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Chapter 6

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Gerard finds out about Frank's plan, and he isn't too happy.

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Gerard's POV.

"Mikey, I'll explain everything." Frank had his back to me, facing Mikey entirely. "Can we talk in your room?" Mikey nodded and marched up the stairs to his room. Frank had also begun to walk towards the stairs, but I stopped him by wrapping my arms around his delicate body . I rested my head on his shoulder gently.

"I love you Frank. I really do. Tell Mikey that I'm sorry, please," I breathed in his ear. I meant it with all my heart. After Frank had admitted that he still loved me, it all came back. Every whisper. Every embrace. Every kiss. Every passionate night spent in each other's bedrooms. I became concious of my true feelings for Frank. It was beautiful, just like him. I also realised what a jerk I had been to Mikey. It wasn't his fault I hurt Frank, but I sure as hell acted like it was.

Frank nodded and turned himself around in my arms. Our noses were pressed together firmly. His russet eyes shone in the light provided by the morning sun that had penetrated the defenses set up by dark emerald curtains.

"Okay Gee, love you too." He destroyed the small distance between our lips and kissed me lightly. My love loosened himself from my grip and ran up the stairs quickly.

After I watched him enter Mikey's room, I emigrated back towards the T.V. and sprawled my body onto the couch. The metallic remote also shone in the sunlight, distracting me from the Saw VI movie I planned to finish watching. I shook my head in admiration and pressed the 'play' button, the movie resuming to another form of gruesome torture.

I was so engrossed in the blood and gore that I almost didn't notice Mikey and Frank walk back into the room. They were both held back muffled giggles as they paced to the side of the couch.

"Yeah, totally deserves it dude. Good plan!" Mikey placed his hand on Frank's shoulder and began laughing again.

"Thanks! It just sprung into my head, payback's a bitch if you tell me." Frank turned towards me and smiled."Heya Gerard! I see you've been keeping busy." He indicated to the T.V. with raised eyebrows, as it was currently displayed a nearly topless woman screaming her head off. If you didn't know I was watching a horror film, you would probably be expecting to see me jack off to it.

"Not what you think hun," The busty victim on screen suddenly exploded as the mysterious device was set off, blood and guts littering the grimy floor of the abandoned room. "See? Total innocence on my part." I smiled at him sweetly and faced the T.V. again.

Before I had the chance to ask him to join me, Frank made his way over to my right side and slid down into the soft cushions scattered on the couch. He settled into the crook of my neck and sighed. We fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I had forgotten that Mikey was still in the room, but I was soon reminded when he burst out laughing again. I sighed in exasperation and looked at him. Mikey was bent over his stomach laughing. His thin glasses slid off his nose and his mousey brown hair tickled his chin.

"Mikey, what's so funny? Shut the fuck up and go to your room. You don't want me to hurt you, do you?" My threat was hollow, I think we both knew that I wouldn't hurt him.

"Hah! We'll see who gets hurt, brother." He smirked and winked then rushed back to his room.

"That was weird." I muttered to Frank who was still nestled into my shoulder. He nodded and proceeded to watch the film playing out infront of us.


Three weeks had passed since the fateful day that I realised my feelings for Frank. Three glorious weeks. We were together all the time. No one could separate us at school, it was just like the first time, but now we both meant it. It's Friday evening now. Frank's father was away on business so I invited myself over to Frank's house for some fun. I had been promised a surprise, I really hope we get to have sex. Too long have I spent picturing Frank naked, writhing underneath me, our bodies becoming one. He denied me for so long and now he owes me my filthiest fantasies.

I walked over to Frank's house with joy on my mind, love in my heart and Green Day in my ears. Time seemed to have just melted away because I found myself infront of Frank's house after what felt like seconds of leaving mine.

I approached the door gingerly and knocked on the brass handle with my black leather gloved knuckles. I could hear shuffling and a muffled 'Ow Fuck!' from the other side of the door. I chuckled; Frank is such a klutz sometimes. I waited for a heartbeat and saw the door swing open with great force. Frank stood there beaming, his smile lighting up his whole face and half the neighbourhood.

"What did you hit this time?" I questioned affectionately. He blushed and looked down at his feet. How can a human being be so cute?

"Err... I elbowed the door to the living room by accident. Anyway nevermind that, come in. I told you that I have a surprise for you. I don't know if you'll like it, but I will fucking love it, believe me." He chuckled darkly and beckoned me into the room.

I followed his indications and stepped up to his couch, discarding my green jacket on the floor. Manners are not really in my repertoire.

"Aw, sugar, I'll love anything you give me. Especially if it involves both of us naked on your bed." I put on my best sex face and lowered my voice to an animalistic growl. Frank looked stunned. I was hoping that he had caught on to the signals I had been sending him throughout our time together, all the while not being very subtle in my pursuit to find pleasure with the creature I loved. We didn't have sex last time since I didn't want to get too invloved with him, but now I cannot afford to ignore him any longer, or ignore the slight bulge forming in my skin-tight jeans.

"Well, you're gonna wanna sit down for this one baby." He pushed me back onto the couch and sat on my lap. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he began to press light butterfly kisses along my jugular, all the way up to my lips. There, he snuck his tongue into my waiting mouth and wrestled for dominance. I let him win, I was gonna make my baby feel good tonight, that's for sure. He licked the tip of my tongue lightly and pulled out. He brought his hands to rest on the side of my face. They were soft and cold, a definite contrast to the tongue that had previously violated the inside of my mouth.

"Gerard?" I nudged his cheek with my nose as a sign to carry on. Why was I suddenly getting this feeling of foreboding rushing through my veins? Maybe it was the sinister tinge his russet eyes had taken or the fact that the room temperature had dropped by a few degrees.

