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Ch. 16

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For the first time in years, Kobra Kid fell to his knees, laid in the sand and cried.

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The ride was silent except for the sound of the roaring engine. Party Poison kept his eyes on the road ahead of him while Kobra looked from Party over to Jamia and back to Party. Something was up with Party but he couldn't place what. The rain had slowed but the skies were still grey. After several minutes Kobra spoke up "Party why is she here?" Party Poison kept his eyes on the road and didn't answer. Kobra Kid decided not to press the issue. He would get his answer eventually. The car slowed down when they reached a neighborhood with large white houses. Before the war, Kobra Kid would have killed to live in something like this. Now they just stood for corruption and sorrow. Who knew beauty could bring such pain? When they arrived at what they assumed was 1263, party launched out of the car and ran to the front gate. He shot down the two Dracs that stood in his way and he bursted through the front door. The house was large and he didn't begin to know where to look. "Kobra, take the left wing, Jet take the right. Ill go up top" He shouted before running up the stairs and kicking every door he found open. Every room he found was empty and he was beginning to think Jamia had lied to him. When he reached the end of the hall he was caught off guard by the Drac guarding a door. Before he had time to react, the Drac had pulled out his raygun and fired, hitting Party in the shoulder. Party fell to the floor and gripped the wound. He used his left had to fire back and take the Drac down. He got back up, ignoring the pain and made his way to the door. Kicking it open, he was greeted by a dry gray smoke that made him cough. "Lilly!" he screamed hoping she would be in there to hear. He shot forward when he saw her curled up under the window. As he got closer he saw that her hands were bloody and she was passed out. Her face had dried blood on it and so did the back of her head. His heart leapt into his throat and he picked her up. "Oh god Lilly. Im here. Please don't die now" He whispered and ran out of the room with her unconscious body in his arms.
Kobra Kid and Jet Star ran back to the main room in the house when they heard that Party Poison had found Lilly. Kobra screamed when he saw his brother emerge at the top of the stairs. He was covered in blood and looked as if he could barley hold his own weight, let alone Lilly's. He ran to grab Party before he fell, taking Lilly and handing her to Jet Star "Get her to the car. Im right behind you!" Jet Star nodded and ran towards the door. Kobra Kid wrapped his arm around Party's waist and half carried him out of the house. Party Poison groaned with every step and was loosing consciousness due to the loss of blood. "Come on Gee.....don't do this to me" It had been so long since he had called his brother that and it felt right. He missed it. Once he got to the car, Jet Star helped him get Party in the car and told Kobra to sit in the back with his brother and Lilly. Jet Star revved the engine and floored it. The rain was non-stop and Jet Star did his best to steer the Trans Am in wet sand going 110mph.
Soon her was back at the diner only to find it in flames. The shed was already burnt to the ground and the contents were strewn out everywhere. BLI had been here. Where were they now. "Fun Ghou!!!" Jet Star ran out of the car yelling at Kobra to come help him. Kobra scrambled out of the car, throwing himself into the burning diner to try and rescue Fun Ghoul. when they got to the back room that Ghoul was in, he was no where to be found. "Where is he!?!?" Kobra Kid screamed, covering his head and face as part of the ceiling fell. The back half of the building exploded knocking Jet Star and Kobra Kid on the ground. A large pillar that was part of the roof fell, landing in Jet Star. it crushed him at the hips down making him scream. "JET!" Kobra Kid ran over and tried to lift the piece of wood but it was too heavy. The place was collapsing and they had only seconds to get out before death became their new lover. "Jet!" Kobra tried again to lift the wood but only screamed when it burnt his hands. "Kobra! get out!" Kobra refused to leave Jet Star behind. "No! I won't leave you!" He shoved again and the wood shifted. He shoved more and the ceiling began to fall. A larger piece of wood fell knocking what was on Jet Star off. Kobra Kid wrapped his arms around Jet Star and carried him out of the diner just seconds before the place fell. He placed Jet on the ground and watched as their home burnt down right before their eyes. Party Poison was shot, Jet Star had a broken leg, Fun Ghoul was missing and Kobra Kid had no way to save them all.......For the first time in years, Kobra Kid fell to his knees, laid in the sand and cried.
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