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Auditions for a story I will start working on later.

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  • Auditions

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-07-03 06:26:32 AM

    Name:Dakota Nyx (dakota means friend or ally and nyx means night)
    killjoy name:Toxic Rose (name actually means something-Herllittle sister was called Rose)
    eye colour:emerald green
    hair:long black hair with red streaks through it. LOts of choppy layers and side fringe she peers out of from underneeth.
    personality:sarcastic,often says random things/butts into a conversation,can be quite morbid, would die for friends,never talks about past. Fun to be around as long as you don`t mind her craziness/morbidness. takes a while to gain her trust, but as soon as you do she will be a great friend towards you.
    background: Family willingly worked for Bl/ind, wanted her to but she ran away with her little siter Rose who was killed in a huge fight out in the zones. Feels guilty and blames herself.
    outfit: torn, muddy/bloodstained jeans, black shirt with a blood red rose on it which apears to be bleeding.leather jacket with lots of patches/badges on it.scruffy old black knee high boots with studs on. She wears a silver necklace with the letters "D" and "R" on it-her and her sisters 1st initals.
    Weapons. Two black ray guns with a bleeding rose on them that matches her shirt, and an old knife she hides in her left boot. the guns are in a holster round her waist.Also, not really a weaopon but she knows some Tae kwon do(martial art) as she learned before Bl/ind took over.hoppe that helps, like i said, good luck, have fun writing.
  • Auditions

    (#) MCR_Vampire_321 2011-07-03 09:59:34 AM

    Name: Hollie Nicole Bareham
    Name: Artistic Accident
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Dark brown with red streaks in the fringe and on the other side of my hair
    Personality: Shy when I'm around people I don't know but when yew get to know me I don't shut up. I laugh at things that other people don't find funny. I'm a little immature.
    Background: I was raised by my Mother but BL/ind killed her so I had to find my own way until I met the killjoys.
    Outfit: MCR tee-shirt, Tartan Jeans, Peppa Pig Key-ring attached to a loop on the jeans, Pink Doc Martins, Rainbow Leg Warmers, Gray Arm Warmers that go just above my wrist(:
    Weapons: White raygun with different coloured paint spoldges on it(:
  • Auditions

    (#) paralove13 2011-07-03 10:58:07 AM

    Name: (An actual name, but it's optional on whether you want one or not) Hannah Tegan Fisher
    Adrenaline Airwave:


    • Loud (flaw, trying to hide from dracs is not easy when you can't stop talking)
    • Happy (even though she lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, she still keeps hopeful [at least in front of Vintage])
    • Strong (emotionally and physically, she's been through tough times but she knows how to deal. And you also get plenty a workout trying to haul large items that might still be usable through three miles of desert to a small curios shop)
    • Clumsy (flaw, when running for items, tripping over everything but the kitchen sink can slow you down)
    • Smart (she had a good education as a child before BL/ind took over)
    • Very interested in cryptology, which is the study of cracking codes, (she learnt this skill from an unnamed rebel tutor who felt this skill would be needed so she could stay safe searching for curios to sell in her shop)
    • Trusting (flaw and a pro, flaw because she might be trusting the wrong person but a pro because she trusts those she puts in her care)
    • Loves old muscle cars ( she loves the look, she has an old run down muscle car that was her dad's until he passed away. it's missing parts and she occasionally runs across a part she needs, kind of handy but relies on her boyfriend to put the pieces back together)


    • Tall and lanky
    • Medium sized hips and fairly flat chested
    • Has bad face acne from constantly sweating and not being able to wash her face every single day
    • Short shoulder length hair, cuts it herself, she hates it when it gets in her face so she keeps it short and shaggy
    • Dyed her hair black once and the dye never washed out, but she keeps her hair up to her standards by dying it with indigo, a plant she grows in the curios shop
    • Has a huge scar on her head that never cleared up, leaving a huge bald spot, she wears a fascinator to cover it up and prevent it from sunburning
    • Very pale considering she spends most of her time holed up in a dark curios shop selling items and helping her boyfriend fix up her old car)
    • Known for her ever changing eye color, has a fascination with colored contacts, she loves her contacts so much she takes new ones as payment for a curio.
    • Near sighted, she has to wear contacts or else she can't see well enough to defend herself
    • Has big feet and has trouble finding shoes, but she's lucky she has a good pair of sturdy boots that don't wear down easily

    ⁃ She has a boyfriend named Exogenous Wrath
    ⁃ Although very loyal to Exo (her nickname for him) she occasionally cheats. Hey no one's perfect!
    ⁃ Best friend is VIntage Apocalypse
    ⁃ Best friends since the first grade, Vintage joined the rebel forces first, she ran into a guy named Dr. Death Defying and he told her all about the rebel alliance. She had before been a middle (someone who doesn't support BL/ind but isn't a rebel. She joined them and soon got her name on the radar for stealing computer technology from BL/ind and rewiring it and giving it to Adrenaline to sell at her curios shop

