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home life

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and the homelife begins

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2011-07-08 - Updated: 2011-07-09 - 1470 words

Franks pov
So he filled in all of the paper work and i gave him a spare key so he could get in if i wasn’t here and a key to the staff room. i looked at his references and we chatted about my first day and what the school would be like, then after all the business was sorted i sent a text to the boss saying that i had found a person who wanted the job and had done what he told me to do for him to start right away and then we grabbed all of our things and got ready to leave
“well seeming as your going to be working here now i might as well show you how to close the shop up, its not too hard. You just lock all the doors and pull the blinds down over the windows, then when you get outside you just close the gate to the door and that’s it. Do you think you could help me lock some of these doors?” i said just trying to get him in to the swing of things.
“yeah, sure!” he replied, so i handed him a bunch of keys with labels on because to be honest if i still cant remember each key after working here for a year, then he wont know which key is for which door either! We worked through the shop locking all the doors behind us until we reached the bottom floor. It was a big shop, we both stepped outside and i showed him how to lock the outside gate for the door. We started our long walk back seeming as we were in the middle of town, we caught two trains and a bus back to the outskirts of New Jersey. It was late and it was getting dark, the street lamps switched on one by one with an amber light as they started to warm up, then they gradually got brighter as it started to drizzle with rain again. Gerard pointed out the school as we passed it
“see there it is, we could meet on the corner of our roads and walk down if your still not to sure” Gerard said smiling down at me. Walking beside him, i noticed that he was allot taller than me than what i had thought when we were sat down in the staff room.
“yeah, im still not to sure how about we meet on the corner of your road by the candy store and walk down, we could get some candy too at the same time!” i really liked candy, i had such a sweet tooth. My favourite was skittles.
“deal!...oh well this is my turning i live down that road you see?...well il...” before he could finish a car sped past us both and drove through a puddle splashing us both and making us jump a mile.
“FUCKING ASS WHOLE!!” i shouted shaking my fist at the car half way down the road. I turned around to see Gerard laughing a little.
“whaatttt!” i said waving both of my hands and letting them drop by my side as if to give up “this was new on today man!!”
“oh nothing its just funny too see you stress out, it is only water” he giggled
“Yeah i guess. But i did want to ware this to school tomorrow! But now il have to find something ells! And all my skinny’s are in the wash. means il have to ware baggy jeans or something!” going off in to a rant about what to ware tomorrow Gerard cut me off
“Wow haven’t actually met someone who stresses about what to ware to school like you!” he said laughing a little harder “ well i best be going now its pitch black now, meet at the corner at 8 am? Gives us plenty of time to stroll through the candy store” he smiled and shook my hand. His hands were very soft, his fingers very long and slender. He obviously takes care of himself, he was very skinny and pale like me, long, slim legs as well. I watched him walk away as he put his hood up over his head and placed his hands in to his pockets, as he disappeared in to the darkness as the rain blurred his figure. i stood under the bright amber light of the lap and also put my hood over my messy hair as a storm formed overhead, i ran home as a clap of thunder was herd and shook me up a little. I plunged the key in to the front door lock and let myself in, soaking wet just from running down the road. I’m definitely wearing something else tomorrow. I stood in the hallway, all the lights were off. Parents must still be at work, my phone went off. It was a message from Gerard, I had given him my number so i can meet with him at lunch times and not wonder around trying to find him for half an hour in a school im not familiar with yet. I read the message
“it was nice to meet you and im glad i have a friend to hang out with in school see you at 8am” did he not have friends before? strange he seems nice, why he wouldn’t have friends is beyond me. Oh well it doesn’t matter. I pulled my hoddie off of my shoulders i shoved it in to the dryer and decided to make a sandwich and clamber up the stairs to bed.

Gerards pov
After i had walked out of franks sight i stood in the rain for a while and sent him a text and walked over to the nearest lamp, i decided to lean up against it for a little bit, i know it was raining but it makes me feel more relaxed to be out in the rain i heard a clap of thunder and following it a flash of lightning. Beautiful. I was getting soaked now so i decided to walk back to my house, i didn’t really want to go home but i didn’t have any ware else to go. See the reason why i don’t have any friends at school is because i don’t trust anyone. my home life is ruff yet i still try to be optimistic hence why i went to get a job and why im in a band as a front man so i can be who i want to be. It doesn’t help that people judge me at school, but il show all of them that il be more well known around the world for my music than any of them will ever be. I stood outside my front door. Reluctant to going in. I rested my head against the door, took a deep breath and opened the door, to my parents screaming at each other. I ran upstairs but before i could get to my room my mum screamed angrily for me in to the living room. So i slowly walked down the stairs and in to the living room
“so did you get a job then?” she said in a angry tone
“yeah” i said sheepishly
“SEE ATLEASET HE CAN GET A JOB AND ITS HIS FIRST TIME LOOKING, HE MIGHT BE A WASTE OF SPACE BUT ITS MORE THAN WHAT YO.....” she just wanted to use me as a point in an argument. Its not like it never happens. I stood there watching them argue about money and bills and food then my mum snapped at me
“SO WHAT THE FUCK YOU STANDING THERE FOR GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT” i didn’t know what to do, she’s never been this angry before, i froze. She started to walk over to me with her fist clenched. I came to just in time and ran for the door. Running up the stairs to my room and slammed the door behind me
“YOU FUCKING WASTE OF SPACE WHEN YOUR 18 YOUR MOVEING OUT YOU HEAR ME!!!” she screamed up the stairs at me. i turned around and slid down the back of the door till i was sat on the ground with my head in my hands. I don’t know how to handle this anymore, this is why i have trust issues. I hope frank doesn’t turn out to be a nasty guy. I got up slowly and ripped off my wet cloths and clambered in to bed, doubt il be able to sleep but its worth a try. I put my head phones in and listened to music as the argument went on and i drifted of to sleep
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