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Think Happy Thoughts, Think Happy Thoughts!

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Misstiriouse smell, best fiends and sleepy dogs.

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Chapter 2

Here comes chapter 2 ppl!
It was a few weeks after the funeral for my pappy, my mum wasn't coping well with the loss, Jake and i where coping in the only way we know, shutting down and keeping are emotions to ourselves, shutting ourselves in our rooms only coming our for food, bathroom brakes and to walk or let the dogs out so they don't pee in the house. Our mum just kept moping round the house crying, she had been let off work because of the death. I walked up the stairs from my room to let the dogs in because they wouldn't stop scratching at my door, as soon as I opened it they came rushing in bringing a horrible smell with then. I didn't think much of it at the time, thinking my mum had left something to rot, it had been a few days since I had left my bedroom partly having lost my appetite for food party because I had a bathroom in my room, so having no reason to leave my room. The dogs all jumped on to my bed curling up together, I smiles for the first time in ages looking at them. Looking at the clock I saw it was 4:30AM, i sighed knowing I wouldn't be able to call my best friend, might as well text Leaanne anyway, knowing she might reply.

Frankie Baby! xP: Hai! You wake? I need someone to cheer me up :'( 

1 minuet later

gee'bear :D: hey, yeah i am up :P  obviously :L 

Frankie Baby! xP: yeah, lol. You wanna come round?  xP

gee'bear :D: sure, be there in 10! :L

Frankie Baby! xP: thanx Lea!

gee'beat :D: HERE NOW! :3

Frankie Baby! xP: Yaay! C'omin! 

I smiled again for the 2nd time in ages. As I rushed up the stairs and opened the door to be greeted by the  rotten smell again, nothing could ruin my good mood at the moment, I hadn't seen Leaanne since a week before my grandad died. I missed her so much, we usually each other like everyday! As I made my way to the front door i saw a note on the table form Jake, saying.
I've gone to a friends house, think happy thoughts ;D pizza in the freezer, mum should be round somewhere. I'll be back soon.
Love Jake :)'
I  was glad he got out of his room to spend time with someone else other than his pc. I carried on walking to he door, ignoring the smell. I looked through the glass and smiled seeing Lea standing there with her guitar case. I opened the door scaring her slightly as I pulled her into a hug. Usually im not much for hugs, but considering the timing, she hugged me back awkwardly, still holding her guitar. 
'GEE BEE!' I half shouted grinning my face off at my best friend. 
'FRANKIE!' Lea half screamed back at me identical grin on her face. 

Mwhahahahhaha! Thought I'd be evil and stop it off here. :D

Frankie :D
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