ghoul at the same time Party Poison flipped him off yelling "freak"
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