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Ch. 19

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He kicked open the door and began firing "I never had chickens! I grew up in Jersey bitch!" Jet Star laughed and shot down 4 Dracs, making his way to the front gate. "God you are so your brother!" ...

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Jet Star circled the outer parts of Battery City waiting for nightfall. He slowed down and came to a stop behind a large boulder that easily hid the runner. He sat back in the seat and looked at Kobra Kid. "Are you ready for this?" Kobra Kid nodded. He turned back to Jamia who was sitting in the back seat very quiet. "You say we can use the underground tunnels to get to the Tower. Once we are there, how do we make it to the 36th floor?" Jamia nodded "Yes, the tunnels were designed to be used as an underground escape route incase Killjoys ever made it in. Just follow the map I gave you in reverse and it will lead you straight there. Once you are in, Take the left exit. That will lead you straight into the elevator system. Climb the inside all the way up. When you are up, you won't be able to just open the doors. You will have to roam the air vents till you find Fun Ghouls cell. I'll will direct you in that part." Kobra Kid spoke "That sounds easy enough..." Jet Star laughed "Its BLI...nothing is ever that easy." He turned back to Jamia "Are there cameras in the tunnels?" "Yes. Listen to everything I tell you and you will be able to stay in their blind spots. Every system has just need to find them" She smiled and looked out the window "Its time...." The sun had set and they sky was a light pink. Jet Star and Kobra Kid climbed out of the runner and walked very low to the ground till they got to the large wall surrounding the city. It was grey and covered in small cracks. "Well they keep this kept well" Kobra said sarcastically. Jet Star just half smiled. They wandered around to the tunnel entrance and opened it with a switch tug. Jet looked down the black hole and cringed "Who wants to go first?" "Don't look at me....." Jet Star sighed and bend his knees before dropping into the pit of darkness. When he hit the ground his feet splashed in a puddle. He stood up and looked around for any sign of Dracs or cameras. The walls were black and there was barely any light. He looked up and shouted to Kobra Kid "Its clear. Come on down!" A few seconds later Kobra Kid came crashing down and Jet Star caught him before he could fall. "Klutz..." "Shut Up!" Kobra stood up straight and looked around "Well where now?" Jet Star pulled out the map Jamia had given them "Well, here we are, if the go this way till we find the three way spit, we can take the left tunnel into the heart of the city." Kobra inspected the map trying to follow what Jet Star was saying. "Got it?" Kobra nodded "Yeah." "Good, lets get moving. The faster we get in, the faster we can grab Ghoul and get out.....this place gives me the creeps" They began to walk forward, stopping every once and a while to contact Jamia for help about the camera locations. "Hey, where are those cameras you told us were in here, I havent seen one.....Jamia?" Jet Star spoke into the transmitter waiting for a reply. "Jamia...come in Jamia..." Jet looked at Kobra with a concerned face. Kobra frowned "Where is she?" He shook his head "I don't know" "You think she set us up?" Jet Star paused "Lets hope she just fell asleep." Kobra nodded and continued to move forward towards the heart of the city. However, something told Jet Star she wasn't asleep.


