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a frerard storie based from 16 year olds to grow in to a band from friends from a comic books store to lovers

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Franks pov

“Man this comic book store is a drag to work in, ok so i get discount, but come on! Im! so! Bored!”
i mumbled to my self as i stacked the shelves, that’s all i seem to do, is stack them. Watching people come and go as they please, asking me questions that i seem to repeat the same answer all the time.
“oh over there” or “that sections is in the bottom right corner” and “ follow me and il show you”
And it doesn’t help iv got no one to go home too, only my mum and dad, im all alone in this world, sometimes i think im going to die alone. My shift had ended and it was raining down outside. Hard. Guess im just going to have to walk in that. Just as i was about too leave a man walked in to the shop i thought to myself, if he wants something im going to scream, i want to go home! He came up to me to ask a few questions, should have known. Come on i was only 16 i have no patients but to be honest im still in school should i really be running a shop on my own? The boss is hardly ever in so i basically have to run the whole thing! The only thing he does is order new comics in and bosses me about. I mean come on! Iv got school tomorrow for fuck sake!
“ ..i heard there we..were some vacancies for a job”
he stuttered. he seemed so nervous. Well he seemed the same age as me maybe a bit older so i know what it was like to ask for a job here.
“um ..sure! uh come this way”
i smiled at him nicely, well he seemed really scared thought id be nice too him if he was going to be my fellow work mate. I walked him up to the staff room to get him to fill out some forms. There was a very awkward silence and i couldn’t help but noticed that he was wearing a smashing pumpkins t-shirt and the awkward silence continued, all i could hear was the rattling of a chain from my pocket attached to my wallet. We reached the door and i rummaged through my pocket for the key to the staff room. he stood there waiting for me to find the key as i rummaged through my pocket.
“ah...i must have left the key under the counter tell you what, stay up here for a second and il run down and get the key, there’s allot of stairs i don’t expect you to come down with me”
i said laughing. The lift was out of order or i would have gone down that way, another thing the boss should sort out, but wont. I ran downstairs and grabbed the keys and ran back upstairs, as i walked towards the door, the guy was lent up against the wall waiting for my return. He looked at me with his bright yet sly looking hazel eyes. It matched his slightly pointed nose and chiselled jaw. His hair was short ish about 2 inches from his shoulders and looked as if it had started to flick from the rain. He obviously straightens it. I have feeling that il get along with this guy. Hes allot taller than id say a good 5-6 inches. He was warring VERY tight skinny jeans, YES! Finely im not alone, i chuckled to myself. His hair was black and thick but knotted, his fringe just hung over one eye like he had just got out of bed. I must admit he was very cute.
“got them!”
i said smiling and waving the keys in the air walking quickly down to the door. “ so what’s your name then” i said as i poked the key in and turned the lock whilst looking at him. Jesus his eyes are very pretty.
“ names Gerard”
he replied “um im not usually this just nervous this is my first job interview, you see, im a front man of a band i don’t really have an excuse to be nervous but...never mind”
so hes a front man ...interesting, i wonder what band hes in. i might have herd of them, my cousin works with a load of unsigned bands in new jersey, my city i live in. The door unlocked and i went inside with Gerard following.

Gerards pov

ok so maybe i was a bit nervous at first but this guy seems nice, i haven’t even asked for his name yet. i must admit when i approached him he looked a bit pissed that i was asking him questions, but he seems allot nicer now. I was surprised to see another guy who likes the same things as me, he had a slight Mohawk but it was flat with a long droopy red fringe and the sides were bleached blonde, i know this because you could see his roots coming through. He was very short but a cute, pocket sized short. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a white shirt and red tie, very smart yet because it was un-tucked on one side you could see he was still untidy at the same time, or just clumsy. I wonder if im going to have to ware anything like that, at least id be able to ware skinnies and seeming as he’s wearing converse maybe i can too!
“take a seat! would you like a tea or coffee? We could be here some time”
he was very polite, he looked at me with these piercing brown eyes, very flawless. Very jealous, mine are small and squinty. I don’t like them very much.
“um coffee please”
i said the most obvious answer. i don’t like tea very much.
“ah! Same as me i hate tea but the boss insists that we have options”
he said rolling his eyes.
“so im guessing the boss wont be interviewing me?”
i asked as he was scooping the coffee from the jar in to 2 mugs.
“no hes NEVER in, he usually leaves me to sort everything even though im only 16, i guess iv grown up fast”
so hes still in school. I wonder what school. i mean im only a year older than him. How does he mange it!
“ so youl be interviewing me then”
i asked, it was an obvious question but i just wanted to clarify it.
“yeah, but don’t panic you’ve got the job, i just need to go over a few thing with you and give you a key and your all set , the boss would have done the same because no ones coming in for the jobs so were not fussed. you’ll only be helping me stack shelves and serve customers the boss sorts everything else out so you’ve got it easy like me.” He turned around and smiled at me “do you want sugar in your coffee” he asked.
“um just 1 please, so what’s your name, you said you were only 16? well im 17 maybe were in the same school?”
i asked, i was just curious, i mean if were in the same school maybe i can get to know him more. It was the summer brake and we’d be going back to school soon so fresh start, new friend?
“oh! I forgot to say! Silly me im the one interviewing you and you don’t even know who i am!” he said slightly laughing. I laughed too. “my name is frank! Oh and well im moving in to a new school its my 3rd one now. Im starting to get tired of moving schools, so i don’t know the name of it, which is stupid because iv lived in this city all my life! But i live down cherry blossom drive, its a 5 minute walk down from there i think, still don’t quite know the route.”
I was surprised to hear this because i live a road away from his street. And iv NEVER seen him around!
“oh! I know ware that is Michel high school, i live a street away from you!” i said excitedly
“oh yeah! that’s the school im going to next term! Well tomorrow”
“yeah it is the same one as me! hey maybe after this we could walk back together if you’ve finished?” my confidence was starting to return.
“totally! I still don’t know this area too well even though iv been working at this place for a year now, i just don’t get out much, i just go to work and school and even then i get moved about, but my mum says that this move is for good! FINLY!”
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