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I love you so much.

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Gerard and Delilah. Yeah, just read... if you want.

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I hope you guys enjoyed the last chapter. This one is mainly going to be Gerard and Delilah POV when they are at her house. I hope you like it.

Gerard's POV
I was awaken by a bit of sunlight entering through her dark red curtains of her bedroom. It took me a second to realize where I was but I heard a soft sigh and looked down and saw Delilah's head buried into my chest. We were in her room together. I was silently holding her as she slept in my arms, all was at peace. I was with the girl who had stolen my heart and filled the darkness in my life. I couldn't believe my luck. The fact that I had dreaded the idea of coming to this town to find that if I hadn't come I wouldn't have found the girl that understood me to a point of complete amazement. I would have never guessed a girl 3 and a half years younger than me who lived in a desert town of boredom would be the one to make it into my heart.
Soon the thoughts of the night before came back to me... everything I had told her.
"Delilah, my past isn't a pretty one, can you understand that?" I had asked her as I sat on the bed trying to prepare myself for what was to come.
"Of course I understand that, my past wasn't pretty either," she said stroking my hand feeling my nerves rising.
With that I knew it was safe to start.
"I was this kid, this kid that no one wanted to be around. I was very distant from everyone except for Mikey. My parents worried I'd never make friends, they thought I was anti-social. In a way I was. I was afraid of people, of them judging me. I was different and saw things in a different way than others did. Then I entered Jr. High, 7th grade. I was on my own then. Mikey was still in elementary school and I was really alone. Until I met Ray. He and I had enough in common to have small conversations and were able to hang out together at lunch. It wasn't much of a friendship until 8th grade started. I had become even more of a loner, I was spending all my time at home in my bedroom drawing and having fake gun fights with Mikey. Mikey was one of the only people I interacted with anymore. For some reason Ray noticed this and began trying to spend more and more time with me, trying to talk to me. Before I knew it I was depending on his friendship. He also introduced Frank to me and I became friends with him as Mikey did. That was the beginning of our foursome. We all became very close that year. And when Mikey was going through everything, well Ray was there. He was there for it all. I was going through so much guilt knowing I couldn't help Mikey like I should've and I felt like I was spiraling in a pit of nothing. I started taking pills," I paused to see her reaction and I saw she was looking at me intently and her eyes were glazed over with tears. I continued as she squeezed my hand. "They were for depression and I was taking them as Mikey was getting better. Then I met someone that summer, a girl that would change everything for me. Eliza Cuts. I thought she was perfect and amazing and just everything I wanted in life. But I was wrong, I was so damn wrong. One night when I was with her Ray had told me about some jerks who had beat up Frank again. By this time Eliza and I were dating for a few months and Frank and I had become very close friends and something happened in my mind. I wasn't sure if it was a reaction from the pills I had abruptly stopped taking or I had always had but I had a sort of black out. Eliza got scared, i had apparently swung at her in anger and I just didn't know. A week later I found out from her mom that she was on a date with another guy and well it killed me inside. Ray took care of that though. He put her back in her rightful place and Eliza never even tried speaking to me again, which was probably for the best. I was still having black outs a lot and I tried to stop them but they just wouldn't..." I stop to see her crying. I wasn't sure from what but before I could ask her she told me.
"Gerard, I'm sorry you got hurt...please understand I'd never... ever.... hurt you that way, ever," she said looking me in the eyes with slow tears falling down. I wiped away her tears and she reached for my cheek as well, I was surprised I to find I too was crying. I had been crying a lot lately and well, it was nice to let it all out.
"I know you won't," I said getting ready to continue, "So when the black outs didn't go away Ray would stay the night at my house almost every night making sure I was okay. Before the start of our sophomore year I realized I was getting better. Only in moments of complete anger or sadness would I get them and all was going well. Ray and I were excelling amazingly in school and after our sophomore year we found out we only need a few more credits and we'd able to graduate early. So we worked our butts off our junior year and it seemed as if we were going to be able to just graduate and live our lives. But we were mistaken. That Spring Break I had a little... incident. I was depressed and stressed out. I couldn't find a college that were impressed by my artistic abilities and the pressure was getting to me. So one night I tried to commit suicide after a bunch of the guys from school saw me at the local library drawing and grabbed them from me. They called them "piece of shit fag drawings" and spit on them. It broke my heart, I know now it shouldn't have but it did. So I went to this... lake sort of thing near Ray's house. It was just around the corner from his and mine so it was the first place I thought of. The lake was deep enough to drown in so those were my plans, to drown myself and escape from this hell. But well..." I paused trying to explain the next part in the calmest way possible. I looked at Delilah who had her eyes shut, as if she didn't want to believe. I was too deep in now to stop so I continued even though I knew it'd be difficult. "I was doing it, I took off my sweater and shirt and I jumped off the bridge into the small lake with nothing but my jeans. I could feel the water filling my lungs, all was going dark and I knew soon I'd feel nothing at all, all the pain would be gone. I shut my eyes thinking it'd be the last time I'd ever do so. And after that I was gone, or so I thought. Everything was dark and silent and I