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Ch. 7

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She clung to his leg and watched as the drove off into the sand.

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Lilly stood at the door clutching Kobra Kid's leg as she waved goodbye to her father and the Killjoys. She had told them a small description of where she thought the Jeep was and the rest was up to them if they found it or not. If they did find it, there was no telling if Jamia would even still be there or if she was alive. All Fun Ghoul and Lilly could do was hope. When the dust from the Trans Am cleared signaling they were gone, Kobra Kid took Lilly back inside. She was silent and stared at the ground. "Hey, They will be fine.....they do this stuff all the time" Lilly looked up at Kobra Kid "Its not them Im worried about. If Korse still hasn't found yall....I think that should say something" "Then what are you so down about?" Lilly kicked at some sand on the floor "If daddy does find momma, I don't know if she will want to come back. You don't hear the things she said about him. She told me he was a criminal and if she ever found him....she would shoot him. Aim to kill is what she told me." Kobra Kid frowned and rubbed Lilly's back lovingly "He will be fine....I promise. Now come on, I want to show you something" Kobra Kid smiled, pulling Lilly to a back room that held stairs in the corner. Much like the rest of the dinner, it was full of sand and dust. The room was cold and smelled damp. Rotten even. There was little lighting so Lilly couldn't see much. She could make out shapes and small objects such as cups, window frames, curtains and desks but that was about it. Kobra Kid grabbed her hand to keep her moving and took her to the stairs. "Don't fall....its kinda steep" Lilly nodded "Got cha" He walked down first and she carefully followed trying not to fall. She failed at that however and slipped on the sand that had built up on the steps. "Ahhh" She felt herself falling and closed her eyes waiting for the impact that never came. She felt arms around her and looked up to see Kobra Kid's blond hair covering his eyes and his face was so close she could lick his nose. She giggled "Your really cute" He smiled and set her back down at the bottom of the steps. "haha I haven't been told that in a while." He smiled and she giggled at his shyness. "Well you are....if you were in the city you would be fawned over" He smiled and shot her a look "No amount of girls could get me in that city...." She walked forward passing him "Yeah I know....just sayin.." He laughed, walked with her and continued to take her to where he wanted to go. "Come on chicka" She nodded and followed him. The basement was darker than the room before making her grab Kobra's hand so she wouldn't get lost. He stopped and turned on a switch to light up the room. Lilly's eyes went wide at what she saw. The room was covered in art. Paint spatters and broken glass. There were pictures of people on stage jumping around. One caught her eye. She walked over to it to get a better look and smiled. It was of a man in his late 20's. He had black hair and a mic in his hand. He was bent over on his knee singing. His eyes were closed with one hand extended out towards a girl in the crowd. She had X's on her eyes and a huge smile on her face. The man with black hair was wearing a white collared shirt and a vest with black jeans and boots. The boots looked alot like the ones Party Poison wore. She stared at it until Kobra spoke "That's Gerard brother" She looked at him with sad smile "Before he was Party Poison, he was Gerard Arthur Way. I was Michael James Way or Mikey." He smiled at the picture remembering when it was taken. "That picture was on our last tour. it was in 2008 right before we took a break. We had no idea that it would be the last show we ever did. Gerard was so into the crowd. He loved the energy....He fed off it. I loved watching him...he was so happy back then" Kobra Kid was smiling and walked over to another photo. This one was of a boy, around the age of 19 with short blond hair on the sides and a long black bang haning in his face. He had X's on his eyes like the girl in the other picture. "This is your father. He was an amazing guitarist. He had so much energy and emotion when he played." Lilly walked over and looked at the picture. The boy was bend over his guitar, on his knees, with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out. He had his eyes closed and his head was back. She laughed "He looks like he is humping his guitar. " Kobra laughed too "Frank did that.....Pansy was his favorite. He was so upset when she broke. Thats Pansy in the picture." "What happened to her?" Kobra shrugged "I don't really know. Sometimes he will tell you an MTV guy broke it and other times he will say he was drunk and dropped it. I wasn't there so I can't confirm or deny either story." Lilly looked from Korba Kid back to the picture. "Do you have any CD's?" Kobra grinned "I never thought you'd ask." He moved over to a dest and opened the drawer. Moving from there he opened the case and turned on the stereo. "This is Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Some say this was out best one." He pushed a button and sound came blaring out of the speakers. The rough guitars, the slow bass, and the moving drums. The vocals were screaming in agony yet crying for help. She loved it. She smiled and began to dance around the room. "Come on Kobra!" He laughed and took her small hands in his larger ones. They moved around the room with joy and excitement making Kobra smile. He had forgotten what this felt like. What their music could do to a person.....what any music could do to a person. Lilly jumped up and down and played her air guitar then switching to vocals and over to drums. "I love this!" She shouted over the screaming guitar solo of 'Im Not Ok(I Promise)' Kobra Kid smiled and shouted "Yeah me too!" He jumped up over a fallen chair and lifted Lilly up like she was flying. He swung her around and shouted "Trust Me!" Lilly laughed as collapsed as the song came to an end. She sat in Kobra Kid's lap breathing hard, Kobra doing the same. She looked up at Kobra smiling "That was amazing.....Yall were really good!" He smiled "Thank you what do ya think of the room?" She looked around and then back at him "Its wonderful. I wish I could have seen you play." Kobra Kid grinned "I think we might be able to do that....." He stood up and grabbed her hand. "Come on...I think they may be back. Lets go see what they found" She nodded and rand up the stairs, excited to see her father.

When Lilly got to the kitchen she fell to her knees in horror. Fun Ghoul was on the floor with blood covering his chest and hands. Party Posion was leaving over him trying to stop the bleeding and so was Jet Star. "Daddy!!!!" Kobra grabbed her to keep her back "No! Lilly you can't go over there!" She thrashed and screamed "But Daddy!" Kobra Kid looked at Party Poison "Kobra get her out of here!" he screamed at his younger brother never taking his eyes of Fun Ghoul. Kobra Kid picked Lilly up and took her outside and set her in the Trans Am. She had lost all her strength to fights and was not balling in Kobra's arms. "You told me he would be ok! You promised! You promised!" She shouted at him with her face buried in his red jacket, her tears turning the dust into mud. He stoked her hair "I know....shhhh I know....Im sorry. He will be ok...He allways pulls through" Kobra sat back in the car, closed his eyes and hoped he wouldn't end up lying to the girl on his chest in tears.
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