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Ch. 15

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Kobra Kid was the last to die. She shook her Kobra Kid was the last to die. She shook her head trying to tell herself that it wasn't real. That it was just her imagination but there was noting she ...

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Jet Star and Kobra Kid walked down the halls of BLI tower still on high alert but not as much. Jet Star was the first to speak. "Dude...what was that back there with Party?" Kobra Kid was silent for a moment thinking about his answer "I have no idea. I've never seen him act like that....not since Lyn-z" Jet Star nodded and knew better then to push a subject like that. When Party Poison was ready, he would speak. They heard Party Poison's voice over their transmitter "Kobra, Jet come in.." Kobra Kid reached for his transmitter "Party...where are you?" He paused to wait for a response "I have Lilly's location. Meet me at the runner" Kobra Kid's heart lifted out of his stomach "On our way" He ended the transmission and looked at Jet Star "Let roll" Jet Star nodded and followed Kobra Kid back to the runner.


Lilly sat in a ball and felt her body begin to go numb from the drug. She didn't know how long it had been since she had stopped trying to escape. At this point she really didn't care. Her tears had dried and she just sat on the floor, letting the drug kick in. She thought about the Killjoys. She thought about how they might not have gotten the signal in time. She closed her eyes trying to get rid of the image her mind created. She saw Jet Star on the ground in a pool of blood. Kobra Kid was half dead, trying to crawl over to Party Poison. Party Poison held a glare as if he knew Lilly was watching. He was on the floor with blood covering his face and hands. Next to him was Fun Ghoul, who also was covered in his own blood. Kobra Kid was the last to die. She shook her head trying to tell herself that it wasn't real. That it was just her imagination but there was noting she could do to get that vision out of her head. She moved her hands from her knees to her head and screamed. This time sound came out and it scared her. She wasn't expecting such a strong scream to come out of her dry throat. Her fingers gripped her skull and she screamed again, and again and again.


Jet Star and Kobra Kid ran as fast as they could down the white halls to where they would meet back up with Party Poison. Kobra Kid gripped the corner and sling-shotting around so he didn't loose any momentum. When he looked back he saw Jet Star had stopped and was calling his name. "Kobra! Kobra!" Kobra Kid stopped and looked back in question as to what had made Jet Star stop. "What! Come one Jet! We don't have time for sight seeing!" Jet Star shook his head "I found the Medical Ward!" Kobra's eyes got big and he ran back to help Jet. Jet Star was shoving on the door but it was locked. "It won't open!" Kobra Kid nodded and pulled out his raygun. "Back up" Jet Star did as he was told and stood far enough back that any debris wouldn't hit him. Kobra Kid shot the door open and they rand inside to get what they could carry. They took bandages, alcohol, pain pills and anything else that could be used for Ghoul or the future.....if they had one. "That should cover it....Lets get back to Party" Kobra said and as if on cue, they heard Party over the transmitter "Hey! Im at the runner....where are you?" Jet Star grabbed the mic "We found the Medic Ward....on our way back now" He said then began to run out and follow Kobra Kid "Ok....See ya soon" Party said before ending the transmission.
Party Poison sat in the runner tapping his fingers on the steering wheel waiting for the others to arrive. He was glad that they found the Medic Ward. He looked over at the woman passed out in the front seat. What had made him take her with him. He made her cry. He made her human again. Maybe she could still love Ghoul. She could make him happy. He didn't know. He was brought out of his througts when he saw Jet Star and Kobra Kid come running out of the tower "Lets Go!" They jumped in the car but stopped when they saw Jamia "Dude....what the fuck?" Party Posion shook his head "Just get in the car" They didn't question him and did as they were told. Party Posion started the car and drove to where Lilly was being held hoping she was still alive.
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