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Auditions for a story I will start working on later.

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  • Auditions

    (#) drfeelgood 2011-07-02 11:30:32 AM

    I have two :)

    Name: (An actual name, but it's optional on whether you want one or not) Leslie Johnston (male)
    Name: (Killjoy name, this one is needed) Northern Lights
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Naturally dark red
    Personality: Pretty shy and quiet most of the time, introverted
    Background: (A little bit of your history) Real parents died when he was 4 in a car crash, was later adopted by a pair of older Killjoys, they were killed in an ambush
    Outfit: Dark blue t shirt under a green button up that's usually open, loose black jeans, knee high riding boots, mask is a surgical mask with MAKE LOVE NOT WAR written on it
    Weapons: Neon orange ray gun with neon green stripes, shoots blue

    Name: (An actual name, but it's optional on whether you want one or not) Ryan Johnston (Leslie's twin) (male)
    Name: (Killjoy name, this one is needed) Cyanide Killer
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Naturally dark red
    Personality: Friendly, open about own feelings, pretty extroverted around other people, protective of his brother
    Background: (A little bit of your history) Real parents died when he was 4 in a car crash, was later adopted by a pair of older Killjoys, they were killed in an ambush
    Outfit: Wears a white t-shirt covered in multicoloured paint splatters, wears dark red skinny jeans and thigh high fake leather boots, mask is a dark red spiked gasmask
    Weapons: Raygun is black with yellow spots, shoots yellow, also has a black-bladed knife with a silver handle

    Hope we helped
    Written by Ryan on Leslie's account
    Leslie- MIA due to broken arm

    Author's response

    Thank you so much!
    Yes, you really helped.
  • Auditions

    (#) decaygirl13 2011-07-02 11:40:13 AM

    Name: Vera (Last name unknown)
    Name: Vera Vanity
    Eye Color: Light brown. Wears contacts.
    Hair Color: Natural hair color is brown with light brown strands. Dyed hair is auburn red.
    Personality: Vera is loyal and courageous. When nervous or upset she bites her names. Doesn't let people she what she truly feels. Can be soft spoken at times.
    Background: Vera Vanity is a hot headed girl. Was always made fun of and accused by others of being vain (She never saw herself as beautiful or pretty) .So she become very sheltered of her emotions. She does what she wants when she wants. Its hard for her to let people in because she has been hurt many times. When it comes to fighting she has taken Kickboxing and Tai kwon do. She's a fan of music and is a pianist herself and a Singer. Reads in spare time.
    Outfit: A black faded leather jacket, ripped up white v-neck, red faded and ripped skinny jeans, black fingerless gloves, and black combat boots with studs on the sides.
    Weapons: Two red and black rayguns which I keep in a holster on either side of my hip, and knives included in the tip of my combat boots.
    *You can change or add anything you like :)

    Author's response

    Thank you so much! I won't change a thing!
  • Auditions

    (#) RestlessStars 2011-07-02 11:40:39 AM

    Name: Michelle (goes by middle name)

    Name: Radical Reverie

    Age : 21

    Eye Color: dark brown

    Hair Color: shoulder length, layered, black cherry color with side fringe dyed neon blue.

    Personality: Mad scientist, plots ideas alot. Quiet, but deadly. Very intelligent. An observer. Able to adapt well to new environments. Sneaky. Snarky. When she does speak, she can be condescending sometimes. Not afraid to speak up when something is wrong.

    Background: Grew up with her father where she was very close to him. Mother died giving birth to her. Often blamed herself for killing her mother. Father who was also a scientist, she inherited his intelligence. When she was 16 her father went missing. People said he was murdered but she believes BL/Ind has him captive. She's very sensitive to the issue and determined to get him back.

    Outfit: black leather pants, ankle boots with chains,

    Author's response

    Wicked cool!
    Thank you so much!
  • Auditions

    (#) drfeelgood 2011-07-02 11:46:27 AM

    Glad we helped :)

    Written by Ryan on Leslie's account

    Leslie- MIA due to broken arm
  • Auditions

    (#) CyanideSunlight 2011-07-02 12:18:56 PM

    Name: Jassie Dee

    Name: Cyanide Sunlight.

    Eye Color: bluey green

    Hair Color: black, long and straight.

