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Ch. 20

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She cried for the first time in her mother's arms without any fear of rejection.

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The ride back to the diner was almost silent. Jet Star and Kobra Kid talked between themselves about how many Dracs they had taken down as if it was a competition. Jamia sat with Fun Ghoul in the back seat with her arms wrapped around him. She was holding him like a mother would do a child. He was curled in a ball with his face buried in her chest and his eyes were shut tight. He still wore the white scrubs and by now her clothes were dirty and wrinkled. "How's he holding up?" Jet Star asked glancing back at them before turning back to the road. Jamia stroked Ghoul's hair and half smiled "He's good I guess....." She looked down at him and tiled her head trying to see if he was asleep. Her question was answered by a groan and his fingers gripping her shirt tighter. "Don't leave" "Shhhhh, Baby Im not going anywhere" She stroked his hair lovingly and rocked him back and forth trying to calm him down. The rest of the car ride was silent after that.

Jet Star parked the runner and got out to help Jamia get Fun Ghoul out. Kobra Kid ran to Party Poison's side to check his wound. It had cleared up some and was looking better. Kobra Kid sighed and rewrapped the bandage. Lilly was curled up next to him clutching his jacket. He shook her to wake her up and when he did, she swung her arm around and smacked him in his jaw. "Ow!!!" Kobra screamed and his hands grabbed his mouth to stop the pain. Lilly realized who it was and her eyes grew wide "Oh my god! Kobra Im so sorry! I thought you were a Drac!" She stood up and ran over to him. He was sitting on the ground holding his jaw. "Yeah....I see that" He smiled and opened his arms for a hug. She ran over too him and threw herself in his arms. "I was so worried!" She shoved her face in his neck and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Me too. Did Party wake up yet?" She looked up at him "Yeah. For a few seconds and said something about hating needles and then he was out again" Kobra Kid laughed "He gets shot in the shoulder, almost dies and is worried about needles.....God that is soooo Gerard" Lilly climbed out of his lap and watched as he sad back down next to his brother. Instantly Lilly was filled with guilt. "Mikey Im so sorry. Its my fault" Kobra shot his head up and looked at her "No! Its not! Come here" He lifted his left arm and she crawled under it so he could hug her. "Don't ever think its your fault. Party did that because he wanted to. He loves you. Your family and when you live out here, family is all you have" His voice was soft and he was looking down at her. he smiled when she looked up. She just smiled back then looked over at Party Poison "I just hope he pulls through" "He will.....He always does" Kobra Kid pulled her closer to him and playfully shook her a little. Jet Star walked over and placed his hand on Lilly. "Hey" She looked up and smiled "Hey...." He knew what she was thinking about and nodded "Its ok ya know....Might help bring him back" A small tear fell from her eye before she wiped it away. Lilly stood up and slowly walked over to Fun Ghoul. She tensed when she saw Jamia leaning over him but relaxed when she felt Kobra's hand touch hers. "Its ok....The drug is gone" Lilly looked from Kobra to her mother. "Go on...." Lilly walked over to her mother and knelt beside her. Jamia looked up and smiled a sad smile. She didn't know what to say. Lilly saved her the trouble of thinking "It was BLI, not you....I know." Jamia's shoulders let loose a little. "Baby Im so sorry...." Lilly nodded and fell into her mothers arms. It wasn't like the hugs she was used to. It was warm and loving. There was nothing fake about it. It was her mother again. "mama...." She cried for the first time in her mother's arms without any fear of rejection. "Lilly I love you so much" "I know...I know" Jet Star and Kobra Kid stood back and watched as the mother and daughter cried in the sand. They sat there for several minutes before turning their full attention back to Fun Ghoul. He was still curled in a ball clutching his knees. Lilly reached out and touched his shoulders. "Daddy....Daddy Im here" He lifted his eyes to look at her. His hazel eyes just stared at her for ehat seemed like hours. His eyes searched for any tricks. He was looking to see if she was real or something BLI had created to torture him. When he didn't say anything Lilly spoke again "Daddy It me....Lilly. Your safe now." Her voice was soft and loving. She watched as his body relaxed slightly against her touch. "Lilly?" His voice was broken and scared. He was afraid she wasn't real and if he acknowledged her presence she would disappear. "Yes. It me. Im here." She wrapped her arms around him in a hug and he buried his face in her neck. He brought his arms up and pulled her close. "Oh god Lilly. I thought Id lost you" his hands gripped the back of her shirt tightly. Jamia sat back and watched as the two clutched each-other in a death grip afraid the other would leave. Fun Ghoul sat up, shifting his weight on his arms trying to stand up. Lilly helped him, her feet moving in the sand. Once he was up and looked around. "Whats up?" He asked his fellow killjoys with a smirk. Kobra Kid laughed "Thank god your back." He walked over and huged him, Jet Star soon joining. "Was I that much of a whimp?" Jet Star smiled "You have no idea" Fun Ghoul smiled. "Thanks." He looked around and his eyes landed on Jamia. They stared at eachother for a second before she stood up and walked over to him with her head down. "Frank....I..." he cut her off by pressing his lips against hers. His arms wrapped around her waist and she wrapped hers around his neck. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to let his tongue in. His tongue played with hers and she moaned into the kiss sending shivers down his spine. He didn't want to pull away but they needed air. "God I missed you" Ghoul said and pressed his face in her neck. "The only hope for me is you.....always was" He lifted his head up and kissed her again before running his hands up and down her back. She laced her fingers in his hair bringing him closer to her if that was possible. Jet Star had already walked away and Kobra Kid grabbed Lilly by the hand. "Come on....Give them some time to themselves." She nodded and left her parents in the sand knowing that things were going to be so much better from now on.
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