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Ch. 9

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Fun Ghoul's eyes were closed and his breath was ragged and unsteady. He looked as if he would give out any miniute. His face was pale and his dark hair had a red tint to it becuase of the amount of...

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Lilly opened the door to the diner to see Jet Star sitting in the booth staring out the window. When he heard the door slam his head twisted to look at her. He gave her a sorrowfull look then turned back to the window. The sun glared through the shades making the room bright and forcing Lilly to squint. She walked forward headding to the room where Fun Ghoul was. No one told her he was in there but she knew he was. Her heart raced as she got closer to the door. Her palms were sweatty and she begun to shake when she tried to turn the knob. The old door creaked as it opened and she gasped at what she saw. Fun Ghoul was in the back bed, his legs were covered with the blankets but his chest was showing. He had bandages wrapped round his wound but they wern't has clean as they should be. Living in a desert makes medical attention tricky. She walked over and knelt down next to him afraid to touch him. She had forgotten Kobra Kid was behind her but didn't care either way. Fun Ghoul's eyes were closed and his breath was ragged and unsteady. He looked as if he would give out any miniute. His face was pale and his dark hair had a red tint to it becuase of the amount of blood it was filled with. She reached out to stoke him but pulled back instead. She silently stood up and walked out, headding into the kitchen. There was a small bowl on the counter so she filled it up with water and grabbed the large black t-shirt she had slept in the night before. She threw the shirt over her shoulder so she wouldn't spill the water on the floor and headded back into the room. She dipped the shirt in the bowl and begun gently washing the blood from his hair. The water was room tempature so it didn't feel all too lovely when it mixed with the thick sap of blood. She didn't care at all for the texture but never once thought about stopping. Soon the water turned as red as her hands were and she was forced to get up to retrieve more water. When she pressed her hands against the floor to stand up something in Fun Ghoul's poket caught her eye. It was a small piece of paper that had been torn from wear and tear over the years. She reached her hand out and pulled on it. When she took a better look at it, she saw it was a picture of a famlily. There was a man with short black hair standing next to a woman with long dark hair. They were smiling and each holding a child. Behind them was a set of drums and several guitars. Lilly asumed they were in a studio or something of that nature because of the way the equipment was placed. When she took a closer look she saw that the man looked alot like Fun Ghoul and the woman looked like her mother but with longer hair. She stared at the photo realizing that it was her parents and the children were her and her sister, Cherry. They looked so happy and in love. She could see it in their eyes. She smiled slightly before remembering that whatever happiness was there, was long gone by now. She placed the photo back into his pocket anf resumed her mission of getting more water. When she walked into the kitchen she saw Jet Star and Kobra Kid talking quietly. They saw her and stopped. They didn't want her to hear what they were saying. She knew that so she emptied the red liquid out into the sink, rinsed out the bowl and filled it back up. She cleaned off the shirt as well trying to dry it as best she could before retreating back to the room where Fun Ghoul was.

After Kobra Kid and Jet Star were sure Lilly was back in the room and out of earshot, they continued what they were saying. "I don't know if he is going to pull through this time Kobra....." Korba Kid looked down at his empty mug "He has to....I know Lilly is his daughter and everything but....what are we going to to with her?" Jet Star sighed "I have no Idea. Party blames himself for what happened and...I hate to say it but he should." Kobra looked at Jet Star. Jet would never say something that harsh unless it was true. Jet was the calm and reserved one. He never said anything unless he was sure he was right. "Jet what happened out there?" Jet Star looked out the window before speaking "We went to where we thought Lilly had been dumped. We had an idea of where the Jeep was based on her discription of the area. We know the area know that Kobra. When we got there, we saw fresh tracks and Ghoul thought it might be Jamia. He was right. She was up against the jeep with Korse next to her. Jamia was....doing things that she used to do to Ghoul. He went to charge and Party held im back. They started to argue and Party said things that set Ghoul off." Jet Star paused giving Kobra time to sink it in. "What did he say Jet?" "He told him that BLI dosn't fuck criminals and he should let her go. He was sort of right, but that dosn't mean he should have said it. You know Ghoul. He gets into this mindset and refuses to listen. Ghoul shoved Party and ran out to Jamia. She reached for her gun and shot him. There were too many Dracs to get him out so all we could do was stay hidden and watch. Korse got up and was standing over Ghoul with his boot on his throat and we thought for sure he was going to shoot. Jamia said something and Korse stopped. We saw her walk over to Ghoul and whisper in his ear. I don't know what she said but it made him scream." Jet Star never took his eyes off the sun outside and Kobra Kid just sat there listening. "So she just left him there......" Jet Star nodded "yeah." Kobra shook his head "She gave him a message. Its the only reason she would...anyone would leave one of us alive....but what did she say?" "I don't know but what ever it was, it made him scream." Kobra Kid looked towards the door that held Lilly and Fun Ghoul in fear, wonder and slight sadness. "I don't know Jet....Im not sure if he will pull through on this one...."
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