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Birthday Plans.

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Fast forward to the week of Delilah's birthday. The guys must plan!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/07/13 - Updated: 2011/07/13 - 2590 words

Hey guys, bear with me on this one. It might be long. Might!

Gerard's POV
After that day in Delilah's house we were inseparable. Either I'd stay at her house or she'd stay with us. And the guys were perfectly fine with it, even Ray. Frank didn't mind at all either, once school started again he needed her over, or actually he wanted her to bring Jamia with her which she usually did. They had gotten almost all their classes together and Delilah would drag Jamia along whenever she came over; not that any of us minded of course, especially Frank.
As we were sitting in the living room Sunday afternoon I realized what day it was. January 10th, 5 days until Delilah's birthday on Friday. Delilah was messing with Frank about something he was writing down, Ray and Bob were playing a video game, and Mikey and I were reading on the couch.
"Delilah, stop it! Give it!" Frank said as he was pulling the notebook from Delilah.
"Aww c'mon Frank, let me see what you're drawing!" she said back.
Bob looks at them and smiles a devious smile, one that we hadn't seen in a while. He hits Frank in the back of the head causing him to lose his grip on the notebook and practically handing it to Delilah. She falls back a bit after having Frank release it and Mikey and I have to catch her before she hits the coffee table.
"You okay darling?" I ask a bit embarrassed for calling her that in front of Bob. He understood that I loved her but he found it funny hearing me say words like that.
"I'm fine don't... aww FRANKIE!!" she said not answering being so consumed in his drawing that I couldn't get a good glimpse of. "This is so adorable!"
Mikey moves over to Delilah to get a better look. "Aww Frank, you love sick puppy! Hahaha!" Mikey says looking at the notebook.
I move onto the ground to sit next to Delilah to look at it. What I see is a bit unexpected. It was a dark drawing or red and black, two people drawn out beautifully centered in the middle, eyes shut and smiling heads against one another. Frank was clearly drawing this for he was in love with Jamia and it was adorable, but wow, it was so well drawn. He never ceases to amaze me the talents this kid has.
"Lemme see!" Bob says stepping over Frank who is pouting and blushing so much it makes his black and blonde hair stand out more than usual.
"Move over, I want to see this!" Ray says following Bob over to where Delilah and I are sitting with Mikey hovering over us.
Ray and Bob stare at the drawing for a bit, as if contemplating their next move. And Bob, being the way he is, laughs and is the first to comment. "Hahaha! I knew you liked her but wow!" he says turning to Frank who has gotten up already.
"Oh shut up Bob, you're not one to speak!" Ray says smirking at him making Bob become dead silent.
"What?" Delilah asks, which is lucky for I was curious to what they were referring to as well.
"Oh nothing guys," Frank says motioning back for his notebook.
"Anyways Frank, yes very adorable, blah blah blah, but wow, you got talent," I say moving on and trying to get this conversation going so I could get to what I really needed to talk to the guys about.
"Yeah, I agree, you can draw well," Mikey says going back to his book quietly. That was Mikey for you.
"Thanks guys..." Frank says shyly with a small smile and sits next to Delilah who just smiles at him.
And with that we went back to our quiet lives. Ray and Bob began playing again but a bit quieter, Mikey went back to his book, and Delilah and I sat together heads against one another holding hands. The next few minutes my mind was working non-stop. I was trying to think of the perfect way, the perfect gift, to give my sweet Delilah on her 15th birthday. But I needed help from the guys.
After a few minutes I grabbed out my phone, realizing this was the only way to communicate with Delilah so nearby.
I decided to text all four of them.
Guys, Delilah's birthday is coming up, we need to plan something. Distract her somehow, we need to talk.
Ray was the first to get it and nodded while Frank and Bob looked at one another with a devilish look in their eyes. I turned to Mikey and he gave me a thumbs up.
Suddenly Delilah's phone started ringing and the sound of Patrick Stump's voice played as she fumbled for her phone.
"Me and youuuu, setting in a honeymoon, if I woke up next to you, if I-"
"Hello? Miranda, Miranda calm down! Okay, okay I'll be right... what why can't, ugh fine, I'll be right there," Delilah says with a worried expression over her face. This must be how the guys planned on getting Delilah away for awhile.
"What happened Delilah?" Ray asked, as if he didn't know this was the plan. Bob and Frank sat next to each other trying to hold back their smiles and Mikey looked genuinely curious.
"Something about Miranda's bunny Billie Joe and her puppy and ugh I don't know, she wants me to come over," she says getting up and fixing her sweater sleeves, something that she seemed to do a lot.