"I'm not gonna lie, I've been waiting for this day ever since I thought up the plan." This could certanly mean only one thing. I'm getting lucky tonight. I grinned in content, my jeans feelng tighter by the second. I did not want to interrupt any dirty talk that was bound to come out of his beautiful mouth, so I let him continue.

"You ruined my life Gerard, now I'm about to ruin yours." He laughed evilly and grabbed hold of my head. He pulled me in for a rough kiss and bit my lip, drawing blood and sucking it out like he was a fucking vampire. I shuddered and moved my face away from his. His eyes shot daggers into mine, it took all I had not to look away.

"What do you mean honey?" I asked innocently, confusion clouding my mind.

He laughed again.

"You tore my heart into a millions pieces. Wanna know what my plan was? Break yours. I made you fall for me Gerard, just like I fell for you. Now I'm gonna pull the rug out from under you; I don't love you. It was a lie, a sham, a game. And I have never felt better, Hope you enjoy heartbreak, baby!" The hands on my face suddenly felt like they were burning.

His stone cold gaze told me he wasn't lying. I felt tears well up in my eyes. How could he? After all I had done for him, I opened my heart just to have it crushed. Frank used me. Frank abused me. Frank was gonna pay. The rage seethed it's way through my veins. As soon as it had come, sadness made way to anger. I pushed Frank off of my lap and stood up. He flayed about on the floor. Deja vu took me back to a similar situation two years ago, only the roles were slightly reversed.

"You sick fuck! How could you? I loved you Frank! I really did, and this is how you repay me for it? By fucking turning it all on me? Fuck you!" I brought by Doc Marten clad foot back and kicked him painfully in the ribs. The crunching sound brightened my mood, if only slightly. I kicked again and again, making sure to aim for the same spot, that bitch is not walking out of here in one piece.

"Gerard, fuck! That hurts, stop!" He begged to no avail. The black tinted tears made trails down his frail face, but his pain did nothing to relent my fury, it only made it grow. I shouldn't be the one in pain, but I am the one hurting, he should have the privilige of joining me in this pool of hurt. I stopped kicking and leaned over to his face. I sneered at his pathetic attempts to stop me in my tirade.

"This isn't the surprise I came here for bitch, I will get what I want. I always get what I want." I spit on his face and kicked him one more time. After hearing that satisfying crack and a scream that was bound to accompany it, I grabbed his arms and pulled him towards his bedroom. Too bad his poor ass could only afford a one-storey house, I would love to pull him up some stairs and feel him writhe in pain.

Some screams and slaps to Frank's face later, we made it to his bedroom. I let his body slump to the floor so I could turn on the lights. I wanted to see him in all his glory. I turned back to Frank and picked him up in my arms.

"Fuck Frankie, you gained some weight!" I chuckled manaically and threw him on the bed. He was too weak from my beating to move, so his body simply laid over his pillows. I licked my lips subconciously, I'm definitely getting lucky tonight. I took off the belt holding my black skinny jeans in place and moved over to the bed, tying Frank's hands to the bedposts.

"I always knew you were a kinky fuck, Frankie boy. Didn't think I'd be the one taking advantage of it though. I see you're all strapped in, so get ready to enjoy the ride." Lust glazed my eyes as I saw him whimper. He had no more fight left in him, he was gonna take it all like the little whore he was. I stripped myself of my remaining clothes and began taking his clothes off forcefully, wasting no time with pleasantries. I marvelled at the way his stomach toned, how supple his thighs were and how hard he was getting me. After we were both naked, I aligned my throbbing length to his puckered entrance.

"Please, Gerard, don't. Im sorry for what I did, but now you know how I felt." He looked at me with pools in his beautiful eyes. I was mesmerized. It took but a second for me to recompose myself and focus on the situation at hand once more.

"Sorry sugar, I just cashed my last rain check." Without a pause, I flung myself into him. The warmth and tightness brought me ecsatsy, so did Frank's franctic screaming. I thrust into him deeper and faster with each movement of my hips, never stopping to catch my breath or to let him adjust to the intrusion in his rectum. Before long, blood began making it's way down my erect organ. I was breaking him. Slowly. Painfully. Frank's persistent screaming accentuated the heat forming in my stomach.

"Fuck Frank, you feel so good. Take it. Take it like the whore you are. God... gah." I growled underneath my breath, my oncoming orgasm was gradually extinguishing my ability to form coherent sentences. My thrusts became more frantic as I neared my peak and spilled my load inside Frank.

I pulled out rapidly and saw the semen and blood pooling under Frank's ass. I stood for a second, catching my breath before I pulled my hand back and slapped Frank's ass so hard that fresh tears spilled from his eyes and fresh blood oozed out from under him.

"Now, why couldn't we do that earlier? I sure as hell liked it, how 'bout you?" I questioned, daring him to answer.

"Fuck you." He mumbled, his voice barely above a whisper. His hair stuck to his forehead, his whole body was shining in sweat and stained with blood and cum. A ghastly bruise began to form around his ribs. I couldn't believe it. That bastard still managed to look cute, even if it seems that he was thrown out of a speeding truck on the highway.

"Frankie, it's not nice to talk like that to your master." I tutted and shook my head. I stood up and began to gather my clothes. I put them on slowly, making sure that Frank was watching the whole time; I wouldn't put on a show like that if there was no one to see it, now would I?

"Are you just gonna leave me like this then?" Frank's battered and bruised face stared at me coldly. I simply nodded and walked out of his house, immediately making my way to the closest bar. I plan on downing a shit-load of alcohol and forgetting this night ever happened.
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