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whimper in the dark makes a hell of a scream

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He walked over to the bike, climbed on and started the engine. It roared up and sounded like it was screaming freedom.

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After Party Poison had gone back into the back room Fun Ghoul walked over the to cabinet and started digging for something. He reached his arm all the way in to where the frame was up against his shoulder and stuck is tongue out in determination. After fiddling around for a bit, he finally found the latch he as looking for. He pulled the lever and opened a compartment in the back of the cabinet revealing a stash of junk food.

"Ah Ha!"

He pulled out a small green tub and walked over to the table with a spoon. Kobra Kid stared at him confused "what the hell are you doing?"

Fun Ghoul looked up at him with a grin "eating."

Curious, Kobra Kid walked over to stand next to Ghoul "Eating what dude?"

Ghoul tucked his green tub under his arm, hiding in from Kobra's view "Eating none-ya! now go away!"

he waived his hand in a dismissing manor and turned his attention back to his food.

"Yummy yummy in my tummy"

Ghoul opened the tub to reveal a mix of cereal, chocolate, and sugar. He licked his lips and dug into the bowl of candy.

Kobra stared in shock at what Ghoul was doing. "Wow....."

A few hours had gone by and the storm had passed. Party Poison had come out of his room and was gearing up to go on noon patrol. They had lost hours because of the storm and that meant the Drac's had gained what they lost....which was never good. Kobra Kid was outside checking the security wires and Fun Ghoul was doing a run through with the Trans Am. Party Poison waked out the door letting it slam behind him. He looked up at the sky and used his left hand to block the sun from his eyes

"that was a hell of a storm..."

Fun Ghoul shouted from under the Trans Am "Yeah, it did a number on the engine....there is sand everywhere."

Party Poison walked over to Ghoul and crouched next to the front left tire. "Do I need to take the bike?"

"I would suggest it. Its a mess under here and the last thing we need is the screw up some parts. It would take weeks to fix her."

Party stood up "Alright then......the bike it is"

He walked over to the bike, climbed on and started the engine. It roared up and sounded like it was screaming freedom. Dust kicked up as Party drove off to check the zones.
Jet star emerged from the shed with a wrench in his hand and a bandana over his mouth. Kobra Kid turned to face Jet Star with a smile

"I was wondering where you were...."

Jet Star laughed "yeah. I was working on the BLI bike we found when that storm hit. I figured it was best to just stay where I was. haha"

"Dude, Me and Ghoul were on watch and had to run inside. That was nasty. It did some damage to the security but nothing major. We lost eyes for about 30 seconds but they kicked right back on."

Jet Star nodded then looked around for Fun Ghoul. "hey, where's Ghoul...I got a question for him"

Kobra pointed to the Trans Am...."underthere"

"Sweet. Thanks yo"

Jet Star walked over to Ghoul and handed him the wrench he had. "Here, might need this to tighten those bolts. Looks like you've got sand in the exhaust and the intake. Make sure you clean it before you test run her."

Ghoul scooted out from under the car "yeah, its a mess under here. its guna take a few days to clean her properly....this is guna suck"

Jet Star nodded. "Indeed....Hey, I got a question for ya."

He shifted his stance a bit meaning it was a long question.

"Ok, shoot"

"So, I was patrolling last week and I saw this odd cloud of dust on the ground. It looked like a trail but when I checked it out, It was nothing. I saw the same thing again yesterday....."

Fun Ghoul tilted his head to the side. "Well, from what you have described. it dosen't sound like Drac's. They arn't sneaky. I have no Idea what it could be.....make sure you tell Poison what's up. He is out on patrol now....maybe he has seen the same thing."

Jet Star nodded. "Yeah. I guess your right."

Kobra Kid walked up behind them with dirt and dust all over his face. He had a look of frustration and annoyance on him.

"Whats up with you?" Jet Star asked

"The camera's were on, then they just dropped....I can't get them back up. I tried to contact Party but the lines are down.....Something's not right guys"

He looked from Jet Star to Fun Ghoul with concern. "You think its an attack?"

Fun Ghoul was already on his feet and alert "I don't know....Lets check it out."

they nodded in agreement and started to walk around the camp looking for any sign of intruders.

The dust kicked up around their boots as they walked the outer rim of their camp. There was a noise that was coming from behind the shed that sounded like a human. With their guns raised they slowly and cautiously moved toward the sound. Jet Star signaled for Kobra to stay behind Ghoul as he took the left side. Ghoul moved to the right, gun aimed at whatever was behind the wall.

He turned to Kobra and whispered "On three....1...2...3"

He shot out from the side and what he saw he was not expecting at all. He immediately shouted at Jet Star not to shoot and at Kobra to do the same. Up against the wall, was a child, tangled in some wires covered in blood. She had cuts all over her face and her cloths were ripped to the neck. She had on dirty underwear and a shredded shirt. When she saw them she screamed and tried to run away but her legs were too cut up for her to stand. Fun Ghoul put his gun in its holster and knelt down on the sand.

"Hey, hey, its ok. We're not going to hurt you."

The girl was in tears and was terrified. in an instant, she froze and glared at him "Im not scared you you!"

Fun Ghoul knew she was lying. She was frozen in fear but wouldn't show it. "Its ok.....Im not going to hurt you. I want to help."

She looked from Ghoul, to Jet Star and over to Kobra Kid. She slowed her breathing a bit and nervously spoke "Your.....your...the..Killjoys arn't you?"

Fun Ghoul nodded "yes...we are"

She looked at them in slight amusement, but never letting her guard down "Your much cutter than in the pictures"

They all laughed "Thanks....your not too bad yourself." Kobra spoke up for the first time.

Jet Star looked at her "Come on, lets get you cleaned up inside.....and you can tell us what happened"

She nodded, clearly still on alert but a little more relaxed that she was before. "thanks"

Fun Ghoul reached out his hands to pick her up and carry her to the dinner. He looked at Kobra "Your brother's not guna like this....."

Kobra nodded "yeah, I know......If he asks....I blame you"

Fun Ghoul smiled "Fair enough....fair enough"
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