Jamia felt herself being dropped on the floor but didn't have the strength to open her eyes. She groaned and rolled on her side trying to sit up. He hands shot up to grasp her head. "It will wear off soon...." A male voice said. Her eyes shot open and searched for where the voice came from. They landed on a man that was sitting in the corner. He had long dark brown hair that was hanging in his face. He was in white scrubs and had no shoes. She stared at him waiting for him to say something else and when he didn't she spoke "Who are you?" The man raised his head to look at her. His eyes were a beautiful hazel but she could see the sorrow in them. His face looked soft, like a child but also showed stress. "No one you know...." Jamia frowned and tilted her head. She tried to stand but got halfway up and fell so she decided to just crawl over to him. When she got closer, her eyes grew wide. "Frank...." Her hand reached out to touch him and he flinched like she was going to hit him. Her voice was soft when she spoke "Frank....please" He only withdrew more into the corner if that was possible. He turned his head away and rested his forehead on the wall. Jamia sighed, realizing that he wasn't going to let her touch him and moved away. She knew that he was both scared and hurt by her. She had shot him and even worse, she had killed Cherry. She didn't expect him to forgive her for that.....ever. There was a bang on the cell door and a Drac walked in holding handcuffs. He paid no mind to her and walked straight to Fun Ghoul. "Get up" He demanded and when Fun Ghoul moved slower than he wanted, Fun Ghoul was given a kick to the ribs. Jamia screamed "Stop!" she went to attack the Drac but was given a shock and pinned to the wall by a second Drac she hadn't seen. She fought but was easily over powered and was forced to watch as they handcuffed Fun Ghoul and dragged him out of the room. When Ghoul was out, the Drac holding her have her a slap and threw her to the floor before walking out and locking the door. She curled up in a ball and did the only thing she could. She curled up and cried.


Jet Star and Kobra Kid found their way to the center of the tower and looked up at the lock. "What do you think Kobra? Is it breakable?" Jet Star asked. Kobra Kid reached his hand up to touch the seal "Its solid steal with a hard carbon reinforcement. Its also got a 12 click lock so it won't be easy. I can try to pick it but there is no telling how far I can get." Jet Star sighed "We can't just blow it?" Kobra shook his head "No. Not without letting the entire city knowing we're here." He laughed "We might as well stand in the middle of the street at noon and flail like idiots." Jet laughed at the visual of that "In 2009, we would have" Kobra smiled before returning his focus on the locks. He talked as he tried to pick the lock "I never thought I'd say this but I hope Jamia is ok...." Jet Star leaned against the tunnel wall. "Yeah, me too. She still hasn't responded." "What if BLI found her....she said they would be on major alert." "Thats what Im worried about. Lets just hope if they do have her, she is with Ghoul." Kobra Kid grunted "That could be good and bad" "Ghoul loves her....I saw it in his eyes when he talked about her" "She killed his kid.....would you forgive her?" Jet Star sighed "I don't know Kobra....I don't know" Kobra Kid groaned and shoved upward with his hands. There was a large crack and the tunnel was immediately filled with light. "Ugh....Lets hope no one heard that" Jet Star pushed himself off the wall and walked over to Kobra Kid "Ladies first" Kobra stepped aside "The by all means, go my lady" he extended one hand out and slightly bowed. Jet Star smiled and playfully shoved his bent head. "Touche" He climbed the ladder and pushed his head up to see into the hall. "Its clear" He climbed out and reached back down to help Kobra Kid up. They quickly closed the latch back up. "Lets go this way, watch out for cameras" Jet Star walked to the left and was followed by Kobra Kid. All the halls looked the same, white with a black line running horizontal in the middle. "Here" Jet shot over and opened the door to the stairwell. He leaned his head over and looked up and down to see if anyone else was there. When he knew it was clear he darted up and started to run. "22, 23, 24, 25" He counted out loud after every floor. when he got to the 30th he began to slow down. He was tired "I always hated stares" He panted and pushed himself to make it to the 36th floor. Kobra Kid followed behind him. When they got to the door they both stopped to catch their breath. "I.Hate.Stares." Kobra Kid placed his hands on his knees and sighed. They regained their composer and grabbed their guns. "This is where it starts to get ugly" Jet Star said half joking half serious. Kobra just nodded and followed Jet Star's lead "After you" Jet Star kicked down the door and was met by 4 Dracs wandering the halls. A fire fight broke out and it ended with the Drac's falling with a thud and Jet Star being grazed by the lazer. He looked down at his arm, glad it was just a graze. "You ok?" Kobra Kid asked concered "Yeah. Im good" Jet Star walked forward looking in each cell for any sigh on Jamia or Fun Ghoul. His eyes widened when he found what he was looking for and shot open the lock that was keeping the door shut.


