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Ch. 13

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Lilly just sat there with no emotion on her face although she had just sentenced her father and her friends to death.

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Please note I mention dates, times and names. I don't know the exact date that Lilly was born and what her full name is so im making it up.....don't bash me for it K, We cool! :)

Lilly woke up to her mother standing over her with a large smile on her face "Morning dear. You must have been tired. Did you sleep ok?" Jamia tilted her head and sat down on the bed next to her daughter. Lilly smiled, her whole body numb "Yes mother. Thank you for asking" Her mother smiled "Are you happy my dear?" "Yes" Lilly answered with a robotic tone. She felt so calm, so relaxed. What was going on? Her brain told her to run, to fight but her body did other things. She tried to scream but all that came out was a smile. Her mother touched her hand and motioned her to get dressed. "Come now my dear. We are going to the tower. Hurry please" Lilly nodded "Yes mother" She stood up and reached for her dresser. When she opened it, there was nothing but white scrubs. She threw them on and walked out the door to meet her mother. "What's at the tower?" she asked. Her mother smiled "We are going to talk about those bad people that took you" Lilly nodded "The Killjoys....I hate them" Her mother smiled even more at her statement. Lilly climbed in the car and stared straight ahead with her hands in her lap and her legs straight down the whole time. She smiled and said nothing.....just like her mother. No thoughts of the Killjoys came to her mind. No happy memories. They were distorted and lies. Her memories were false but she couldn't place why. The car stopped and a drac opened the door letting both ladies out of the car. Lilly followed her mother to the large white building. It was shaped like a needle and had the Smilie on the front with a holographic voice in the background that kept repeating the same thing. Keep Smiling. The large glass doors were opened when Jamia placed her hand on a scanner. She was greeted by a voice "Welcome Jamia. Is everything wonderful?" Jamia nodded "Perfect" she lead Lilly to a clear glass elevator and they rode it up to the 67th floor. When the doors opened she was dumped into a white hallway with few to no inhabitants. "This way Lilly" she walked to the left and was taken into a white room with a single glass table. "Please sit" She extended her hand motioning towards the chair. Lilly did as she was told and watched her mother leave the room. After a few moments, a tall man with short black hair entered. He was dressed in a nice black suit and had a black suitcase in his left hand. He sat down and smiled at her. "Hello. My name is Dr. Freznit and I am going to ask you a few questions." Lilly smiled. He opened his suitcase to reveal a small object with several buttons. "This will record everything you say" He pressed a small green button and a red light came on. "This is Dr. Allen Fresnit talking to patient 002371 on 04/9/2019. It is 3:57pm. Patient 002371 please tell me your full name." Lilly responded "Lilleth Abigale Iero" "Do you have a nickname?" "Yes" "What is that" "Lilly" "When were you born Lilleth" "March 3rd 2007" "Do you remember your father?" "No." "Are you aware of what happened to him?" "Yes" "What is that?" "He became a criminal." "Do you still love him?" "No" "If I asked you to give him up. Would you?" "Yes" "Where is he?" "A small diner in Zone 7" "Is he alone?" "No" "Do you know who is with him?" "Yes" "Who is that?" "Party Poison, Jet Star and Kobra Kid" "This concludes the questioning of patient 002371 AKA Lilleth Abigale Iero done by Dr. Allen Fresnit. The ending time is 4:12pm" Dr. Fresnit pressed the green button again, turning off the red light signaling that the machine had stopped recording. He stood up, closed his suitcase and walked out. Not a word else was spoken to Lilly until her mother came back into the room. Lilly just sat there with no emotion on her face although she had just sentenced her father and her friends to death. When she looked up at her mother, she was turning around, motioning her to get up. "Time to go Lilly" Lilly nodded and did as she was told. She followed her mother out of the room and back to the elevators. The walked out of the tower and waited for the car to arrive. The air felt stale and recycled. Not even the air was real. The white car rolled up and, just like before, a Drac opened the door to let them in. The ride was silent and Lilly sat upright with her hands in her lap. They arived at the house and Lilly went straight her her room. She sat down on her bed and she began to get jittery. The drugs were wearing off. She stood up, walked around her room then sat back down. Stood up again and walked back and forth before sitting back down. She did this several times before she froze. Her eyes widened and she realized what she had done. "Oh god....I have to warn them" The drug was completely gone and she was in a panic. SHe had given the location away. What hurt her even more was that she did it so heartlessly. Fun Ghoul couldn't be moved. She was out of time. She had to warn them before BLI got there. She grabbed the radio that was on the side of her bed, and calmly walked over to the blind spot inbetween the dresser and the window. She opened the back of the radio and rewired it so it could broadcast whatever she chose. She found the signal of the Killjoys and tapped into Dr. D. This was her shot. She picked up a loose radio wave of "Teenagers" and prayed the Killjoys were listening.


Kobra Kid sat in the dinner with the transmitter in his hands. They had taken turns listening, afraid was missing Lilly's broadcast. He looked up as Party Poison walked in, ready to start his shift. Kobra stood up and yawned "Man....This is crazy" Party Poison laughed "The only other time you would get me this intense on listening to something is if I were trying to win Iron Maiden tickets" Kobra laughed but went silent when he heard what he assumed was the signal "They're guna clean up your looks with all the lies in the books to make a citizen out of you. Because they sleep with a gun and keep and eye on you son so they can watch all the things that you do." Party Poison looked at his brother "Thats it!" He ran out of the diner to Jet Star. Jet Star was under the hood of the Trans Am doing the daily check "Jet! Its time! Lets roll!" By the time Jet Star got out from under the Trans Am, Party Poison was already in the drivers seat and Kobra wasn't far behind. The started the engine and flew out of the parking lot. Kobra Kid sat next to his brother in the front seat while Jet Star sat in the back. Jet broke the silence with a question "That was fast.....Am I the only one that thinks maybe something is up?" He leaned forward so he could talk to Kobra and Party better. Kobra nodded "Yeah, She said it would be at least a week....that was about 2 days. I think Jet has a point. Somethings not right." Party Poison agreeded "Well, whatever is up, we have to get there fast. Get in, Get out. Deal?" The Killjoys nodded and drove the rest of the way in silence.
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