"Want me to go with you?" I ask, knowing she'd have no choice but to say no.
"I can go to," Mikey says catching on to the fact that this was all apart of the plan.
"No, I bleh. She said I have to go by myself, must be important. Anyways, she said to have Bob give me a ride over and that's all so yeah, Bob?" she asked slipping on her torn up black Vans.
"Yeah, no problem," he replied with a smile.
She hugs Ray, Mikey, and Frank goodbye and then comes over to me. I stand up to give her a proper goodbye.
"I'd wish you could come," she says sadly. She really hated being away with me. I had this feeling she was afraid of me leaving her, with her whole past, people seemed to leave her a lot.
I pulled her closer to me and kissed her, passionately, not giving one single fuck that the guys were in the room. She kissed me back just as passionately.
"For the love of God! Can you not have fucking face sex in front of me?!" Mikey says covering his face making Delilah giggle and have her pull herself from me.
"Thank you!" Frank says putting his notebook over his face.
"Oh whatever, I'll see you guys later, bye," Delilah says with one last kiss on the cheek to me and with that she followed Bob out the door.
"So what now, Mr. Let-me-just-fuck-my-girlfriend-in-front-of-my-best-friends?" Ray said sitting on the couch by Mikey.
"Well, I want to something special for her. From what she's told me her last few birthdays were... well..." I say not knowing the appropriate word to use.
"Shitty," Frank says using probably the only word to describe it.
"Yeah, pretty much, and well I want her to be happy this upcoming one so I want to do something special for her. She deserves it," I say fiddling with my jacket sleeve.
"Okay, what did you have in mind?" Mikey says to me, which is a sign that he's forgiven me for my past display of hotness.
"I can tell you what he was thinking!" Ray says happily getting up and going to the small closet where he kept his guitar. His grin is so huge I swear it seems as if he is going to rip his own lips in half. "Mikey, get your bass, Frank, get your guitar, Bob well... his drum set is right there!" he says happily pointing to the corner where we'd set it up for him.
"Damn Ray, you do know me well," I say laughing as I reach under the couch for my lyric notebook. I already knew how I wanted it to sound, it needed to be different and slower and not as heavy, something that sounded like love. And it would be our song.
The door suddenly swung open as Mikey and Frank came back with their instruments. "And she's gone! She'll be there for a good 2 hours and... oh I see. We are making music... awesome!" Bob says already walking to his corner where his drums were at. He looks down and sees something. "Dammit Mikey, was Mike messing with my drums again!?" he says going over to the kitchen sink with his drum sticks.
"Ummm yeah, he looked at them for awhile then we started on homework, why?" Mikey asks a bit fearfully.
"Look the kids a great drummer but he gets him damn Hot Cheetos stained fingers all over my drum sticks!" Bob says coming back drying them on his jacket sleeve.
"Oh stop being a big baby and get to your seat, we got writing to do!" I say being as excited as Ray to just write again.
"Blah, fine, move over Frank," Bob says stepping over Frank who was on the ground already tuning his guitar.
"So Gerard, hows this gonna go?" Mikey asks excitedly.
I look at my best friends, the guys that are willing to do so much for me. I was glad to share these moments with them.
"Okay, for Delilah's birthday we are playing her a song and presenting her with a special gift," I say with a smile.
"And Gerard is going to screw her! Right Gerard!?" Frank says making Bob laugh insanely, and Mikey to cover his mouth trying to contain his laughter.
"Ha ha ha very funny, ANYWAYS, you guys can give her different gifts, but this is from all of us, and we will be playing it for her when we go to her house as a surprise on her birthday this Saturday, got it?" I asked starting to scribble a few words on the notebook.
"Yeah, definitely but ummm we need to start the song first you know," Mikey said sarcastically but I didn't care. I was already starting the lyrics.
"Hey let me get a look...." Ray says as he moves over to me and helps me a bit.
And with that we are writing again as Frank, Mikey, and Bob listen to Ray's instructions about the sound.
About an hour later I finish the lyrics and 30 minutes after that they finish the instrumental sound. And we have the perfect, in my mind, love song ever.
"What are you going to call it lover boy?" Bob asked as he looked over it.
I hadn't really thought about it because a title simply couldn't explain the meaning of it.
"I say you call it Summertime, since we did meet her during the summertime," Mikey says, not realizing he'd just given me the perfect name.
"Mikey fucking Way you are a genius!" I say hugging his legs since they were the only thing in reach.
"Oh ummm thank you Gee," he says laughing.
"Okay guys, we need to practice this, ready?" I say letting Mikey go and getting my notebook back from Bob.
"Eh yeah."
"Start it off Ray," I say after the reply.

