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Ch. 14

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A small tear fell from her eye and Party Poison let go of her and stood up "You always have a choice."

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The sun was setting and Lilly watched from her window as Korse and a large group of Dracs headed out into the Zones, no doubt towards the diner. Her heart raced knowing what would happen and that it was her fault. She closed her eyes and tried to remember all the things the Killjoys did to make her smile. The clouds over the city were gray. She looked up knowing a storm was coming. She sighed but could force herself to get up away from the window. "Daddy.....Im so sorry" Tears slipped from her eyes and she immediately wiped them away. There was a knock at the door and she stood up, trying to act the part of a drugged BLI officer's daughter but all she looked like was a broken girl morning the loss of her criminal father. Her mother walked in and frowned when she saw the tears on her daughters face. "I see the drug has worn off. I was hopping it would last longer." Her mother walked forward, grabbed her by the arm and threw her on the bed. Lilly screamed and thrashed but her mother was too strong and her arm and leg were still injured. Her mother smacked her across the head making Lilly scream in pain. Small splatters of blood were thrown across the white pillow and bed sheets. Lilly's body gave out and she passed out on the bed. Her mother got up and walked out of the room, locking the door. She turned to the Drac "No one gets in or out." She turned on her heal walking away to prepare the drugging process again.


By the time the Killjoys got to the city gates it was almost dusk. They entered the tunnel leading to the inner most part of the city. Party Poison griped the steering wheel as he gunned the engine running right through the guarding gates. When they exited the tunnel, the sky had opened up and rain covered the city. BLI had placed a curfew on its citizens so Party Poison didn't have to worry about people being in the streets. The car was silent and they were loading their guns, gearing up for the fight that was about to unfold. When they got to the end of the road, Party jerked the wheel sideways making the Trans Am to a tailwhip, skidding to a halt. "Lets do this" Party Poison was in full Killjoy mode. His face was hard and serious, his body langue was stiff and his team knew not to say anything. The rain was quick to soak the Killjoys and b the time they got to the entrance of the tower, they looked like they had jumped in a lake. The two dracs that stood guard reached for their guns but Party Poison and Kobra Kid shot them before their fingers even touched the handle. Jet Star blew the locks off the doors and they charged inside full force firing at anything that moved. Several Dracs came at them at once but were taken down as the group moved forward, looking for Lilly.


Lilly forced her eyes open to find her room filled with a grey smoke. The Drug. She tried to scream but her voice was gone. She rolled onto her side, propping her self up with her non-injured arm and tried to stand. Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor with a whimper. "No..." Her fingers clawed at the white carpet and she regained her stance. She used the walls to prop herself up and jerked at the door. It was locked. She tried to scream again but it was still no use. Her eyes darted around the room looking for another way to escape. They found the window and she half crawled over to it because the smoke was so thick. When she finally found it, she slammed her fists on the glass hoping to break it. After 5 minutes of steady banging, her hands begun to bleed. Her knuckles were covered in blood and her face was stained with tears. "Its over" She slid down the wall and grabbed her knees, pulling herself into a ball. She closed her eyes and just cried.


The halls were, for the most part, clear of any dracs as the Killjoys worked their way down to the living quarters. "what if she's not here?" Kobra asked in a whisper. Party Poison was harsh with his response "Then we keep looking." Kobra Kid nodded and continued to walk down the narrow halls. When they got to the main section of the building, they were greeted by someone they had hoped they wouldn't see. Jamia stood in the center of the hall with a white raygun in her hands. Her feet were in a stance that said she was ready to shoot on site. When she saw them, she smiled "I was wondering when you would show up." Her voice was calm and cool. Party Poison raised his gun, and growled "Where is she?" "Who?" Party Poison didn't have time for her games. "Lilly. Where is she?" Jamia raised her hands in defense "My my, you do jump straight to the point. No time for a friendly conversation?" She tossed her gun to the side and walked towards Party. He tensed up when she wrapped her arms around his waist pressing her lips to his. He felt her smile when his body relaxed and she slid her tongue into his mouth. Party's head was screaming to shoot her but his body did otherwise. Kobra Kid and Jet Star were frozen at what they were seeing. Party Poison dropped his gun and grabbed her hair to deepen the kiss and pull her closer to him. She slid her hands up his shirt, running her fingers over the muscles in his chest. With a sudden jerk, he yanked her hair back, pulling her head so her throat was exposed. She gasped and he slammed her to the wall. "Where.Is.Lilly" He growled an animalistic growl. It was the same tone he used on Lilly the first day he met her. They day he tried to kill her and Ghoul stopped him. He froze, remembering that, BLI or not, she was still Fun Ghoul's wife. "Remember something?" Jamia laughed and brought her face forward trying to kiss Party Poison again. He pulled back and smirked toying with her. "Jet, Kobra, Go find Lilly. I've got this" Kobra Kid and Jet Star were skeptical to leave him along with her but they soon disappeared to continue their hunt for Lilly. When they were gone, Party Poison brought his full attention back to Jamia. "Its been so long" she whispered in his ear, trying to get him to let his guard down. He knew what she was doing and refused to let her win. "You can't win Jamia. Im not yours. Frank is" Her body tensed for a slight second before pulling back to reality. "Frank no longer exists. Frank is dead." Party Poison gripped her hair tighter making her whimper "So you do feel pain" He pulled her head back so it bashed against the wall she was shoved against. A small patch of blood was left where her head hit. She whimpered again, realizing that he was going to kill her. He lifted her up and threw her against the opposite wall. She hit her side and fell to the floor with a scream of pain. "Tell me where she is Jamia" Jamia laughed "No" Party Poison walked over to her and kicked her back down. "You know, if there is one thing I learned from my mother it was never to hit a lady...." He grabbed her hair and backhanded her across the face making her nose bleed "My mother never met you" Jamia tried to crawl away but was forced to the ground by Party Poison kicking her back. He grabbed her arms and rolled her over so he could stratal her waist. He held her arms above her head and leaned in close to her face. She could feel his warm breath on her lips. "Tell me what you did with your daughter" Jamia started to say no but she felt him grab her bare leg where her skirt had ridden up and dig his nails into her skin. She screamed in pain. "I can make it stop Jamia. Just tell me where Lilly is." She tossed her head side to side and tired to speak. Party let go of her leg and she whimpered before gasping for air. "1263 Holden st." She screamed as he grabbed her arms yanking her forwards. "Where is Cherry?" Her eyes got wide and she feared what his reaction would be to her answer. He dug his nails into her leg again and she screamed. Her leg was now bleeding from where he had dug into it. "Where is she!" he screamed slamming her head to the floor. "I killed her!" Jamia screamed back and the room went silent. "2 years ago! I took her here and killed her!" Party Poison's eyes were wide "Why?" Jamia shook her head and the human side began to show for the first time. "Because she found out about Frank....She began to ask questions. I had no choice..." A small tear fell from her eye and Party Poison let go of her and stood up "You always have a choice."
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