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Dreams for Eternity

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Third update today! :) Just cant wait to finish this story for you all and throw myself into a new one which will be happier hopefully! I'm absolutely loving writing these stories and through writing this i've been in contact with you amazing readers! Your reviews and encouragement has been fantastic and so helpful! Love and Frerard! :) x

Gerards POV
I sat outside Frankie's door and waited for what felt like hours. Another glance at my watch, an hour and forty five minutes had passed. Ray had probably got caught up in gaming with Bob as usual and everybody downstairs was happy. Drinking endless cups of coffee and juice and still fascinated by little Grace and her prettiness. I looked at my cuts again. They were new ones i admit. I got desperate and couldn't take anymore. I did it whilst everyone lay sleeping. I need Frankie. He needs to know it was never Eliza. It was him, from the second i saw those eyes of his i was taken aback. We haven't been together long, this can't be the end yet. We were built to never end. We would be the one thing that continued through new seasons and new ages and even mass extinctions. I decided there was only one thing i could do to win him back. Wait patiently.

Half an hour later

" Frankie?" I tap the door lightly and say his name softly.
It's been too quiet for too long now. I stand up and softly twist the gold door handle feeling more than nervous. So far so good. I enter and see my Frankie lying on the bed. A book resting on his stomach. A bible? He looks so pale. His skin is colder than ice. Those lips of his....they're blue.
"Frankie?" I'm panicking now. " Frankie! Wake up! Please!" I shake him repeatedly before i let him rest again. The tears come as i see that my hands are covered in blood. Frank's blood. I carefully peel back his bed covers and see that right there he has slit right down his torso. But why? Someone so special and precious should be here with me, forever. The tears and uncontrollable shaking are continuing now. Getting more violent by the second.

Then i see a small envelope, beautiful swirled handwriting on the front reads: To my love Gerard Arthur Way. I carefully open the letter as it is treasured forever. The sobbing still growing by the second.

Dear Gerard,
You are everything to me. You were what i never knew but always wanted. You've given me joy, you've shown me pain. You've given me strength and Hope when i've wanted to just lie and wait for death to come and hush me along. I had to leave you Gee, i promised myself i'd never go back to you. I couldn't continue living if i wanted to do that. I also need my mother. The more i thought of her the more i realise, she needs someone to take care of her in heaven. She needs me, Gerard. I couldn't keep strong any longer Gee. I know you love me but i doubt how much and it's so bittersweet. Making me so vulnerable all the time. I want you to tell my family and your family that i love them, but most of all i want you to know that i will always love you. I will never regret you and i always know that you are the greatest thing that ever happened to me and i was so blessed to have got to call you mine. In your future, you'll make an amazing father. No matter how tough it gets. You were born to be a hero Gee. And you are mine. But you will be a hero to so many others too. The one thing i leave for you is that i chose a song to get you through the harder days. Wherever you will go is by the calling and it will remind you that i am never far away Gee. I love you eternally. Forever, i am yours.

Best wishes,
Your Frankie

I almost cried writing this one! Thankyou for reading! xx
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