    Personality: shy at first, thenj I become weird. Unique, annoying, and fun. I don't worry about things.

    Background: grew up in an abusive home with my two brothers and mum.

    Outfit: blue ballet flats, pink tights that have holes in them, a short jean skirt, a green belt, a green shirt with a black vest, fingerless gloves that are blue.

    Weapons: I have a knife. It looks like this
    I also have a raygun that's pink and green.

    If you haven't noticed, pink and green are my killjoy colors. (:
    I hope I helped!

    Author's response

    Thank you so much!
    And yeah, hehe, the colors are great, the knife looks wicked as well.
  • Auditions

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-07-02 12:48:33 PM

    Name (real name): Rosie

    Name (killjoy name): Twisted Poison

    Eye Colour: Hazel with green tinges

    Hair Colour: dyed red, long and straight

    Piercings and tattoo's: nose stud, lip stud, 5 piercings in each ear, "FoREVer" tattooed on left wrist, a guitar on fire on right shoulder, wedding ring tattooed, a gigantic ray gun on back (identical to her own), "killjoys" on lower back, "bookworm" like Frank's (she has a massive crush on him)

    Personality: Shy around new people, once I get to know them I can't stop talking, random, hyper, funny

    Background: Korse killed family right in front of her when she was 4, her cousin saved her and they travelled together, until Korse found them and killed her cousin in front of her when she was 10, she has travelled alone ever since

    Outfit: Red motorbike jacket, black vest top underneath, black skinnies, red high heeled knee high boots

    Weapons: Black ray gun with red paint splattered on it to look like blood (keeps it in her right boot), a knife inside her jacket and I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do so I can kick arse so I don't need many weapons

    Can't wait for the story

    Rosie :)
  • Auditions

    (#) dancingdragon 2011-07-02 01:16:45 PM

    Name: (An actual name, but it's optional on whether you want one or not)-Jenna but doesn't go by it at all.

    Name: (Killjoy name, this one is needed) Lady Madness

    Eye Color: some days its a brown orangey, some days green, and some days hazel

    Hair Color:blackish brown

    Personality: mysterious and shy at first. doesn't have a gang because she's a lone wolf, after you get to know her some days shes really happy then the next she'll be super depressed. a little insane, it's where she gets her name.

    Background: (A little bit of your history)-she was captured by BLI and put under millions of tests and expairaments. she escaped, but she left her sanity behind.

    Outfit: (What your Killjoy outfit is..basically)- a leather jackets that got alot of different colored patches. ripped jeans with doodles and usually has random quotes on her hands in sharpie. her mask is a martis gras designs on it and its black and white.

    Weapons: (What weapons that you use, rayguns, actual guns, knives, etc. and a description of what they look like)-she has dozens of throwing knives, and she shoots archery, but she does own a ray gun. its black and white and it says 'belle muerte' on the side. (french for beautiful death in french)

    Author's response

    Thank so much!
    And it sounds so wicked, expecially the 'belle muerte' on your raygun, I actually know a bit a French and was so elated when I read that!
  • Auditions

    (#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-07-02 02:06:05 PM

    Name: (An actual name, but it's optional on whether you want one or not) Lacie

    Name: (Killjoy name, this one is needed) Toxic Memory

    Eye Color: Grey with violet flecks around the center

    Hair Color: Jet black, straight, choppy, and just past shoulders

    Personality: not too shy, but not the hyper, outgoing one. sarcastic, witty, and caring. a little mysterious as she doesnt talk about her past, she gets scared easily. bassist. very disorganized and messy. extremely daring. she's very very sweet, kind and funny although she loves to kill dracs and be bait for traps. hides her emotions and keeps things bottled up. she does cry, but only when she's by herself. will stand up for herself. not one to get easily offended. rebellious and doesn't believe in rules. speaks her mind with no boundaries.

    Background: (A little bit of your history)was living in an old comic book store when korse and dracs invaded her and her little brother and parents. she was kidnapped by korse but managed to help her brother scape (he's 14-she doesnt know where he is) korse then blew up her home,, killing her parents. she escaped korse while being tested. he captured her again, she killed the drac watching her and has his raygun. she has been captured several more times and escapes-she knows alot of escape routes and entrances. Korse knows her face, voice, and name (real name and killjoy name) they hate eachother.

