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Think Happy Thoughts! Think Happy Thoughts! Part 2

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Kept cutting part of it off so I put it in two parts :P

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gee'beat :D: HERE NOW! :3

Frankie Baby! xP: Yaay! C'omin! 

I smiled again for the 2nd time in ages. As I rushed up the stairs and opened the door to be greeted by the  rotten smell again, nothing could ruin my good mood at the moment, I hadn't seen Leaanne since a week before my grandad died. I missed her so much, we usually each other like everyday! As I made my way to the front door i saw a note on the table form Jake, saying.
I've gone to a friends house, think happy thoughts ;D pizza in the freezer, mum should be round somewhere. I'll be back soon.
Love Jake :)'
I  was glad he got out of his room to spend time with someone else other than his pc. I carried on walking to he door, ignoring the smell. I looked through the glass and smiled seeing Lea standing there with her guitar case. I opened the door scaring her slightly as I pulled her into a hug. Usually im not much for hugs, but considering the timing, she hugged me back awkwardly, still holding her guitar. 
'GEE BEE!' I half shouted grinning my face off at my best friend. 
'FRANKIE!' Lea half screamed back at me identical grin on her face. 

Mwhahahahhaha! Stoped here just to be evil!

Frankie :D
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