When the lights go out
Will you take me with you?
And carry all this broken bone
Through six years down in crowded rooms
And highways I call home
Is something I can’t know till now
Till you picked me off the ground
With brick in hand, your lip gloss smile
Your scraped up knees

And if you stay
I would even wait all night
Or until my heart explodes
How long?
Until we find our way
In the dark and out of harm
You can run away with me
Anytime you want

Terrified of what I’d be
As a kid from what I’ve seen
Every single day when people try
And put the pieces back together
Just to smash them down
Turn my headphones up real loud
I don't think I need them now
'Cause you stop the noise

And if you stay
I would even wait all night
Or until my heart explodes
How long?
Until we find our way
In the dark and out of harm
You can run away with me
Anytime you want

Anytime you want
Anytime you want

Don't walk away

Don't walk away

Don't walk away

Don't walk away

'Cause if you stay
I would even wait all night
Well, or until my heart explodes
How long?
Until we find out way
In the dark and out of harm
You can run away with me
You can write it on your arm
You can run away with me
Anytime you want...

"Well guys? What do you think?" I ask with a small smile and butterflies in my stomach.
Ray's POV
Fuck. It was amazing. Gerard poured his love into that song for her and it was just perfect even though it wasn't exactly our sound that we enjoyed too much it sounded amazing.
"I love it," I say because it's the truth.
I love it.
Frank's POV
Goddammit. Why didn't I think of writing Jamia a song? That would've so won her over. Oh well I still had time to win her heart, hopefully. Right now it was about Mr. and future Mrs. Way.
The song was great and I really couldn't explain why, just the love in it was so great.
"Fucking brilliant Mr. Way!" I say in a British accent to make him smile. He was best friend, seeing him smile was amazing.
Bob's POV
And this is why he wrote the songs and none of us did. He and Ray had a way with words, it just worked. Per usual. And my opinion on this song for our little Delilah?
"Amazing as fuck Gerard, good job.," I say pointing my drum stick at him a smiling sincerely.
Mikey's POV
My brother never stops amazing me. And we aren't even adults yet, I can only imagine how much he'll accomplish by then. The song was amazing. He put so much emotion and love into it. All for her. It was a beautiful thing, love. And Gerard was deep in it.
"Perfect," I say smiling as he grins back happily.
"Well then, now we wait and prepare ourselves for Saturday," he says closing his notebook and lying down flat on the ground closing his eyes. "You guys do know I'm going to marry her one day right?" he asks with a smile and eyes closed.
"Duh," said Ray.
"Of course," said Frank.
"No shit," said Bob.
"Obviously," I replied smiling because the thought of Gerard in a tux was a bit too funny.
"Okay, good. Just needed to know you guys knew," he said with a small chuckle.
"Umm guys, when is she coming back? I kinda enjoy her company?" I say because it's too damn quiet in the living room.

Yeah, I made Summertime about her, hate me! Anyways, hope you guys liked this one, sorry I'm not updating a lot, I get so distracted :s more on the way, I promise! Anyways R&R and stuff. Thanks for reading :3 xo
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