    Outfit: (What your Killjoy outfit is..basically)grey skinny jeans and a studded belt, an old escape the fate blue band shirt with the sleeves and collar cut off. a cuff and a fingerless glove on her left hand, and bright blue jelly bracelets on the right. a studded brass knucle necklace,and blue hightops. a black gun with a blue stripe going from the tip to the handle.

    Weapons: (What weapons that you use, rayguns, actual guns, knives, etc. and a description of what they look like) a raygun and loves rope to strangle/tie up people.

    this is DeathDefying on this account. I'll audition aswell.

    Name: Seth

    Killjoy Name: Living Dead

    Eye color: Bright Green almost emerald

    Hair Color: Chocolate Brown and worn almost like Mikey's mohawk thing in Black Parade

    Personality: very shy. spends alot of time in the dark alone, thinking. doesn't talk much, but is an important asset because he knows more than he should. caring, resentful and revengful toward bli/ind. sarcastic. confident in himself and his friends-but not a cocky jack-ass. kind to his friends. very loyal and honest, and doesn't take shit. doesn't like to show fear or pain. likes to be someone to talk to. will fight for his friends. stands by people. can be funny when he talks. very quick witted and has good instincts. fast runner. a protector of his friends.

    Background: just a killjoy that keeps running. was given pills and tested by bli/ind so much that he is kinda immune to whatever. he was brainwashed by them, so knows alot of their plans (he was originally supposed to work for them) but managed to escape, helping other killjoys along the way.

    Outfit:grey jeans and an old misfits shirt. red/crimson jacket and black docmartens. wears a wristband (although never cuts

    Weapons: Talented with Knives.

    if it fits, can he have a crush on Toxic Memory? hope we helped. x

    Author's response

    Thank you both!
    And those are wicked!
    I'll make sure to fit in Living Dead's crush on Toxic Memory.
  • Auditions

    (#) raygun33 2011-07-02 04:04:30 PM

    Name- Corey (female)

    Killjoy Name- StarScream (one word)

    Eye color- brown, but hazel in the sunlight

    Hair- dark brown, curly/wavy, slightly wild but attractive

    Personality- Quiet and reserved, only outgoing to people very close to her. Always keeps emotions bottled up and sometime can't take the anxiety of the built up feelings. Though quiet, she's a bold person and tries very hard to appear strong. Compassionate and kind but has a fiery temper when provoked. Despite being small, she can be very intimidating if you cross her. Very artistic. Drowns her pain in art and music and is rarely seen without her sketchpad and giant oldschool headphones. likes to be alone and thinks too much. complex and mysterious with unique outlook on life.

    Background-Family disappeared when she was 16 and her house was burned down by BLI. Suspects her family to be dead. Since then she has been on the run with only her german shepherd, Zombie, who is her best friend.

    Outfit- leather jacket with high collar and lots of pockets and zippers. usually red cut up tshirt underneath and tight black skinnies that are usually splattered with paint or smeared with charcoal. Wears a thin low strung holster on her waist for rayguns. Black or green beat-up converse high tops or sometimes calf high black boots with straps. Lots of thick wristbands and has a large tattoo of a star on her inner wrist. Loves red lipstick, and when preparing for a fight sometimes paints an X over one eye.

    Weapons- keeps a dagger in her boot. Expert with rayguns; has several different colors and types, and she has named each one. (Venom, Astrozombie etc.)
  • Auditions

    (#) WordsIdLikeToSay 2011-07-02 04:09:27 PM

    Name: Subject 369
    Name: Cherry Explosion
    Eye Color: Purple
    Hair Color: Bleach White, with neon blue strips
    Personality: Loud, bubbly, Fun to be around, gets angry easily, loves coffee and cig's, smart, honest, doesn't talk about her passed loyal, sarcastic
    Background: Was kidnapped as a baby and brought up to kill killjoys i was given pills but they never worked BLI/ind were going to kill me but i broke out one night and ran to the zones to be come the thing she was taught to kill
    Outfit: Purple short sleeved shirt, black worn out skinny's, red converse with green lases, a black leather jacket.
    Weapons: Two purple ray guns.

    Hope this helps xD cant wait to read it x

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