thought that's what death was, or at least purgatory but then I felt a sharp pain in my chest and before I knew it I was being shaken by someone and my eyesight was blurred and I was confused at what was going on. Until I heard the voice. It was Frank. Of all the people to find me it as Frank but I heard someone else too. Ray. Both of them were there screaming. Before I could make out anything else I shut my eyes and woke up later in a bed in a house. Turns out Ray took me to his house and kept me there. I wasn't sure how he'd known that I'd been there. Frank was only 12 years old I think but he apparently had lifted me out of the lake. Ray and Frank never told Mikey or my parents about what happened. Instead Ray kicked some ass and well that was that. No one messed with me for the rest of the year. I got off the anti-depressants realizing they just made matters worse so I would spend night with Ray talking about everything and anything. And that's how I made it through things, talking to my best friend. I'm better now, of course until I found out how madly in love I am with you," I said and I see her face in shock. I start explaining before she takes it the wrong way. "No no no, there's nothing wrong with that, it's just I got jealous the first time you and Frank met so I guess I blacked out... Ray fixed that though and all is well again. But honestly, I have never felt so loved like I do right now. You love me and that's all that will ever matter, ever," I say finishing and once again crying. Before we can utter another word we are lying on the bed in each other's arms crying softly knowing we'd finally found our other half.
I was still processing all that had gone last night. It was a lot to take in knowing I was so in love that I willing told her my past. I hadn't even been that open with Eliza and I had thought she'd be the one. How wrong had I been.
"I'm going to end up marrying you one day," I muttered to myself as I kissed the top of her head.
"Ok, I live with that, no big wedding though," Delilah replied suddenly, surprising me.
"Shit! I didn't know you were awake I uhhh..." I say having my voice trail off nervously. She giggles and pulls herself a bit in my arms.
"It's okay Gerard, no need to be embarrassed, gosh," she said as she placed her lips upon mine.
Just the feel of her lips got me going. I pulled back slowly not wanting to get my hopes up, or her's even.
"You know, when you do that I really lose my composure," I say with a smirk seeing the red fill her cheeks.
"Explain how so Mr. Way?" she says nestling back into my chest that was covered by a thin sweater.
"Well it just does...things to me... please don't make me explain it," I say a bit embarrassed now.
She laughs at me and just nods. We both lie there enjoying the peace, the quiet, the love radiating from one another.
Delilah's POV
Lying there in Gerard's arms, having my head against his chest, hearing his breathing quicken and settle down again, it was just so amazing. I never wanted to move. Ever. I remembered then I had one question to still ask him. I needed to break the silence no matter how great it was.
"Gerard, I have one thing to ask you," I say still lying my head on his chest.
He just replies with a small mumble of question. I knew I'd be in deep shit later for asking him this but I had to.
"What made me stand out? There are millions of girls out there and you say I stand out, why?" I ask getting up on my small bed and looking him in the eye.
"Because you didn't care about the little things. The minute I saw you in the library reading some random book of Tim Burton drawings and then falling flat on your ass and mumbling angrily about it, well it was perfect and hilarious cause you were such a mess, an adorable mess that didn't care if the world knew she was a mess. You caught my eye for sure," he said and suddenly he was removing the sweater that covered his chest.
"Woah Gee, I love you and all but ummm-"
"Be quiet, it's not what you think," he cuts me off laughing. I look at his bare chest and see scars over it. "These scars are from bullies and myself. I was a wreck but Ray helped me get better and those scars," he says pointing to my covered up thighs, "are going to stop and are only going to be scars now, you are never going to do that again, got it?" he said in a demanding, yet surprisingly loving tone.
"Of course they will, I promise," I say inching closer to him. I knew it was a bad idea but it was so tempting to just touch the scars on his chest knowing so many cruel people had done this to him.
Before I knew it he placed my hand on his chest and let me trace the scars slowly. Suddenly, as I was tracing on near his heart, he grabbed my hand.
"Okay time to stop before this leads to something," he said making realize his voice was a bit shaky and his breathing was uneven. I was... I was turning him on. Wow, that was not something I'd ever expect to do, ever. I tried to hold in a small laugh but I couldn't help myself.
"What's so funny?" he asked me as he slipped on his sweater again getting off my bed. I follow his movement and then head to my bedroom door.
"Oh nothing, just I find it funny who shaky you were," I say walking into the living room.
I can feel his footsteps behind me closely and I turn to see his cheeks a light pink. "Oh well, whatever, we should call Ray now, to tell him you're not knocked up or anything," he says playing with his hair again as I sit on the couch and turn on the TV to, yes, Spongebob.
"Okay, fine, I bet he's freaking out," I reply motioning for Gerard to sit next to me as he grabs the phone.
He dials quickly and it's answered instantly. "Hey Ray. No she isn't. Yes we did. GOD NO. She's fine. Yes I swear. God you are like her brother. Okay. We'll be home later. No we won't!" was all Gerard said before he said goodbye laughing.
"So what now?" he asks me as I watch Patrick jump off the cliff.
"Oh uhh I thought we should just have some cereal and watch cartoons? But if y'know, if you're too old-"
"I would love to that, but I've seen this episode a million times, what's next?" he asks already going to my kitchen to search for the cereal and says, "Where's the cereal and do you have Lucky Charms? I fucking love that shit!"
Yeah, I knew he was perfect but this proved my theory completely.

I hope you guys aren't bored with this yet, if so I'm sorry, I'm trying to keep it interesting. Anyways, R&R if you wish.
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