Fun Ghoul was dragged to a white room that had a silver table in the middle. He was thrown on top and stripped of his clothes. His pale chest was exposed and he was strapped to the cold metal table. He knew was was coming and could only force his eyes shut and wait for it to be over. He heard the door open and felt the cold prods being shoved under his skin. He did his best not to scream but the pain forced small whimpers out of him. He waited for the electricity to start surging through his body but it never came. Instead he heard the door open and saw Jamia being thrown to the ground. As much as he hated her for what she did to Cherry, he still loved her. She was in tears and tried to get up. She fell back down though with a thud. Korse walked in and backhanded her across the face. "You're as worthless as your husband! I gave you a chance! I gave you a rank! I gave you power!" He stared to scream. He kicked her in the ribs as he had done Fun Ghoul so many times before. She cried out in pain and her hands grabbed at her chest. "I gave you everything! BLI gave you everything!" He kicked her again forcing another cry to escape her lips. "And you throw it away! For what? A criminal and his friends?" He grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look at Fun Ghoul. "Your pathetic. Now you can watch him die like that sorry lovers you are" His hand tightened on her hair, pulling at her scalp. She watched as Fun Ghoul screamed. The shock had finaly come and all he could do was serge his hips and chest upwards and scream. He heard Jamia scream his name and small teardrops fell from his eyes. Oh god he didn't want her to see this. "Ahhhhhhh" He screamed and forced his eyes to open long enough to see her tear stained face. "Frank! Nooooo!" She thrashed against Korse's hold but it did no good.
Suddenly the electricity stopped and Fun Ghoul fell to the table. he fought to keep his eyes open fearing if he closed them, they would never open again. He saw Korse throw Jamia to the ground and start firing in a direction he could see. Jamia stood up, using the wall as a brace and stumbled over to Fun Ghoul's side "Frank...oh god Im so sorry." Her face was stained with tears and her hands clawed at the prods that were shoved under his skin. Each time she ripped one out he would wince. Once she had them all out, she helped him sit up and throw his legs over the side of the table. He was able to focus on what was going on around him and saw Jet Star and Kobra Kid shooting at Korse making him retreat out the door. He smiled as best he could at the fact that A: they came back for him and B: they were winning. Jamia put one of her arms around his waist, taking one of his and putting it over her shoulder. She stood him up and tried to hold all of his weight. She began to fall but caught herself, finding her balance. Once she had hold of him, she ran out the door. "Ive got him! Let go!" She shouted at Jet Star and Kobra Kid and they began to walked backwards, still shooting. "You.....Why?" Fun Ghoul managed to ask while struggling for breath. "Not now Frank. Lets focus on getting out of here alive." Jamia said with her eyes focused on the stairs they were now running down. Fun Ghoul smiled "Talk later run now" "Exactly" She heard Jet and Kobra burst through the stairwell door and begin to run down. "That went well don't ya think?" Kobra shouted. Jet laughed "We arn't home yet" Jamia smiled and tiled her head back shouting "Kid, didn't you ever learn not to count your chickens before they hatch?" They had made it to the bottom of the stairwell but knew theyre would be an army of Dracs waiting for them when they opened the door. Kobra Kid ran infront and of Jamia with his gun raised. He kicked open the door and began firing "I never had chickens! I grew up in Jersey bitch!" Jet Star laughed and shot down 4 Dracs, making his way to the front gate. "God you are so your brother!" Jet Star shouted at Kobra "Damn straight!" He shouted back and took down 3 Drac's "Yeah buddy!" They shot their way out of the tower and into the streets of Battery City. Jamia led them to the hanger that held their confiscated runner. Jet Star shot down the Dracs guarding the door and ran to the Trans Am. "Ghoul gets front, Kobra and Jet in the back!" Jamia shouted and they piled into the Trans Am, blowing through the hanger door and driving out of Battery City for good.
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