    • Adrenaline lives in a curios shop in Zone 3.
    ⁃ Since money is rarely used, she takes useful items such as car parts, clothing, boots, goggles, sunscreen, new contacts, etc. as payment
    ⁃ She tries to sell anything she can find
    ⁃ Drives a hard bargain
    • Her weapon of choice is a raygun, but it has enhanced features only she and Exo know about
    ⁃ It shoots a red laser
    ⁃ She can detach the barrel and use either part for whacking you over the head. Very useful when you are not the best at hand to hand combat
    • She knows a bit of hand to hand but it really is only how to defend her self if being attacked from behind (SING)
    ⁃ S (side)
    ⁃ I (instep)
    ⁃ N (knee)
    ⁃ G (groin or gut or both)
    • Adrenaline feels guilty hurting dracs even though they are bad
    • Adrenaline is different from Vintage in the way that she prefers to not seek out violence. She only uses combat when absolutely necessary


    • She is a minor threat to BL/ind seeing as she resells stolen technology
    • She knows how to hack but not very well, the only thing she can get out is batteries
    • Her name is known because she is friends with VIntage
    ⁃ VIntage is a moderate threat because she constantly steals computer technology from BL/ind and rewires it and gives to Adrenaline


    • Combat boots
    ⁃ Sturdy and protect her feet while running from the occasional drac
    • Purple skinny jeans
    ⁃ a relatively light color that wont over heat her legs
    ⁃ cover her legs and protect from sun and acid rain
    ⁃ rips from running and falling all the time
    • Fishnet tights under jeans
    ⁃ the only tights she could come by
    ⁃ provide a bit more protection on her legs
    ⁃ traded to her by an unknown Killjoy for batteries
    • Belt and holster
    ⁃ Belt keeps her jeans up
    ⁃ holster holds her raygun
    • Leather driving gloves
    ⁃ protect her hands from the sun and any other hazards but leave her fingertips exposed so she can grab and grip things and perform other daily type tasks
    • Blue t-shirt
    ⁃ blue is a favorite color
    ⁃ made of a light breathable material so she doesn't overheat but still keeps her torso protected
    • Plaid flannel type shirt
    ⁃ worn over her tshirt (sleeves occasionally rolled up)
    ⁃ protects her arms and shoulders (tshirt used to have sleeves but she wore the threads out and cut them off
    • Black polka dot bandana
    ⁃ used as a scarf sometimes to protect neck
    ⁃ can cover nose and mouth to protect from sun, acid rain, and dust
    • Mask
    ⁃ If not dusty, used to protect identity
    • Goggles
    ⁃ Always carried with her in case of a dust storm
    • Sunglasses
    ⁃ Worn if sunny but not dusty
    • Fascinator
    ⁃ not just an accessory but also functional
    ⁃ when running from dracs with a curio, she fell and hit her head on a rock and is left wih a huge scar/ bald spot
    ⁃ she wears it to cover the scar an protect her scalp from sunburn/acid rain

    Sorry it's long but I had it all typed up in case somebody needed it! Good luck writing!

  • Auditions

    (#) Whovian-lily404 2011-07-12 09:31:43 PM

    Name: Lily

    Killjoy Name: Moonlit Suicide

    Eye Color: Dark Blue

    Hair Color: Black. Waist length & straight.

    Personality: Loud around friends. Passionate about what she believes in. Ready to fight at all times and stands up for everyone. Loves dangerous situations to prove that she can overcome everything (becomes her undoing maybe...). Shy around new people though and hates going anywhere strange without someone else. Hopless with directions.

    Background: Came from a different country all alone, with no memory of her past. Woke up on the back of a trailer bound for Battery City. Ditched it and started to wonder around the zones. Learns to defend herself. Only clue to her past are the scars on her arm and a burn which has her name and killjoy name, as if someone branded it into her

    Killjoy Outfit: cut-off denim shorts down to knee, edges fraying. black tank-top with a silver belt around her waist. Leather jacket (blue and black with siver stripes) tied around waist. Black army boots. Green and purple socks which come up to knee. Black and blue bandana, tied in different spots each day (neck, head, face, arm/wrist etc). Make Up - white digonal over face to completly cover the right side to contrast with bronzy skin of the left. heavy black eyeliner on left eye with gold eyeshadow going up the eyebrow. Black lipstick and a silver star drawn in the left cheek. bright blue headphones (the big doof-doof ones that cover your whole ear) wirelessly connected to a silver iPod strapped onto right arm.

    Weapons: 5 foot samurai sword. silver blade that never gets stained by blood. Hilt is golden metal and purple leather wrapped around. The words "Sekai no owari ka saigo no mono de watashi ga sanshō shite kudasai" are engraved on one side of the blade. Other side reads "Anata ga kaette kuru koto wa nai, katei o kitasa reru koto wa arimasen" The sheath is black has "Tsukiakari no jisatsu" written in silver. Also has a 6 inch dagger identical to sword. Black pistol with silver stripes across the barrel.

    If you wanna know, the words on the blade is the Japanese translation for "At the end of the world or the last thing I see/ You are never coming home, never coming home". On the sheath it's Japanese for "Moonlit Suicide"

    I hope that this in enough for you and that I didn't go overboard :D

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