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Ch. 8

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His stomach twisted, he was so afraid of what he would find.

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Fun Ghoul gasped for air but was denyed as he ended up coughing up blood instead. Party Poison screamed at Jet Star to get the bandages and keep pressure on the wound. His eyes were sharp and hard but inside he was shaking. Fun Ghoul's eyes were wide and the world was spining. He screamed in pain when his jacket and shirt were cut from his chest revealing a 6" gash and several shrappnel cuts around it. Blood poured like a fountian from his chest and there was no stopping it. Part Poison kept his hands on the gash hopping to at least slow it down. "Come on Frank.....please don't do this. Not now..." Fun Ghoul looked at him with dull eyes " called me Frank.." Party Poison nodded a sad smile "Yeah...I did didn't I?" Jet Star returned from the kitchen with a blow torch and some bandages. "Party, the only way to make the blood stop it to cauterize the wound." Fun Ghoul thrashed as a shot of pain stuck him making him scream again. Party Poison held him down to keep him from opening the wound even more. "Just do it!" Party yelled at Jet Star and helped clear as much blood as they could so the would was more visable. Jet Star looked at Fun Ghoul "This is guna hurt..." Fun Ghoul screamed "No shit!!!!" He thurst his chest and hips upward trying to escape the pain he was in but no position ever worked. Party Poison pinned his arms down and sat on his hips to keep his legs still. "Jet just do it!" He shifted all of his weight so Fun Ghoul was held semi-still as Jet Star turned on the torch. He lowered himself over the wound and held the flame at the opening. "Ahhhhhhhh" Fun Ghoul screamed in agony then his body gave out. He passed out from the pain, making it easier for Jet Star to close the gash. When he puled back, Party Poison was leaned over Fun Ghouls face, moving a stran of hair out of his mouth. He was breathing heavaly from the exaustion of holding Ghoul down and trying to keep him still. "Please be ok....." He whispered before standing up and looking at Jet Star "Come on...lets get him to the bedroom." Jet Star nodded, standing as well. Party picked up Fun Ghoul bridal style trying not to twist the skin on his chest. He kept his head down, only looking up when he had to shift sideways so he didn't bash Ghoul's head on the door frame. When he got him into the bedroom he set him gently down on the makeshift mattress in the backside of the room. Fun Ghoul's head tossed and he groaned a little but never opened his eyes. Party knew it was just a nerve reaction and not to get his hopes up that he would wake up anytime soon. Jet Star placed his hand on Party's shoulder "Its not your fault....I can see where your mind is headded." Party Poison never smiled nor looked at Jet Star "Then you know me too well" He stood up and walked out of the room. "Im going to do a scout. Radio me if anything happens" His voice held no emotion and when he spoke he didn't look at who he was talking to.
Kobra Kid looked up from the car when he saw his brother walk out of the diner. Lilly was the first to scramble out and run to him. She grabbed his leg and wrapped her arms around his bloddy waist. "Whats going on? Is daddy ok? What happened? Please Gerard tell me daddy is ok...." She cried into his waist and Party was going to keep walking until he heard what she called him. He froze and looked down at the balling girl. He placed his hand on her head and the other around her back "Shhhhh calm down.....don't cry...Lilly shhhhhh" He tried to calm her but he couldn't bring himself to tell her that her father was going to be ok......he hatted himself already that it was his fault for her father's current state. He couldn't live with himself if her father died and he had lied to her and told her he was going to be ok. False hope is not what this girl needed right now. She needed the truth but he didn't know if she could handel it. Hell he was 32 and he didn't know if he himself was ready for it. She was only 12. He sighed and looked at Kobra Kid who was standing a few feet away afraid to speek. They looked at eachother and Kobra nodded, understanding what Party was thinking. He walked forward and took Lilly off Party. "Come on, lets go inside ok?" She looked at Kobra and then back at Party "You never answered me" Party Poison lowered his head "Im afraid to lie.....I don't know" with that, he walked over to the Trans Am, climbed inside and drove away to be alone.
Kobra Kid looked down at Lilly who was looking back at the dinner with tears in her eyes. He held her close and whispered in her ear "Are you ready?" She looked back up at Kobra Kid and nodded. "I wana see daddy" Kobra Kid took her hand and lead her inside. His stomach twisted, he was so afraid of what he would find.
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