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Let's Continue.

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As the title says, let us continue.

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I would've put this up sooner but my parents took away all my stuff this morning and well yeah. Anyways, here you go, hope you like it.

Ray's POV
"They better hurry the hell up and come back," I mutter to myself. I know I shouldn't care but I couldn't help but think the worst. My mind was always in the gutter when I thought of them together.
"Shut up already, Delilah wouldn't let him do anything," Frank says trying to grab the TV remote from Bob as Mikey snickered at them.
"How do you know that?!" I say raising my voice a bit and sitting on the counter deciding that pacing wouldn't do anything.
"Cause, it's Delilah, she wouldn't ever let me grab her ass, ever!" Frank says making Mikey gasp and Bob stop in silence then burst out in laughter. I on the other hand...
"YOU WHAT?!" I say screaming this time. Frank turns to me and starts to stutter.
"Well I uhh I-I-I might have y'know just uhhh tried uhh a few uh uh uhhh times to just uhhh yeah," he says getting off the couch and moving further from me. "I'm a guy Ray! I have needs! And it was when I wanted her a lot still, goodness!" he finishes as I stand in front of him. There is no doubt though that I know what he means.
"Ugh. Whatever, you still got shot down so whatever," I say shoving him playfully back on the couch. The past was the past, and it was funnier to think she'd shot him down.
"Whatever Ray, she's a lady that's why!" Frank said grabbing the remote Bob had left unattended.
"From what Mikey told us she can be a dirty lady," Bob said laughing and trying to get the remote back.
"Oh God... I swear I never imagined Delilah, sweet Delilah, to be all... ugh with Gerard," Mikey says with a shiver.
"It's okay Mikey, neither did I," I say sitting back on the counter.
"So they called you, what now?" Frank asks giving up on the remote once Bob grabbed him in a head lock.
"I guess we wait. By the way, what did you want to name that song?"
Gerard's POV
I thought it was perfectly normal for a 17 year old hormonal guy to be sitting in his 14 year old girlfriend's house on the same couch as her eating Lucky Charms watching Spongebob. In my mind it was fucking normal and perfect. We didn't talk much except for the occasional criticism to how idiotic the plot was going, though we both were secretly addicted to Spongebob. Finally I broke the silence with an opener to a subject I was a bit shy to talk about.
"So Delilah... umm... what do you want for y'know your birthday. It's coming up really soon and I just want to get you something perfect..." I say smiling at her nervously. She looks at me and grins.
"I already got the perfect gift you idiot. You, duh," she says as she puts her plate on the ground and leans in to kiss me. But before she does she continues on. "But if you insist on getting me something I say.... hmmm I don't know... a sweater maybe," she shrugs with a smile and takes me in.
Every kiss was just as intense as the last and it didn't help that every time she kissed me we were so close, rubbing against each other. I had to pull away.
"Okay, sweater got it. Now do me a favor and... stop that," I say my head spinning a bit. She laughs at me realizing what was going on.
"Oh Gee, you make me laugh," she says lying on my lap and playing with my pant leg. "It'd be easier if you just said it y'know, get it off your chest and out in the open, might make things better," she finishes closing her eyes and fiddling with her thumbs.
"Okay fine," I say feeling up to the challenge. "I want to make love to you, there I said it," I say trying to sound confident even though I was embarrassed as hell.
Delilah sits up and bursts into laughter. "I-I-I'm sorry but I didn't think you actually say it!" she says hugging me so I wouldn't feel bad.
"Oh whatever!" I say feeling the pink fill in my cheeks. "But well... it does feel nice to have said it."
She stops laughing and looks at me with a grin, a grin that gets me thinking in ways I shouldn't.
"Well all in good time my dear love, but ummm yeah I'm not that easy so it might take a year or two or three. Hell! Maybe even four!" she says getting closer to me.
She was being brutally honest and I enjoyed that. I didn't want to just take her, I wanted it to be nice I guess. And I'd wait 'til the end of time for her, plus she's only 14. It would be wrong... even if we do love each other.
"Ehh I can wait," I say as she lies back down on my lap and I begin playing with her hair as the theme song for The Fairly Odd Parents started.
"Yeah, I know you can, that's why you are PERFECT," she says moving a bit to get comfortable. I was flattered, I was far from perfect and if I was her idea of perfect then... wow.
"I'm not perfect Delilah," I say looking down to her. Her big brown eyes stare back at me and a smile appears upon her face making a bit of her braces appear.
"Just like you think I'm beautiful when I don't think I am, I think you are perfect when you don't think you are. So there, we're even," she says making me realize she was right. Again.
In a way we were even. I was, in my eyes, far from perfect but to her I was the definition of perfect just as she is the definition of beauty to me. We were... even. For lack of a better word.
"Fine whatever, but why?" I ask out of sheer curiosity, I wanted to know what she saw me as.
"Because you embrace your flaws that you know exist and instead of denying them you turn them into art," she says. That's all she says, but it's enough to make me realize what I was going to do with my life.
"If I started a band would you support me?" I ask without a second thought.
"Obviously," she says smiling as if she had known I'd ask that after her comment. God she was just too smart and clever sometimes.
"Good because I'm doing that once we get married," I said confidently. I wasn't even afraid to say it, I was confident in our future. I had never been more sure about anything so far in my life than knowing I'd marry her one day.
"Okay, and I'll be there to make sure everything goes according to plan," she says sitting up and pulling me into a kiss.
And from there we were lost in one another. Again. But I didn't mind, every second with her was amazing. Whether we were talking or being physically pulled into one another, it didn't matter.

sorry if this seems short, it's 2 AM here and I have to be up in 3 hours so yeah. Anyways, I hope you guys like this one, and go check out my one shot. Anyways R&R if you wish. Bye for now xo
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