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Ch. 10

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They walked to the kitchen and the Killjoys looked up. They hadn't seen Lilly out of the room so they knew something was up.

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A week had passed since Fun Ghoul had sustained his injury and was not doing any better...but he wasn't getting any worse either. He had woken up twice but fell right back into his sleep after mumbling something about Cherry. Lilly refused to leave his side. Jet Star had moved his bed over so she could have that to sleep on and he shared with Kobra Kid. Party Poison didn't talk much and he couldn't look at Lilly even though he knew she didn't blame him for her father's current state. Lilly was asleep next to Fun Ghoul when Kobra walked in to give her food. He knelt down next to her and shook her gently. "Hey, Hey I've got breakfast....or lunch now" Lilly stirred and opened her eyes tiredly. She rubbed them and sat up to look at Kobra Kid. "What time is it?" He shrugged "around 1:00." She nodded and took the food he had made her. After scarfing it down she stood up "Thanks. I need to clean his bandages." She moved quickly trying to look busy and avoid conversation. "Lilly....." She ignored him picking up some loose shirts and clean water. She dipped the shirts into the water to give them a colder touch. Kobra Kid watched her sadly "Lilly....." She worked to unwrap Fun Ghoul's chest and wipe the dried blood away. The wound was red and puffy. It was getting infected and she knew it. She also knew that this type of medical attention would not heal him, only keep death at bay for a few more weeks. "He is dying....." She spoke softly. It was more of a question than a statement. Kobra walked over and sat next to her. "I don't.....I..." She closed her eyes "Tell me the truth Kobra....Don't lie to me. Is my father dying?" Kobra looked at her for a second deciding wether to get up and walk away or to answer the girls question. He decided to stay. "yes....he is" Lilly began to shake and tears started to flow. She knew the answer but didn't want to hear it. She leaned in and buried her face in Kobra's chest "Kobra....Im so scared" He nodded and held her close. She trusted him. He was the only one she would let hold her besides Fun Ghoul. Something about him told her that no matter what, he would be there for her to cry on. He would be there for her to talk to and she need that right now. "Its my fault.....If i hadn't come here. If I hadn't come with momma on the scout...." Kobra pulled her face up to look her in they eyes "Don't you dare say that. None of this is your fault. Fun Ghoul loves you. He was so happy when he found out that your weren't dead. You gave him a reason to live" She stared at him in aww. He had never been so serious. He was quiet and spoke in small sentences. Now he was so strong and leading. "I....." She looked away from his gaze and jumped when she heard a moan. Fun Ghoul's eyes were open and he was looking at her. "Daddy....." She crawled over to his side and held his hand. He gasped for air and tried to speak "Not....Fault....Happy" She whispered "Shhhh don't....Save your energy. Please. Im right here" He weakly nodded and closed his eyes just like he did the last two times falling back asleep. She hated when he closed his eyes because she never knew if they would open back up. Her gaze shifted from his face down to the gun shot wound. It was swollen and red. The gash its self had been closed thanks to Jet Star but she knew it would only get worse. She closed her eyes knowing what she had to do. "Im going back" Kobra Kid looked at her in a confused stare "Back where?" Lilly stood up and kissed her fathers forehead "Im going back to the city. I have to get medicine. He won't live with out it" Kobra Kid stood up very serious "You cant' They will.." She interrupted him. "They will what? Shoot me? Ha yeah right. They will take me to my mother. I was kidnapped by criminals. They hate you....not me" She glared at him then her gaze softened "Kobra....Ghoul will die if i don't do this. You know this" He frowned and nodded "Yeah I know.....I just...Ok." He looked down at the ground and extended a hand "Come on. Lets at least tell the others what is going on" She nodded and took his hand. They walked to the kitchen and the Killjoys looked up. They hadn't seen Lilly out of the room so they knew something was up. Party Poison looked at Kobra Kid fearing the worst "Is he..." Kobra shook his head "No...but he will be if we don't do something fast. Lilly is going back to the city. She will get..." Party Poison stood up and shouted "What?!?!?!? They will kill her!" Lilly shook her head "No. Like I told Kobra...I was kidnapped by criminals. They will take me to my mother. From there I will fake the fear of being almost killed. As far as she knows, Ghoul told me he was my father and I refused to believe it. They will put me under high security and I will wait it out a week or so. After a week, you will break into the complex causing a distraction. I will use this to get into the medical ward, steal what I need and hitch a ride with you out of the city." Jet Star stood up "If we break in, they will send Dracs to cover you. They will know we are back for you and you'll be covered in security. How will you get away from that?" "Im the daughter of a Fabulous Killjoy...I think I'll manage." She half smiled in reassurance but the truth was she had no idea what she was going to do once she was back at headquarters. She knew they would be on high alert. BLI isn't stupid enough to think that the Killjoys would just loose such a high profile hostage. She had to come up with a story and fast.
Party Poison sighed. "I don't like this but its the only way to save Ghoul....We will drop you off out side of Zone 2. Can you walk from there?" Lilly nodded "yeah. I know my way up into Zone 3." Party nodded. "Get what you need. We are taking you back to the City."
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